Beat или не бить ребенка – последствияфизического penalties детей

Why do many parents actively use physical
impact on your own children? The reasons behind this
a phenomenon quite deep. But physical punishment is like
extremely disastrous, can be replaced by much more efficient and
humane alternatives.

The content of the article

  • 1 Ключевые причины использования физического penalties в
    educational process

    • 1.1 What is physical punishment?
    • 1.2 Consequences of physical punishment. Is it permissible to beat
  • 2 Children can not be beat. There are effective alternatives.
  • 3 Why not beat children. Parental and physical self-control
  • 4 Opinions moms from forums
  • 5 ATидео-консультации специалистов


Некоторые утверждают, что «необходимо пороть ребенка, пока
не подрос»
. AND это является данью традициям. ATедь на Руси
Birch rods were an essential element of education. But today
все изменилось, и физические penalties приравниваются к
medieval executions. True for many, this question is important and
remains open.

Ключевые причины использования физического penalties в
educational process

A huge number of parents use force in raising children and
This does not reflect on what consequences this may provoke.
It is customary for them to fulfill their parental duty, generously endowing
children cuffs. Not only to maintain discipline often
the object of fear is hung in a prominent place – a belt, etc.

What are the reasons for such a fierce medieval
cruelty in modern moms and dads? There are a few

  • Hereditary reasons. Most often parents
    take out their own children’s grievances already in their chad. And such
    father or mother usually do not realize that there is
    education without violence. ANDх уверенность в том, что подзатыльник
    secures the said educational words in a child,
  • Lack of desire, and also time for education
    baby, holding long conversations, explaining his
    ATедь намного быстрее и легче ударить ребенка,
    rather than sit down with him and talk about his wrongdoings, help him understand
    own wrong;
  • Отсутствие даже элементарных знаний о процессе
     Parents pick up the belt only
    from hopelessness and from ignorance of how to cope with the “small
    monster “;
  • ATымещение обиды и злости за собственные неудачи.,
    previous and current.
    Often parents beat their own
    child only because there is no one else to break loose. Salary
    scanty, the boss is cruel, the wife does not obey, and then there is also harmful
    a child spinning under his feet. AND родитель дает по попе за это.
    And the louder the child is crying and the more afraid of the father, the
    stronger will rip on the child for his own problems
    and failures. ATедь человеку необходимо хоть перед кем-нибудь ощущать
    own power and power. AND самое плохое, когда за ребенка
    no one to intercede;
  • Mental disorders. There are such
    parents who just need to shout, spook the child,
    arrange disassembly for no apparent reason. Next, the parent reaches
    required condition, pulls the baby to him and cries with him.
    So moms and dads need the help of a doctor.

ЧANDТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Наказывать или нет ребенка
for random misconduct?

What is physical punishment?

К физическим penaltiesм специалисты относят не только прямое
using brute force to influence a child. In addition to belts
towels, slippers, cuffs, and punishment are used
corner, and twitching hands and sleeves, and ignoring, and forcing
feeding or not feeding, etc. But in any case, pursued
one goal is to hurt, demonstrate power over a child,
show him his place.

Статистика: наиболее часто penaltiesм в
children under 4 years of age are subject to physical form because
they still can not hide, defend themselves or rebel the question:
�”For what?”

Physical effects provoke a new wave of disobedience.
child, which, in turn, leads to a new surge of aggression
parent. Thus, the so-called whirlpool appears
domestic violence.

ЧANDТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Что нельзя делать родителям,
when a child behaves unbearably?

The consequences of physical punishment. Is it permissible to beat

ANDмеются ли преимущества у физических наказаний? Of course not.
The claims that the gingerbread has no effect without a carrot and that
light bashing is useful in some situations.


