Bit my cheek from the inside, tongue, lip: what to do,lump formed, sore, causes of frequent biting

When a person tries to eat and talk at the same time, or eats “on
go, the chipping of the cheek, tongue or lip is high. Before
how to do the treatment should establish the reasons
leading to such a state. With frequent biting soft
Tissues will have to look for causes in something else.

The reasons

This is not to say that bite of the cheek or lips inside often
and is a serious problem. In most cases it happens.
due to carelessness: a person tries to combine several cases
at the same time. It is not for nothing that there is a saying: “When I eat, I am deaf and
it. ” After all, precisely because of the fact that people talk during
eating or trying to eat on the go and damage happens
soft tissue of the oral cavity. Listed situations can be attributed
to single, and the injury will be considered acute.

The second most common cause of soft tissue damage
teeth is anesthesia. If used for pain relief
potent medicine, the patient may feel numb on
several hours after the end of treatment at the dentist.
Since the sensitivity is lost, during a conversation or reception
food there are cases when a person has bitten the mucous membrane to

Children are no less prone to such injuries than adults.
often occurs during a mobile game when the baby is so
passionate about not paying attention to the objects around him and not
controls your movements.

However, in medical practice there are cases when patients
constantly bite the cheek, aided by certain

  • bruxism – gnashing of teeth in a dream, caused mainly
    spasm of chewing muscles, although the exact root causes of such
    phenomena have not yet been studied;
  • the sharp edges of the teeth resulting from injury,
    pathological abrasion or inaccurately made restoration,
    contribute to the bite of the lip or mucosa
    cheek sheath inside;
  • habit arising on the background of emotional overstrain and
  • pathological bite (cross in the lateral or
  • incorrectly performed orthopedic structures;
  • wisdom tooth, located outside the dentition, the crown of which
    directed to the buccal side, also constantly bites

All the above cases lead to chronic injury.
which in some situations poses a health hazard

First aid for damage

The first thing to do is stop the bleeding and
disinfect the injured surface that will protect against
the accession of pathogenic microflora and the development of infectious

  1. Stopping bleeding. It must be said that the bleeding
    occurs in case of severe damage to soft tissues, if
    minor injury, then there is a slight swelling. Should
    rinse the mouth with clean cold water
    contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels and thereby stops the flow
    blood. If this does not help and the blood does not stop
    on your own, you need to moisten a sterile gauze cloth
    hydrogen peroxide and attach to the wound.
  2. Removal of puffiness. By applying an ice cube to the damaged area,
    You can reduce not only swelling, but also pain.
  3. Anesthesia. If there is lidocaine spray in your home medicine cabinet or
    gels that are used during teething in children, then
    these drugs can also numb the bitten lip or
    cheek on the inside.

How to speed healing

In most situations of first aid, when a man
or the woman bit her lower lip and she was swollen, it is enough
for self-tightening wounds. But if the damage
deep enough or tissue infection has occurred, then without
drug use is indispensable.

Applying gels – Metrogil Dent or Solcoseryl

To remove signs of inflammation as well as speed up
wounds use Metrogyl Dent Gel. The drug is applied to
damaged area after rinsing with water or
decoction of herbs 2-3 times a day for 7 – 10
days Similar action has dental paste Solcoseryl.


Для предотвращения инфицирования, если образовалась язвочка,
You can perform an oral bath with an antiseptic. Best for
Miramistin, chlorhexidine or furacillin is suitable for these purposes. Not
it is desirable to apply solutions to the treatment of the mucous membrane,
containing alcohol (iodine, brilliant green), since it dries out the tissues and
causes wound irritation.

Treatment of wounds with oils

To heal faster, 2-3 days after injury
Keratoplasty is successfully used for treatment – drugs,
promoting tissue regeneration. Oil has such an effect.
sea ​​buckthorn and rosehip, caratolin, as well as a solution of vitamins A and E in
oil The funds are applied directly to the wound with a cotton swab.
at least two times a day.

If listed drugs do not help, then it is necessary
see a doctor: he will pick up medications than heal
damaged place.

What to do to speed healing

After the first symptoms subside, you need to create
favorable conditions for the wound to heal more likely.

