Berry compotes for babies


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Your baby in the first year of life needs first of all breast milk, and in the second half of the year – in competent gradual feeding. Recently developed excellent the tendency to feed infants with breast milk alone up to 8-9 months.

In reality, some children themselves refuse any extra food if mother’s breast is present (this is especially relevant during their illness). Mother’s milk contains everything the most necessary components and has no analogues. Mom should eat right and follow the diet of the day.

However, not every mommy can say that her breast milk the child suffices in the quantity in which it is necessary for his growth. In this case, it starts from 3-4 months lure.

Compote of berries for babiesAs an extra drink at first only clean boiled water and special children’s teas (such as dill water – fennel, anise – for relief passing gazikov. K3-4 months if the baby is forced to stay on mixed or artificial feeding, as well as if he allergies are not observed, you can start to introduce vitamin drinks. AT In this article we will talk about the benefits and preparation of compotes from berries for babies.


Although many doctors recommend the introduction of juice from 3 months, justified opinion that concentrated juices containing more amount of vitamins that can cause malfunctions pancreas, as well as early stomach problems. Especially this applies to gooseberries, which can also damage liver.

Self-made compote is great An analogue of juices for your crumbs for several reasons:

  • This is just as great a way to get a child additional vitamins and amino acids in the form of a drink (after all, children in any age, and especially in infancy, tend to drink more, than it is);
  • These drinks are simply necessary in the hot season, as a way cooling and quenching thirst while maintaining body essential vitamins and minerals (pure water in in this case, it is also preferable to juice, but it only washes away trace elements, while not replenishing their supply);
  • During periods of illness that lead to intoxication of the body, compotes are the best way to get unlimited body fluids to eliminate toxins and at the same time enrich the body with vitamins necessary to strengthen the immune systems;
  • The composition of compotes is more sparing for the stomach and pancreas glands of the baby, so it can be used throughout days (while juice should be given once a day), and this It is also a guarantee that your child will not suffer. constipation or dehydration during the hot season;
  • Compote of berries for babiesCompotes from southern berries (which also called fruits or dried fruits) – apricots, plums, cherry plum – an excellent way to combat the tendency to constipation;
  • Freshly made stewed fruit is well kept closed glass or enameled dishes in a cool place at home even in hot summer, while freshly squeezed juice is desirable use immediately or can be refrigerated for a few hours.

From the experience of many mothers, it can be judged that babies extremely whimsical and scary gourmands. If the baby once try and get used to saturated sweet juice, it can very be that then he simply would not agree to drink any compote, even in more adulthood. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers do not start from juices, and first to teach a child to compotes, of all possible types of fruits and berries, and only from the year to start giving fresh juices and only in the morning (so that the baby does not suffer from gas jets during night sleep time).

Berries are a powerful antioxidant, which makes them indispensable. part of our diet and the vitamin table of our children. This is especially important for residents of big cities. To every person at least several times a year you need to eat those fresh berries that available precisely in his region.

Do not look for some exotic options, especially if it’s about children. After all, by nature itself, every organism is created in such a way that those fruits (berries) and vegetables are optimal for him, which grow in the same climatic zone where born and he is forming himself.

In this case, berries – this is the domestic analogue exotic fruits like mangoes, avocados, papaya and even harmless dates and fig trees (figs). Take your time, all these delicacies you You can buy the baby later, preferably after 3 years. In the meantime, the most time to carefully accustom his body to the variety of fruits of that The climate zone where you live.

Climatic features

Compote of berries for babiesFor the Trans-Ural taiga and the northern tundra regions of our vast homeland are:

  • Blueberry;
  • Lingonberry;
  • Blackberry;
  • Blueberries
  • Cloudberry.

For central Russia, the optimal set is:

  • Currants (white, red, black);
  • Raspberry;
  • Strawberry;
  • Blackberry;
  • Viburnum;
  • Rowan;
  • Sea buckthorn.

For southern and Asian regions naturally in the diet will be:

  • Cherries
  • Plums;
  • Apricots
  • Cherry plum;
  • Tyutina;
  • Grapes;
  • Kishmish;
  • Dates;
  • Fig tree (fig).

As you can see, nature took care of us and endowed with diversity fruits, which even the inhabitants of the tropics envy. What is for us familiar to other countries is exotic and delicacy. Therefore, mothers living in Russia are very lucky, because many berries they can just pick up on a summer cottage, or buy on the nearest market.

Vitamins and amino acids derived from fresh berries over summer is enough for the child’s body to resist viral diseases over the next year. As known, Vitamin C has the quality to accumulate in the body and persist in him for months. It is with this element that our currant near Moscow, especially black.

Compote of berries for babiesVitamin C in the autumn and winter will help the baby not to get the flu with its extremely unwanted the consequences. It is necessary for the full absorption of vitamin D, what is required for the growth and proper development of musculoskeletal apparatus. It is thanks to these two elements that the baby will escape any manifestation of rickets, and in the future will be healthy and full by man.

Speaking of berry compotes, it’s worth adding that they are even an easier way to supply your baby with the right amount vitamins than fruit and berry smoothie. After all, often children refuse eat sour berries or just do not like to eat from a spoon. Compotes and they will take fruit drinks from the bottle with great pleasure, and you will Glad to hear their contented smack.


