Berodual for inhalation

Update: November 2018

For the treatment of certain diseases of the respiratory system with
symptoms of bronchial and lung obstruction today by all
pulmonologists, pediatricians recommended modern drug –

For inhalation through a nebulizer or other inhalers, it
is produced in the form of a solution, and for persons suffering from bronchial
asthma, produced in the form of a pocket aerosol inhaler that
also very convenient. Among other bronchodilators – he
leading in terms of sales and popularity. Even the most famous and
There are a lot of side effects of a popular medication.
it is categorically impossible to use, and for some people
side effects can be very serious. Berodual has
very many positive properties, and ease of use, and
relatively low price and unique bronchodilator

No drug, no matter how it was advertised, not
is absolutely safe for everyone. Use
Berodual is possible only according to strict indications, in dosage,
established by the attending physician. Use it without a doctor’s prescription.
especially for young children, is unacceptable.

Indications for use Berodual for inhalation

The main action of Berodual takes place due to its
The composition of the components is Ipratropium Bromide and Fenoterol. Namely, this
bronchodilator drug normalizes the production of mucus in the lower
airway and relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchi.

Berodual is indicated for the symptomatic treatment of bronchial
asthma, emphysema, COPD, for the prevention of obstructive
diseases with reversible bronchospasm.

Convenience and positive aspects of its use:

Berodual is unique in that it is produced in a form that
convenient for asthmatics – aerosol inhaler, and in the form in which it
convenient to use through the nebulizer in the form of a solution for inhalation
– it is an invaluable convenience for helpless little children,
suffering from bronchial asthma, as well as for the elderly weakened
people. Moreover, the effectiveness of both forms of Berodual is the same.

  • Also the advantage is its fairly quick effect, already
    in 15 minutes it becomes easier for the patient to breathe, the maximum
    the impact occurs after 2 hours and the effect persists to 6
  • The action of the drug is valuable because it stimulates breathing,
    relieves bronchospasm, relaxes the muscles of the vessels and bronchi,
    reduces the secretion of glands. It does not have a negative impact.
    on gas exchange and mucociliary clearance in the airways
  • Berodual is used in the complex therapy of broncho-pulmonary
    diseases and as a monotherapy for respiratory diseases
  • It is used to relieve coughing with obstructive
    bronchitis, COPD, to relieve seizures in patients with bronchial
    asthma, for obstructive syndrome in tuberculosis patients
    bronchi and lungs.
  • Разрешено применять Berodual for inhalation лицам с
    diseases of the heart and blood vessels, only with caution.

This is contraindicated for the use of Berodual – instructions

  • It can not be used by persons with serious illnesses.
    cardiovascular system – such as tachyarrhythmia,
    hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, coronary
    failure, after myocardial infarction, arterial
  •  Berodual is prescribed with caution in case of cervical obstruction.
    bladder, cystic fibrosis, hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma,
    angle-closure glaucoma.
  • In diabetes, prostatic hyperplasia
  • During pregnancy, especially in the 3rd trimester, with breast
    feeding and children up to 6 years.
  • As well as with increased sensitivity to components

What side effects may be with inhaled Berodual
children and adults

Based on these instructions Berodual – solution for inhalation,
The most frequent and negative side effects are:Беродуал

  • Dry mouth
  • Increased nervousness
  • Skeletal Muscle Tremor

More rare side effects:

  • Headache
  • Heartbeat
  • Tachycardia
  • Dizziness

For the other side effects according to the instructions for use,

  • Respiratory system: irritation in the respiratory tract,
    causing a strong cough.
  • Digestive system: vomiting, dysfunction of gastrointestinal motility
  • Cardiovascular system: arrhythmias, lower lower pressure
    (diastolic), increased upper blood pressure
  • Vision: In case of contact with the eyes, it may be reversible.
    blurred vision, eye pain, blemishes, halo
    conjunctival hyperemia, as well as a reversible increase
    intraocular pressure, accommodation disturbances.
  • Аллергические реакции: бывают редко реакции в виде сыпи,
    swelling of the lips, face, tongue, urticaria.
  • Others: increased sweating, hypokalemia, general weakness,
    muscle cramps, problems with delay during urination,
    mental changes.

