Because of which children often get sick in any transport


  1. Causes
  2. Symptoms
  3. Treatment
  4. Conclusion

Many parents with the approach of summer holidays, already long begin to experience the problem, why motion sickness in their transport child and how to avoid it. After all, many kids are bad enough carry travel not only by water and in the air, but even By train or car. All this can overshadow the vacation, so you need to understand in advance how to defeat this scourge.

When irritated with motion sickness, the baby’s brain gets certain impulses that provoke severe nausea, reaching to vomiting. There are children who are not able to even attend all kinds of rides.


The basis of the state of motion sickness becomes the immaturity of a certain apparatus, which is responsible for balance, as well as balancing. There are also certain “helpers” capable of significantly aggravate the situation. These include:

  • Hearty lunch;
  • Lack of oxygen;
  • Bad smells
  • Sloppy driving.

Most children, feeling in themselves a similar “feature”, they panic long before the trip, they feel excitement, severe discomfort, mounting anxiety. Similar emotions only reinforce future motion sickness. There are situations where motion sickness It is caused not by a weak apparatus that maintains equilibrium. it may be caused by symptoms of certain diseases. Described motion sickness syndrome often accompanies heart disease, diseases of nerves and hearing organs, gastrointestinal tract.

When parents are bothered by the regular motion sickness of the child, it should make sure there are no diseases. But when the child is healthy, then such symptoms must be “outgrown”, using for any kind of motion sickness remedy for children that reduces discomfort in the baby.


Everyone knows the main symptoms, although apart from them at the moment motion sickness is also observed:

  • Gastric discomfort;
  • Significant deterioration in well-being;
  • A certain lethargy;
  • Feeling dizzy.

At the time of nausea, nerves suffer greatly – this is negative affects taste, smell, hearing.


The girl got sick on a tripHealthy baby gradually such conditions will “outgrow”. His balance apparatus is ripening, parents begin to forget about discomfort in an airplane, car or on the boat. But until it’s not yet reached, you should use various drugs, tablets from motion sickness in an airplane to minimize the child’s travel discomfort.

Be sure to calm him down before the trip, tell him, because of what everything happens, support him with your presence nearby. Be sure to tell him that parents are always with him, they will help eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

If you feel nauseous, stop the car immediately to bring the baby out. Comfort him as much as possible, wash him gently, be sure to change clothes. Make you breathe deeply, give an opportunity for him to drink water. Preparing for long trips, we select the child’s seat in the car, in which he does not cradle.

Before the road you need to know how and how to measure the child’s pressure if necessary.

How to make a child happy – interesting material about gifts. Help a slice of lemon. Try to tell the kid a joke or a funny case – a child is required calm completely before continuing. When traveling by public transport, it will not work to bring the child out, but wash, provide clean clothes and soothe required certainly.


Before any trip, collect a children’s first-aid kit, stock up bags, napkins, water, change clothes.

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