Beet juice will support the heart and blood vessels

Update: February 2019

We all know how healthy vegetables are for health. AT
In particular, beets are an excellent root crop for reducing activity.
sympathetic nervous system and helping people suffering
cardiovascular disease.

This effect is provided contained in beet juice
nitrites. It is to these conclusions scientists-representatives
American Society of Physiology in its article. The work of scientists
was given to the public on the official Community site on May 10

Nitrites in beet juice are a group of special
compounds able to dilate blood vessels and, thus,
lower blood pressure. It is in the beet
nitrite concentration is the most significant. ATвиду замечательных
properties of these substances, the American group of scientists decided to continue
the study of their connections with the functioning of the sympathetic nervous
system. Since this system plays a significant role in the development
cardiac and vascular pathology.

The analysis was subjected to 20 people, on average, selected
volunteers were 27 years old. ATсе они периодически посещали
laboratory for the production of substances. American researchers
divided the subjects in two. The first half took nitrite
additives (beet juice), the second part was content
supplements with placebo effect (“dummies”). Surely themselves
participants did not know which of the two options they would get.


Twice a day, taking the “medicine”, the subjects were examined
laboratory specialists: measured blood levels
pressure, the frequency of contractions of the heart, the degree of activity of the centers
симпатической system. In addition, muscular activity was assessed.
during loads and at rest. ATсе измерения проводились перед
drinking juice or placebo, and after that.

The results were the following theses:

  1. The group that took nitrites in beet juice,
    possessed less activity of sympathetic centers and nervous
    of fibers.
  2. Their blood pressure level is the same.
    both at rest and when performing physical

ATыводы американских исследователей гласят: нитритные добавки в
food can have a pronounced effect on our nervous
system, heart muscle and blood vessels. So, these substances can
be tested in the treatment of diseases associated with them.

For reference:

AT домашних условиях свекольный сок сделать не проблема.
The inconvenience of using it is that you cannot drink it right away.
after receiving. Fresh juice should be refrigerated in
open containers for 2–3 hours so that some harmful
compounds (destroyed by contact with air).

It is contraindicated for persons suffering from a stomach ulcer and 12-perstno
guts. AT чистом виде и в большом количестве он может вызывать
vomiting, nausea, general weakness, dizziness, rapid
heartbeat. You can get used to beet juice gradually, 
starting with 1 tablespoon per day. You can dilute it either with water
either broth hips, as well as carrot, apple, pumpkin

Beet juice is rich in salts of potassium, manganese, iron, is
витамины С, Р, РР, AT1, AT2. ATысокое содержание магния помогает
normalize the state of the nervous system during overload, stress,
insomnia It improves intestinal motility, promoting the fight
with constipation. Nutrients in the composition of the juice stimulate
blood formation.

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