Benefits of nighttime breastfeeding

Over the past decade, families have developed a certain
stereotype “convenient” child. One of the key points in this
The image is a continuous night sleep of the baby. That is why
young mothers are often asked whether the child is eating at night, and
if yes – mom gets a list of tips, how to make
baby sleep all night and do not interfere with their parents.

Why is night feeding normal?

ночное кормление грудью

In fact, it is worth worrying just those parents whose
Children are able to sleep for 8-10 hours continuously and not ask for a breast. For
baby up to a year to eat 3-4 times per night is more than normal.
Being in the mother’s belly, the baby continuously received power with current.
blood, therefore, being born, it is not so easy for him to restructure
�”Adult” mode. In addition, breast milk is quickly absorbed,
therefore, the baby needs to eat several times a night.

In cold weather, the frequency of night applications may increase,
since central heating is very dry and baby
begins to torment thirst.

If the child sleeps continuously for 8-10 hours, the parents should
pay attention to it. For детей, находящихся на грудном
feeding, this is only possible in the case of deep stress
sleep. Usually the child gets used to sleep like that after a few
since mom flatly refused to feed at night, i.e.
Ignored the need of the baby.

Another case where children really barely wake up.
at night they are artificial. They are actually able to sleep
longer than babies because the mixture they get
instead of breast milk, hard to digest. After the mixture
the child quickly falls asleep and all the forces of his body are transferred to
the work of the digestive tract. True, nothing useful for the crumbs in this, because
the mixture does not reproduce even the half of the composition of the parent

The benefits of night feedings

Pluses of night feeds are palpable for mother and baby. If a
mom is configured to breastfeed and maintain lactation, she
Be sure to know what the value of the night application is.

  • The most important and tangible plus – maintaining
    Milk production in the female body
    controlled by the hormone prolactin, which at night
    produced 2 times more than during the day. Time increased
    production of prolactin – from 3 nights to 8 am, therefore, in this temporary
    the gap is necessary to put the child to the chest. Whatever
    this rule seemed simple, to observe it is very important, because
    against physiology you will not go. On night feeds alone
    lactation can be maintained even when the baby is already
    barely sucks. (See more tips on how to increase
  • Night feeding saves mother from overflowing breasts and
    For груди, особенно на первых порах, такие
    long intervals between sucking are not at all helpful. The most
    harmless consequence – just a painful feeling from
    overcrowding. However, lying in an uncomfortable position with crowded
    breast, you can squeeze the ducts and get lactostasis, and this is
    The problem is more serious. Sometimes women can not cope with
    stagnation and discharge the chest, you have to go to the doctor or
    consultant on GW. (read about how to express breast
    hands or how to express the breast with a breast pump)
  • Kid, having the opportunity to eat at night,
    fully satisfies their nutritional and drinking needs, as well as in
    sucking and tactile contact with mom.
    Last thing
    It is especially important if during the day mother is often forced to be distracted by
    doing household chores or leaving for work leaving the kid with the grandmother
    or nanny.
  • Night feeding helps mom with minimal losses
    to cope with childhood malaise or restless
    a dream.
    Usually babies sleep poorly during teething
    or when sick, some react to changes in the weather,
    full moon. With breasts, babies calm down more easily and fall asleep again.
    Without a breast to calm a baby can not be easy: moms and dads
    you have to rock the baby for a long time so that in an hour
    woke up again with crying.

Video about night feedings

The consultant on breastfeeding, tells about night
feeding, how to improve lactation, how convenient to feed
newborn baby.

Night Feeding: The Compromise

Some kids are knocked out of general statistics and wake up by
10 times a night, arranging real night marathons at the chest. AT
Such a situation is difficult for mom to get enough sleep and stay calm
therefore, it is necessary to find a compromise between the needs of the child and
mother’s opportunities. Slightly reduce the number of night
attachments are possible with the help of some tricks.

  1. If a малыш после получения груди быстро заснул — не ждите, пока
    he himself will release the nipple, gently remove the breast themselves. Sometimes crumbs
    just need to feel that mom is near.
  2. If a вы ложитесь позже ребенка – предлагайте ему грудь перед
    by falling asleep myself, as if anticipating his need. it
    will help delay the awakening and give mom a few hours
    непрерывного sleep.
  3. If a малыш уже получает прикорм – сдвиньте время прикорма на
    evening. On a full stomach sleeps better, so the baby will be at night
    wake up less often than usual.

These measures are intended only to reduce nightly feeds, but not
remove them altogether. By the way, during weaning night feedings
leave last, and not always it goes quietly.
Only awareness of the importance of night attachments helps mom
to be patient and not to deprive the kid of such an important link.

And finally, look at the article on how to start weaning.
baby from night feedings

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