Режим дозировки для children and adults

Today, a global violation of the ecology of the planet,
abundant chemical products, polluted air waste
industry and exhaust gases, increased radiation background,
powerful electromagnetic field around a person destroys the normal
The immune system of both adults and children and now diagnosed –
obstructive bronchitis, bronchial asthma, COPD – not uncommon, and
every year the number of patients with these diagnoses increases with
catastrophic speed. The worst thing is that they suffer from small
years of asthma children.

Using an aerosol can

When using the barrel of Berodual – dosage for children and
adults in this case are the same – 1-2 injections should be made
drug 3p / day. In the case when a child or adult
significant risk of developing respiratory failure then
two doses of Berodual need to be injected, and after 5 minutes another 2
doses. The following use cannot be started earlier than 2

Как разводить Berodual for inhalation

  • Беродуал дозировка детям до 6 лет, с массой
    body less than 22 kg. To date, there is no quality
    Studies on the safety of using Berodual for babies, therefore
    use of the drug should be limited or excluded.
    However, under medical supervision may use
    Berodual at the rate of 25 µg ipratropium bromide, 50 µg fenoterol
    hydrobromide per 1 kilogram of child’s weight, that is, 1 drop per 2 kg
    weights.  Inhalation with berodual for children up to 6 years old can be done before
    3 times a day, starting with the minimum dose (0.5 ml. Equals 10
    drops). The maximum daily dose of 1.5 ml.
  • Usually, the dose of Berodual in young children is taken at the rate of 2
    kg of weight – one drop, spreading them into 2 ml of saline. Should always
    start treatment with the minimum test dose and monitor the response
    baby, usually assigned to 2 p / day, in severe cases, allowed to
    4 times. After half an hour from the inhalation with berodual in
    In case of an infectious disease, inhalation
    Lasolvans, the average course is no more than 5 days. Reaction
    babies are always individual, only inhalations with
    Berodual, someone just Lasolvan. Some babies have Berodual
    causes a strong cough, and lazolvan relieves the condition, and
    vice versa.

The table shows the dosage, how to dilute for inhalation.
Berodual according to the instructions, taking into account the age and severity of the disease.

Children from 6 -12 years old Children from 12 years and adults Elderly people
In case of moderate bronchospasm
0.5 ml 10 cap. 0.5 ml 10 cap. 0.5 ml 10 cap.
In acute light and moderate attacks
0.5-1 ml 10-20 cap.  1 ml 20 cap.  1 ml 20 cap.
   In severe cases, in intensive
dose therapy increases
up to 2 ml 40 cap.  up to 2.5 ml 50 cap.  up to 2.5 ml 50 cap.
 In severe cases, the maximum
 3 ml 60 cap.  4 ml 80 cap. 4 ml 80 cap.
 For course and long
 0.5-1 ml 10-20 cap. 4 p / day, maximum daily dose
– 4 ml.
 1-2 ml 20-40 cap. 4 p / day, maximum daily dose –
8 ml.
 1-2 ml 20-40 cap. 4 p / day, maximum daily dose –
8 ml.

How to do inhalation with Berodual for instructions

  • The dose indicated by the doctor should be diluted only.
    saline to a volume of 3-4 ml, and make inhalation with
    using a nebulizer until the solution is completely gone.
  • Do not dilute the drug with distilled water.
  • You can not use the remnants of previously diluted solution, and
    use only freshly prepared solution each time.
  • The duration of inhalation may depend on the type of nebulizer and on
    method of inhalation, as long as the entire solution is consumed
special instructions

Regular use of increasing doses of Berodual and other
drugs containing β 2 -adrenomimetiki for stopping
obstruction leads to uncontrolled degradation
diseases. Увеличение doses при усилении бронхиальной обструкции
over the recommended is unacceptable, unjustified and dangerous. To
prevent deterioration of the disease and prevent
life threatening condition of the patient, the doctor should be on time
пересматривать план treatment пациента с заменой на адекватную
anti-inflammatory therapy with inhaled corticosteroids.

The average price of Berodual for inhalation in pharmacies is 270-300 rubles.

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