Bioparox with angina – helps or not?

Update: October 2018

Today, for the local treatment of angina pharmaceutical
the industry offers a huge number of different sprays,
aerosols, candies, gargles, antibiotics
with angina. We will consider when it is appropriate
use of Bioparox for sore throat, as far as it is considered
effective, how to apply it, contraindications and side

Bioparox is a modern drug used in Russia
сравнительно недавно, поэтому  безопасность и эффективность в
clinical practice has not yet been finalized.

According to the latest data: it will soon cease to be sold in Russia
due to the high risk of severe allergic reactions.
Bioparox will be discontinued and ordered
Roszdravnadzor in the near future will be removed from the Russian

Форма выпуска: Биопарокс – это дозированный
аэрозоль для ингаляций, раствор со специфическим запахом Биопарокс при ангинежелтого цвета. Active ingredient in
the composition of the solution – fusafungin, is a polypeptide antibiotic
local action with anti-inflammatory effect.

Показания к применению: Учитывая то, что при
using the drug is distributed in the oral cavity and nasopharynx and
absorbed into the blood in minimal concentrations, it is believed that this
very safe drug for topical treatment
diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Therefore he can
used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but only
appointment and under the supervision of a physician. Bioparax is indicated for tonsillitis,
pharyngitis, rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis, laryngitis in children (treatment),

  • Bioparox with angina:

Let us consider the feasibility of treating angina Bioparox.
Of course, this aerosol is very convenient to use, and has
local, direct effect on the causative agent of inflammation.
However, it is advisable to apply it in cases where
the inflammatory process in the oropharynx is just beginning, with edema,
reddening of the tonsils, that is, with pharyngitis. When
the process becomes purulent, use Bioparox when
angina is not appropriate. Since, with purulent tonsillitis
systemic antibiotics are shown, orally or orally.
injections within 10 days, otherwise the development of severe
complications. And, as a rule, with follicular tonsillitis, lacunar
angina Bioparox not used.

  • Bioparox with tonsillitis:

As for the treatment of chronic tonsillitis – here
Bioparox can be very effective. Appointment and duration
treatment with this drug is determined only by the treating
otolaryngologist, because in chronic diseases it is shown
complex treatment, including local antimicrobial therapy,
and physiotherapy and therapy aimed at
immunity strengthening. Before starting treatment, it is worth
identify the causative agent of tonsillitis and determine its sensitivity
to antibiotics. Otherwise, antibiotic therapy is resistant to
pathogen may not only not be effective, but also
negative effect on the microflora of the oral mucosa.


Способ применения: При правильном,
doctor-controlled treatment Bioparox for sore throat in the initial
stage, with chronic tonsillitis, after removal of the tonsils may
be effective enough. The most important condition for the correct
use of an aerosol is that followed by application
rinse mouth very thoroughly to ensure maximum
effectively affected the oral mucosa. For adults
prescribe 4 inhalations per session every 4 hours, children also 4
inhalation only every 6 hours.

It is necessary to use the aerosol as follows: put on
tip on the bottle, place it in the mouth as deep as possible and
clasp his lips, then for a long time, with an effort click on the balloon,
while taking a deep breath. First 2 inhalations per one
amygdala, then 2 inhalations to another, it is necessary to
thorough irrigation of the tonsils and pharynx. Having finished
procedure, the tip should be removed and thoroughly rinsed with water.
The duration of the main course of treatment should not be more than a week. BUT
You should also not stop the course of therapy yourself.
onset of the first signs of symptom relief.

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Побочные действия: Самым большим недостатком этого
drug – is its ability to cause allergic

This is because the composition of the aromatic additive
Bioparox added extracts of cumin, clove buds,
extract of coriander, wormwood, mint, orange, allspice,
anise oil and other ingredients that very often cause
allergies, especially in children.

BUTэрозоль обладает очень специфическим, сильным запахом, что
provokes the development of laryngospasm in children prone to allergies.
In addition, other side effects are possible. effects such as:

  • Sneeze cough
  • BUTстматические приступы, одышка, ларингоспазм
  • Itching, rash, urticaria
  • Dryness of the oral mucosa, irritation of the throat
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth, nausea, vomiting
  • Other allergic manifestations

If the use of the drug causes little discomfort,
tingling, dry mouth, which quickly pass, then cancel
the medicine is not worth it, because it does not harm the body. But,
if allergic reactions are more significant, the aerosol should
cancel and report it to the doctor.

Противопоказания: Детям до 2,5 лет препарат
not recommended (due to registered cases
severe allergic reactions in children, the company “Laboratories
Servier “now allowed its use only from 12 years). People
with a high risk of developing allergic reactions, with increased
sensitivity to the components of the drug, also use
Bioparox is not advisable.

Цена: Биопарокс в аптеке можно приобрести
примерно за 400 – 450 руб.

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