Because of what the child can sweat heavily in dream


  1. Causes
  2. Rickets
  3. Treatment
  4. Conclusion

Sweating during sleep is normal physiological a phenomenon that is caused by temporary imperfection of sweat glands and should not cause concern. But increased sweating can also be a sign of painful conditions, the consequence of an uncomfortable microclimate, the wrong regime.

From this article, parents will be able to find out why the baby is sweating. in a dream, what measures can be taken to reduce sweating, and in what cases it should be alarming.


Since the baby’s sweat glands are just forming, they are too actively respond to various stimuli, and in the same Under conditions, the child will sweat harder than the adult. Besides body features, profuse sweating in a dream can be caused by external factors – too high air temperature in indoors, stuffiness, the desire of parents to wrap up a child, dress warmer and cover with a warm blanket, and overheating for the child’s body more dangerous than hypothermia.

There are several other factors that trigger sweating in sleeping baby:

  • Hereditary predisposition, in this case similar one of the relatives has a problem, and the child may sweat at any time of the day, not only in a dream;
  • The growth process most actively occurring in the state sleep
  • Increased excitability of the nervous system;
  • Preschoolers have insufficient activity during the day, sweat glands at night compensate for daytime inactivity;
  • In adolescence – puberty, hormonal imbalance;
  • Acceptance of a number of medications, analgesics, antibiotics, as well as certain vitamins.

If the child sweats heavily in a dream, it is worth reporting To this pediatrician, he will recommend a consultation with a neurologist, endocrinologist, additional examinations, analyzes. Active sweating can accompany such diseases:

  • Rickets, manifested by other signs;
  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia due to unbalanced activity of different parts of the autonomic nervous system during active growth;
  • Problems with the endocrine glands, thyroid iron;
  • The initial stage of a cold or any infectious diseases, as well as the first month after recovery;
  • In infants – teething.

Excessive sweating should be alarming if it accompanied by irritability, excitability of the child, restless sleep, causeless crying, vagaries, inadequate weight gain or weight loss. Most often, the child during sleep sweating head because hair and contact with the pillow prevent evaporation of sweat.


The baby's head is wet with sweat in a dreamWhole body sweating especially the head, observed in a dream, is characteristic of rickets. There is reason for anxiety if a child sweats his head and there is a tendency to baldness of the nape. Other symptoms of rickets are:

  • Irritability, anxiety, shyness;
  • Excessive mobility of the joints;
  • Delayed motor function and teething teeth
  • Poor appetite, upset stool, unpleasant urine odor;
  • In the later stages – changes in bone tissue, deformation skulls.

A pediatrician may suspect rickets during an examination of a child, A number of tests allow you to confirm the diagnosis. Learn what to do when the appearance of dandruff in a child – may cause unnecessary sweating.

What is the danger of the child’s rapid breathing and how it affects baby’s condition.

What to do when a child has a brain cyst read the fresh stuff.


Profuse sweating caused by increased sweat activity glands, can itself go to 5-6 years, when the glands fully formed. So that the child does not sweat so much during sleep, you can recommend the following measures:

  • Ventilate the room before going to bed;
  • Maintain optimum temperature (22-24⁰) and humidity (60-70%), humidifiers and other climatic help Technics;
  • Use bed linens made from natural fabrics, blankets for season
  • Wear your baby in cotton pajamas, in summer – in panties and T-shirt
  • Give your child the opportunity to actively move throughout the day, but avoid noisy, active games, watching TV and others Exciting bedtime activities
  • With increased nervous excitability, take baths with sedative herbs, salts;
  • When sweating the head sometimes it makes sense to do as much as possible short haircut.


If profuse sweating is caused by rickets, prescribe vitamin D, for problems with the thyroid gland iodine preparations are indicated, with VSD – herbal soothing teas, physiotherapeutic procedures. Perspiration associated with an infectious disease, cold, or teething will pass after the elimination of the underlying problem, and caused by taking medications – after their cancellation.

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