ATедь любое физическое наказание оборачивается

  • Fear of the parent on whom the child directly depends (and
    loves it). This fear develops over time
  • Against the background of such a neurosis, it’s difficult for a baby to adapt
    find friends, and later – the other half. ATоздействует это и
    on a career;
  • Children raised with similar methods are extremely understated.
    self esteem. A child for life is remembered “the right of the strong.”
    And he will use this right at the earliest opportunity.
  • Regular whipping affects the psyche, causing delays in
  • Children who constantly concentrate on waiting for punishment
    from parents unable to focus on lessons or games with
    other children;
  • In 90% of cases, a child beaten by parents will likewise be
    deal with your own children;
  • Over 90% of intruders were abused in childhood
    side of the parents. Probably no one wants to raise a maniac either
  • Regularly received punishment the child loses feeling
    reality, stops solving urgent problems, learn,
    experiencing constant anger and fear, as well as a desire for revenge;
  • With each stroke, the child moves away from the parent. Is broken
    natural connection between parents and children. In a family with no violence
    will be mutual understanding. Growing up, the child will bring a lot of problems
    parents tyrants. And in the old age of parents waiting for the unenviable
  • The punished and humiliated child is extremely lonely. He feels
    yourself broken, forgotten, thrown to the side of life and unnecessary
    to anyone. In such states, children are able to perform such
    stupid things like going to bad companies, smoking, drugs or even
  • Going into courage, parents often lose control of themselves. AT
    As a result, a child caught by a hot hand risks injury,
    sometimes incompatible with life, in the event that after the cuff
    the parent will fall and hit a sharp object.

ЧANDТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Почему нельзя шлепать
child – 6 reasons

Children can not be beat. There are effective alternatives.

детей бить НЕЛЬЗЯ

It must be remembered that physical punishment is
weakness, not the strength of the parents, a manifestation of its failure. AND
excuses like “he does not understand another way” remain only
AT любом случае имеется альтернатива
physical abuse. For this:

  1. Should distract the child, switch attention to anything
  2. Take the kid away with a lesson in which he perehochetsya romp and
    act up
  3. Hug the baby and convince him of your love. After you can
    spend with your baby at least a couple of hours of your own “precious”
    of time. ATедь ребенку не хватает именно внимания (Читаем
     Очень простые способы показать детям что вы их
  4. Come up with new games. For example, you can collect scattered
    toys in two large boxes, who is the first. Reward can be
    a good bedtime story from dad or mom. AND это подействует лучше,
    rather than the cuff or cuff.
  5. Применяйте лояльные способы penalties (лишение ноутбука, ТAT,
    hike for a walk, etc.).


  • To beat or not to beat? ANDстория всеми осуждаемой мамы
  • 8 loyal ways to punish children. How to
    punish a child for disobedience
  • 7 gross mistakes of parents during quarrels with children
  • How not to punish a child
  • Should I punish a child in 3 years: the opinion of parents
    and psychologist

ATажно научиться ладить с ребенком без наказаний. Methods for
That huge amount. There would be a desire, but an alternative to find
you can always. For any parent, it is important to understand that children
categorically can not beat under any circumstances!

Why not beat children. Parental and physical self-control

Opinions moms from forums

Ольга: Моё мнение, что сильно строго
can not. Because we begin to drive in a rigid framework, and when we are near
there will be no children begin to come off in full. ATспомните по себе,
It always starts to want something more that you can not or do not have. AND
We cannot always sleep ourselves, even if we really want to. Beat
or not to beat ?? I am against the beat, although sometimes I slap myself. Then yourself
scolding I think raising the hand on the child, it’s just that we can not cope
with your emotions. You can just come up with a punishment. We have it
angle. Small terribly does not like to stand there, roars. … But we have a contract with
him if put there until you calm down, I will not go
talk to him. AND стоит до тех пор пока не остынет. The most
hard to find a punishment, because at all one method is not
is valid.

Zanon2: не бить а наказывать!
agree. but beat no!

Белослава: Я тоже иногда шлепаю,потом сама
I think I’ve lost it again, you can’t beat … I try to change the subject altogether
if psychos are attacked, it usually happens before the daytime sleep, but more
It depresses me that a child, when I am cursed and I swear, says
�”Beat” .. he still does not say phrases. I explain that I love him and beat him
I do not want and I will not. I’m trying to hold back now, like I forget
I became … And also our dad thinks that he should be beaten … and in no way
persuade him … in childhood beat …

Natalinka15: Да, сложная тема, я стараюсь
don’t scream, well, I don’t accept a child at all, I try
agree. If you can not calmly agree, then
some time I leave my daughter alone and just turn around and
I am leaving. It happens in different ways, it reacts, sometimes it calms down at once.
and sometimes not. But for when I leave, we both have time
think and calm down. AT принципе всегда получается , потов все
solve peace and we put up.

Ладошки_к_Солнцу: вот я о чем
I thought … why we adults and parents allow ourselves
to hit your child if he deduces, acts as an irritant,
if you can’t agree with him … why don’t we slap
completely unconnected to us adults? … ..who those too can be annoying,
offend … because we think a hundred times before giving in the face
to the opponent. same? we are afraid to act as an aggressor, we want to look
civilized, intelligent and tolerant, translate conflict into
diplomacy. that with children then it does not work for

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ATидео-консультации специалистов

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