Battle of views: is it worth it to muffle a child?

What is more beneficial for a child is to be coiled in several layers.
warm clothes at the very first cold snap or put on
something warmer only with the onset of cold weather? What is the point of view
closest to the truth? Moms share their experiences, and the pediatrician
tells where truth is, and where error.

стоит ли кутать ребенка

Child can not be wrapped

Nadezhda, 30 years old, mother of twins (3 years)

My children were born at the beginning of summer, and we immediately decided that we would
to temper them. Did not wear hats until late autumn, but
then they began to put a warm blanket in the stroller. In winter, babies wear
light overalls without any insulating elements. WITH
the onset of spring, I take off the kids excess clothes, focusing on
the weather. If I’m the hottest in a jacket and hat, then why are my children
should be comfortable in this form?

Of course, during the walk everyone considers it his duty
tell me that the kids will freeze, get cold and
get sick. But I learned with humor how to respond to such replicas.
surrounding I think I’m doing the right thing: kids never
had something serious.

Victoria, mother of a 5-year-old son and half a year old

My husband and I are athletes, so we know firsthand how important
clothing that is properly selected for weather conditions. Always sweat
much worse than feeling a little cool. Children we dress
according to these considerations: the daughter is very mobile, loves to run, and
while we carry our son in a stroller covered with an awning from rain, wind and
of snow.


The nose and hands should be warm during the walk. For me
This is the main criterion. If they are hot, then the child is already hot,
need to remove excess clothing. WITHо временем начинаешь понимать, как
to dress in different weather, but it is absolutely impossible to wrap up. AT
in the apartment, children go barefoot all year round, without socks and

Toddlers better wear warmer

Olga, 42 years old, mother of sons (13 and 7 years old) and daughters (10
years and 4 years)

My children always dress warmer than me: not even the eldest son
goes outside without a cap, if the temperature is below +6. AT нашей
summer is seldom hot, so without thin knitwear
hats, I think, can not do. Up to the age of three a hat
You can shoot if the temperature is about +20 and there is no strong wind. But
in this case, you need to wear a light panama to protect from the sun
(or easy take). I have a positive attitude towards flu shots,
my children make them every year. Therefore, they almost never
sick – and, of course, because I warmly wear them. And kids still
additionally I cover with a blanket when they lie in the stroller.

Юлия, 27 лет, мать 5-летней daughters

My daughter was born with poor health. She is still in the maternity hospital
suffered pneumonia, and then constantly picked up snot and otitis.
For my age, my girl is very small and thin, so I
I always try to save her and wear as warm as possible. ATо время
frost we try not to leave the house unnecessarily. AT
the apartment has a warm floor. I am very afraid of cold and drafts, therefore
the baby walks in socks, a warm suit and a hat made of knitwear.
In the summer, I always have a spare blouse and hat in my bag. BUT
suddenly get cold?

Marina, an experienced pediatrician with 20 years of experience: “We need to look at
child’s reaction “

There is no universal recipe. In children, heat transfer is not
such as in adults. In babies, body fat is greater than that of
us (take a look at the newborn, small children are always in
folds). ATсё дело в том, что у детей гораздо выше запасы так
called brown fat – there are many blood vessels in it and it
It gives the body energy and heat, but does not consume them. Him
activity is activated only at relatively low

It is better to overcool a little, than to overheat. ATспотевший малыш
risks quickly catching a cold: any strong wind or
a draft would cause illness. Each child has an individual
temperament: the most active children can wear easier, because
they run constantly. BUT вот спокойных малышей, любящих сидеть на
a place better to dress warmer. People generally feel differently
when the temperature changes – and children are no exception to

The main recommendation for parents of healthy children is:
you need to remember that before the age of two, babies react to
the outside temperature is sharper than us. When cooling them yet
colder than adults, and in the sun – even hotter. That is to warm
it’s time to dress children easier than yourself, and in the cold – to wrap up
warmer. But этот совет будет работать лишь в том случае, если у
the crumbs are the same temperament and body structure as yours.

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