Notредко женщины спрашивают: « Если я прикусила язык, при этом
I had a sore and swollen lip, then what should I treat it so that it
поскорее зажила?»  Ответ очень прост. If there are no complications, then
often the use of drugs is not required, because the body itself is
able to cope with minor damage. The only thing,
will have to more closely monitor oral hygiene.

  1. After each meal, rinse your mouth with water.
  2. If an ulcer has formed, then it will speed up its healing.
    mouth baths with decoctions of medicinal herbs.
  3. From the menu will have to exclude all the dishes that have
    irritant effect on the mucous membrane (hot, salty,
    sour and spicy).
  4. Brush your teeth twice a day, and also remove plaque from the tongue and
    handle interdental spaces.

When you need medical help

If biting happened once, and at the same time the wound is not much
hurts and heals quickly, then the reasons for going to the dentist
not. However, there are situations when the injury was so
strong or sore condition worsens every day, then
without medical intervention is indispensable.

  1. During the bite there was a through wound of tissues, for
    normal healing which will require stitching.
  2. The patient bit his lip, after which a lump formed, more than 5
    mm in diameter, or there was a hematoma at the site of injury.
  3. Bleeding cannot be stopped on its own, or it
    resumes after some time.
  4. Extensive damage to the tongue with ragged edges.
  5. Soreness lasts more than 3 – 4 days, while not
    there are signs of improvement.

What to do is prohibited

Notкоторые действия могут нанести вред и вызвать усугубление
воспалительного process. With special attention must be taken
if a child bit his cheek or tongue hard, as children are not always
able to adequately assess the severity of the injury.


  • use alcohol solutions for wound disinfection
    (Lugol, iodine tincture, brilliant green);
  • touch the bite with dirty fingers;
  • rinse the mouth with hot broths that will only increase
  • try to pierce the bubble that has formed, especially if
    the child bit his tongue;
  • without the appointment of a doctor to take inside antibacterial
    drugs, as well as put on the wound surface ointments or powders
    with an antibiotic.

Possible complications

Hurt areas of the cheeks or tongue may be a prerequisite
для  развития инфекционного процесса на слизистой оболочке,
therefore, in the formation of an ulcer or an extensive wound,
compulsory dental examination with subsequent therapy
damaged areas of soft tissue.

In case of late medical care may
develop the following complications:

Aphthous stomatitis

This is a disease of the oral cavity, which tends to
cyclic exacerbations. On the mucous membrane appear small
ulcers that hurt a lot. They are also called aphthas;

Herpetic stomatitis

The main reason for its occurrence is a simple virus.
herpes By the way, it is present in the blood of 99% of the population. Many
factors, including if they bit my cheek and decreased immunity,
cause this disease to occur. On the affected
small bubbles with clear liquid are formed at the site,
grouped by 10 – 20 elements. After opening them
ulcerated surface becomes covered with a weeping crust;

Traumatic ulcer

This is the most common consequence if an adult or child
прикусывает cheek. It is characterized by moderate pain and
redness of the damaged area. With adequate treatment and
the absence of regular injury quickly passes;

Afta Bednara

This disease that occurs after a person has often become
bite your cheek or lip. Pathologies are more susceptible to children,
which in the mouth live special bacteria, if a child
bad brushing your teeth. The lesion on the mucosa is covered
greyish yellow bloom;

Malignancy ulcers

This is the most terrible consequence that may occur
those who often bite the mucous membrane. In other words,
restructuring occurs due to regular damage
tissue and their uncontrolled growth begins, which leads to
cancerous lesion.

It is impossible to diagnose diseases on your own, therefore
at the slightest suspicion of the development of complications should be addressed
to the dentist or therapist for advice.

Prevention of soft tissue biting

  • If this happens rarely, then the main advice in this case
    wish to be more attentive.
  • If the damage occurs regularly due to the fact that the tooth
    tilted or on poor quality
    filling or crown, then the old restoration will have to be replaced by
    new, relevant anatomy tooth.
  • With frequent biting of the cheek from the inside, then one of the methods
    Prevention is the selective grinding of mounds.
    Dentist neatly file off bumps that interfere with normal
    jaw closure. Initially, the method was used in the composition
    complex treatment of periodontal diseases in order to remove excessive
    load on the ligamentous apparatus of the tooth and prevent it

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