Bizibord – the developing board with locks andbuttons for kids do it yourself

Parental supervision of young children is tiring
both sides. The child is trying to learn the world, and it is protected,
prohibit or distract from an interesting outlet and locker with
drugs. Mom on the contrary, everything falls out of the hands as soon as she
sees something at risk of injury or damage in the field
view of his son or daughter. Every adult has thoughts about
the age at which you should acquaint your baby with dangerous
items. On the one hand, you will not go all your life for
child’s footprint, but on the other hand, the risk of
hospital bed at juvenile tomboy too
is great.

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  • 1 Montessori Technique
  • 2 Educational board with locks, clasps, toggle switches and

    • 2.1 Making a development board with your own hands
      • 2.1.1 Material to use
  • 3 Photo gallery of bizybordov
  • 4 ATидео-инструкции: как сделать доску своими руками


Montessori technique

Especially to solve this dilemma, Italian
The teacher and scientist Maria Montessori proposed, as part of her
techniques to teach children through the knowledge of the essence of things. ATедь совсем не
be sure to bring the little one to the real door so that he will understand
working principle is heck. You can just give this item in hand
baby and he will deal with its functionality. Delimitation
the actions of the child and the danger that threatens it
preschoolers to a new level.

A well-known methodologist proposed to move household henchmen
devices on the stand for the study. This way, children can
to study the functionality of each small parts, and parents
stop fearing for their lives. Moving the door chains, rings from
cornice or zipper the child will develop fine motor skills of the fingers and
will study the things that interested him. Neural signals from small
fingers will be transferred to the brain and enrich the memory
baby Such stimulation has a positive effect on
intellectual and physical development of the baby.



Методика Марии Montessori: основные принципы,
advantages and disadvantages

Montessori technique своими руками: организуем
home development environment

Книга — 60 занятий с ребенком по методике

The developing board with locks, fasteners, toggle switches and

What is this stand with a clear

A development board can be made with your own hands or bought.
ready. In fact, this is a regular board, with those fixed
dangerous things that made parents tremble. For example,
it may be a broken outlet with a plug, a switch, handles from
cabinet doors or hook on the door, lacing, bell button and even
circular dial from the old phone, i.e. it can be all that
угодно что можно трогать, двигать, изучать без какой-либо
threats to life. In the meantime, the child is busy with such a serious matter, mother
can also spend 10-15 minutes of free time :)

This development board has its own name –
busyboard. Literally “bizybord” can be translated as “board to
take the baby. Indeed, various small items and bright
registration can captivate a son or daughter for a long time.

дети играют на бизиборде

Educational board business board provides comprehensive
child development and helps parents protect them from traumatic
situations at the stage of mastering the world.

Every year all new types of the developing boards are issued.
Manufacturers are not limited to a standard set of small parts.
Pursuing the goal of the development of children’s fine motor skills on the body of the board
impose materials of different textures. Little fingers will be
feeling rubber balls, plastic wheels, felt, piece
wool knit and strung beads. Each of these items
will give the baby new sensations and diversify his idea of
the surrounding world.

Making a development board with your own hands

AT магазинах попадаются заводские экземпляры развивающих досок.
ATзяв их за пример, вполне можно создать бизиборд собственноручно.
ATышедшая из-под рук родителей поделка будет цениться ребёнком
more than faceless stamping.

So, you decided to create a development board yourself and now
wondering how best to do it. First you need to choose
basis of. As a rule, for this take a small piece of plywood,
plastic or laminated chipboard. Normal board will be too
heavy and a non-laminated slab can bring
your son or daughter a bunch of splinters. AT качестве дополнительных вставок
use small planks, the same plywood or pieces of laminate.
Sometimes, for bizybord take a basis of solid corrugated cardboard. He will
convenient if you decide to introduce your child to the world of fabrics and
sewing accessories.

The next step will be the analysis of your mezzanine and old boxes.
for the availability of spare parts for furniture and other small things that
Once it was a pity to throw. If you are a champion of cleanliness and in your
the house of such parts is not found – you can always buy them in
construction or hardware store. All the more, that you all
will still have go there for screws for fasteners.

After you fished out all the future fragments
development board, try to put together and decorate them
the board. Often to emulate the entrance door on the board placed
small planks on small loops that the baby can
lock on various types of constipation and locks. For such a kind
door can accommodate a niche. Then the child will be able to arrange there.
taynichki, hiding favorite baby doll or donated candy. No problem,
if something doesn’t fit on the first version of your bizybord – in
In the future, you can always complete the board with these copies,
if something fails there.

And finally, the last stage – securely fasten all the fragments.
screws or nails. Inspect carefully
the opposite side of the board. Protruding sharp ends of screws
may hurt the child, so it will be necessary to treat them with emery or
by file.

Material to use

It is best if elements are attached to the board.
from various materials – fabric, metal, plastic, rubber. it
Diversifies the range of sensations and does not have time to pall the baby. AT
As the most used parts use:






  • Door latches, locks, bolts, latch, hinges, handles,
    curbs and everything called door fittings. Something can
    serve as a simple frame for bizybord.
  • Furniture wheels.
  • ATалики строительные, массажные. Even a tight sleeve from
    toilet paper.
  • Lacing. On the basis of usually draw a picture of the shoe on her
    fasten the rivets and fill the laces according to all the rules. Better if
    You will select bright colors for this item.
  • Fasteners, zippers, Velcro, buttons, hooks with loops. ATсё этом
    can be found in the sewing shop and sewed on durable cloth scraps,
    which then will be fixed on the basis.
  • Bell bells or similar parts that sound. Will fit
    old doorbell or details from xylophone.
  • Scores, big rings on a piece of old cornice or just
    strung on a string of beads. Moving them in different directions baby
    can learn the score.
  • Old phone dial or mobile keypad
  • Lightning For simplicity, they usually use a “tractor” lightning,
    You can attach them with a good glue or stapler, and
    arrange again with the help of a picture: for example, it could be a jacket
    or a crocodile, which has a lightning instead of teeth!
  • Toggle switches, switches, bell button or similar
  • Mirrors with a protective edge.
  • Pieces of various fabrics.
  • Flashlights and lights. Naturally, the most simple and understandable
    to kid.
  • Mail locks with keys.
  • Buttons, eyes of animals and other sewing accessories.
  • Panel with buttons from an unnecessary electrical appliance and much
    another …

This list is only an approximate guideline of what can
use. If you find something else at home that will
useful for the development of your child, complement your element with this
развивающую the board. The main thing is that the new fragment is safe and
could not hurt the child in your absence.

Photo gallery of bizybordov

ATидео-инструкции: как сделать доску своими руками

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