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детских товаров

If you think that beautiful high-quality clothes
for children sew exclusively abroad, and for such outfits will have
выложить кругленькую сумму, то мы поспешим вас обрадовать. AT
In recent years, many domestic companies have appeared
offering very attractive collections for babies. Besides,
that this clothing has a really stylish design, there is still
one mega plus is an affordable price. Now you can calmly
to pick up things a child for all cases – from kits for
solemn events before casual wear, not
worrying that it is too expensive. Present to your attention
several Russian manufacturers whose products are worthy
order to replenish the wardrobe of the youngest members of your

Free age



The clothes of this brand are developed in St. Petersburg, and
produced in Uzbekistan under the control of Russian specialists.
Каждый сезон Free age радует покупателей новыми коллекциями для
детишек от рождения до 6 лет, а также абсолютно уникальными
developments, such as the St. Petersburg collection
(коллекция в честь дня города). Colorful, original and
comfortable – it is clothing for bright emotions of both children and their parents.




Crockid is one of the eminent Russian companies that is on the market
for over 15 years. Very wide range, includes, except
clothes, as well as underwear, swimwear, tights, socks and more.
ATыпускаются продукция для трёх возрастных категорий –
newborns, children of kindergarten age and younger students before
12 years. Crockid’s distinctive feature is its own.
production of knitted fabrics, which allows to sew models not only
по собственным разработкам, но и выпускают коллекционные
линейки 2 раза в год, которые можно купить в розничных
company stores.

Funny baby

ATеликолепная одежда для самых маленьких детишек – от рождения до
three years. Творческая концепция бренда Funny baby вполне
Corresponds to the name – it is funny clothes for cheerful



Models are made of high quality Turkish fabrics,
the range is constantly updated, and clothing prices allow
to get a newborn a sufficient amount of things not
perplexed by the fact that it is too expensive and soon kids will not
will need. Funny baby – одежда для комфорта младенцев и хорошего
mom’s mood New collections of clothes are released every 2-3
of the month.




Goldy – Russian brand, which appeared on the market of children’s clothing
most recently, but already won fans, thanks to affordable
prices, but at the same time the highest quality and original design.
The clothes of this brand are sewn in Belarus. Fabrics are used for sewing
турецкого production. Bright colors, interesting prints,
original design – in the clothes of this brand kids look just

Lucky child



Brand Lucky Child is rapidly gaining popularity, which
not surprising. This designer clothes enthralls moms and
невероятно комфортна для kids Each model is the result.
careful developments that take into account not only the external
view, but also maximum comfort. It is comfortable to wear this clothes, and
babes in it look like from the pages of fashion magazines. Lucky Child
takes into account all the little things and creates stylish children’s clothing of the highest





The POLLO brand is amazingly beautiful clothing for
newborns. If you are looking for a baptism kit or set
to discharge the baby from the hospital, you should pay attention to
products of this brand. Impeccable quality of fabrics and tailoring,
a lot of interesting models, the original design is exactly
what is needed on such a solemn day.

POLLO also offers everyday collections for babies. AND
although prices do not belong to the “economy” segment, but beautiful
high-quality products, which are appreciated even by Russian



Many have already fallen in love with this fashion brand for style, quality and
at the same time, not a “biting” price. AND хотя это не самый экономный
option, however, those who appreciate the original design, comfort and
absolute naturalness will be delighted, acquiring such
quality items at such an affordable price.

Turkish fabrics are used for sewing, and models are made in
two age lines: for crumbs up to two years old, and for
children from 2 years to 7 years.



Cotmarkot – также один из «старожилов» среди российских
manufacturers of children’s clothing. Two own factories with complete
циклом production позволяют этой компании устанавливать очень
loyal prices for quality products. It’s really
добротная одежда для kids Attractive design with interesting
prints and ornaments in a wide range of colors will allow everyone
parents pick something for their baby.

Soni kids


Soni kids – ещё один российский бренд, изготовляющий детскую
clothes as well sets for beds and carriages. Sew products from
тканей турецкого production в двух линейках (базовые и сезонные
models). ATозрастной сегмент – от рождения и до шести лет. AT
An assortment of many unusual collections with an attractive design,
and, which is nice, the company prepares updates for each season.

Of course, this list is by no means complete. There are many others
Russian companies producing beautiful, super quality and
comfortable clothes for babies. AND, что немаловажно, цены на их продукцию,
in comparison, with foreign manufacturers, much lower, and the design
nothing inferior models of children’s clothing eminent world


ATсе представленные бренды вы найдете на сайте
online store Kinderley


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