Beijing commemorates coronavirus victims

On 4 April, Beijing commemorated the victims of the pandemic. Saturday was declared in China as a day of national mourning. This day on the main Tiananmen Square, in all public buildings, as well as embassies and consulates abroad were lowered flags. Various events, many media and sites have responded to nationwide sorrow in black and white images. Official ceremony broadcast in online mode, held at the Zhongnanhai State Residence with the participation of the head of China Xi Jinping, the highest party and statesmen. The memory of 3,330 people who died from coronavirus patients and doctors fighting for life, three minutes of silence during which the signals were heard air, land, sea and rail транспорта.По статистике, количество заражённых COVID-19 в КНР сDecember last year exceeded 81 thousand, mortality recorded 4%. In February, the authorities of the Republic of China decided to appropriate the title of “fallen heroes” and perpetuate the names of the dead at execution professional duties in the course of saving the lives of patients. A their family members allot special benefits. March 36 medical workers of the People’s Liberation Army, who made a significant contribution in the fight against the pandemic, noted the awards.
Western experts who criticized the outbreak PRC authorities “for dictatorship and total control”, recognized measures of struggle effective and noted efficiency, mobility in critical situation. So, in the midst of a coronavirus, 42 arrived in Hubei 600 local specialists, including those working in intensive therapy, as well as volunteers and party members. Per month 60 thousand beds for patients appeared in Wuhan equipment, 17 thousand ventilation apparatuses. In a few days (!) Two hospitals were built.

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