Just note that you should not immediately introduce berries into the diet child, both in the form of mashed potatoes, and fruit drinks and fruit drinks, while his the ventricle is not used to several types of fruit. You can start with mashed potatoes. First, just add a few berries of one kind in already familiar fruit puree (from apples, pears or bananas). And for a few days, keep an eye out for allergies.

Be patient, do not introduce two different types in one week fruits or berries, since allergies tend to manifest themselves through a few days, and not even the first time.

Compote of berries for babiesYou can advise starting with white currant if you live in central Russia. For the south it is not suitable, since the high content of vitamin C in combination with dry air may produce an allergy. Therefore choose sweeter berries specific to your area (white or yellow raspberries). All red berries have a particularly strong property. cause skin rashes.

Speaking of white currants, we must add that it is less sour compared to red. Blackcurrant also happens sweet and tasty for a child, but it should be put aside for more late time, since it is she who is most abundant in vitamin C. Be careful and at first introduce only a small amount number of berries.

After two weeks, in the absence of negative reactions, you can start cooking compotes. You can also always just add a new type of berries to the familiar composition of compote.

If your baby is already used to the bottle, she will immediately fall in love these are sweet treats. If the baby still ate only your milk and can not drink from a bottle, consult your doctor. Maybe compotes are better for you to drink in combination with fresh berries, since all the vitamins received by you are instantly transmitted child in an optimally digestible form.

After a while, carefully inject the red currants. On this berry can safely hold the baby during the first year of his life without using strawberries, raspberries or black currants. The fact is that red currant contains exactly what is needed the amount of vitamin C that your baby needs.

Other berries at this age (especially strawberries, raspberries – in to a lesser extent) are more dangerous with allergic reactions. If baby no problem, do not be afraid to gradually diversify it drink.

After two to three months, the compote of the baby can already be prepared from the following set:

  • Red and white currants;
  • Raspberries (better – wild forest);
  • Strawberries (better – wild forest strawberries);
  • One any other kind of berries from your region or one or two habitual fruit.

Compote of berries for babiesIt is preferable to cook for children. compotes from a mixture of fruits and berries. But there are no rules, the main thing is the availability of food and the healthy digestion of your child. It must be added that the presence of sweet berries and fruits (especially dried apricots and prunes) eliminates the need for additional sweeten the compote or minimize it. The main thing – correctly calculate the proportions of berries and water.

Harvesting berries

Berries, especially sweet ones, are a perishable product, and even in you will not be able to save them in the refrigerator for more than three to five days. If you live in the summer in the country or in the village, there are no problems – you can use harvested berries from your own garden or from nearest forest belt. If you live in a city, or the summer is behind, it’s time to take advantage of the summer billets.

The traditional way to harvest berries is to dry. In that they can be bought as a mixture, or each berry individually. However, currants, blueberries, sea buckthorn are not subject to drying, and also badly frozen. There is a variety of berry picking for the winter season; Here are just a few:

  • Redcurrants are best preserved as concentrated compotes;
  • It is advisable to wipe blackcurrant with sugar with fresh form and so canned in banks;
  • Sea buckthorn perfectly retains useful properties if made from sea ​​buckthorn oil (it can also be added to compote in small amounts);
  • Raspberries, strawberries, lingonberries are well stored frozen, as well as in the form of jams and it is better to use recipes for quick preparations for the preservation of vitamins and the integrity of berries (their then it will be possible to add to the compote as an additive).

Fresh berries

Compote of berries for babiesThere are more than a dozen recipes for stewing fresh berries. But they all follow the same principles.

Harvested or purchased berries must:

  • Sort, having cleared of stalks, leaves, spoiled berries and leaves;
  • Rinse thoroughly and quickly several times in cold water (better three times using a large plastic sieve);
  • Let the water drain, while bringing the water in the pan to boiling;
  • Gently pour berries into boiling water, reduce heat to minimum boil, cover, leaving a small compartment for steam and cook no more than 5 minutes;
  • Allow to cool in a cool place, strain and pour into glass or enameled dishes;
  • Slightly sweeten if the compote is acidic, fructose (you can use natural honey but watch out for allergic reaction);
  • Do not teach your child to drink too sweet, because then he will refuse unsweetened compotes and sour fruit drinks;
  • The calculation of the proportions should be approximately one glass of product per litere of water;
  • Keep in a very cool place throughout the day, or in refrigerator for up to 48 hours (for babies and lactating mothers it is better use all the first freshness, so if the compote is worth more days, give it to other family members).

Dried Fruit Cooking

  • Dry berries must be sorted and washed;
  • Pre-soak (preferably at night and in drinking water);
  • It is better to lay berries in cold water (you can use water in which it was soaked) and then bring to a boil;
  • Dry berries are more concentrated, so a glass of raw materials will be contain more fructose than a glass of fresh berries;
  • Be careful with sugar, if you can do without it, then it is better.

Learn from our publication why it occurs in infants sugar allergy.

Note to young mothers – how many times and time should eat baby at 2 months.

Valuable material on whether babies should be forced to drink water. A variant of dried berry compote can be steaming dry raw materials at night, even in a thermos, followed by filtering, cooling and serving. In this case, the maximum preservation of vitamins in the drink.


The more mom tries to enrich the baby’s diet a variety of vitamins, the less prone it will be to resistance to respiratory infections. Stewed berries are in In this sense, an excellent help. Stewed berries for babies more economical for the economy, and virtually no contraindications.

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