Baths for bathing newborns

Speaking of bathing, it’s hard to overestimate its benefits for
newborn baby. Getting into the water, the baby sinks into what has become
habitual for 9 months Wednesday, so swimming develops
vestibular apparatus, relaxes and soothes the child, improves
his emotional state. Help your baby to love this procedure.
может и специальная ванночка для купания новорожденного

Ванночка для купания новорожденного

пластиковые ванночки

Стоит ли покупать отдельную ванночку для baby?

Today in pediatrics, there is an opinion that bathing a baby
You can easily and in a shared bath. In this case, it is about that
the child will be able to move actively without limiting himself to a large
bathtub. In addition, a large bath filled with water will cool
somewhat slower than small, and this will increase
duration of stay of the baby in the water.

If the house does not have a large bath, but only a shower, or not at all
no bath, no shower, then buying a separate bath for your
baby becomes a necessity. The little bath has
and other benefits:

  1. It is easier to keep the newborn baby physically.
  2. Often used to deal with diaper rash and other
    skin irritations infusions of herbs can stain enamel
    large bath, and a small tub of plastic to wash where
  3. Finally, during an unexpected or preventative shutdown.
    hot water baby bath is much easier to fill.

It is also necessary to remember that bathing a newborn baby –
fairly responsible process, and not worth immediately after discharge
from the hospital rush him.

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According to pediatricians, it is better to wait a little before
will heal the umbilical wound (it basically heals in the second week).
During this time, wipe the baby with a damp sponge
and wash it with warm water. When the wound heals, you can
переходить к купанию в bathtub. Apply baby shampoo or foam
for the bathroom is not worth more than 2 times a week. However, in quality
Fortifying procedure swimming in clear water can be carried out
at least every day.

How to choose a bath?

Modern models of trays are so diverse that the choice
Sometimes it’s not easy at all. New production technologies
high-quality and safe plastics give firms the opportunity
существенно облегчить жизнь мамы, встраивая в ванночки
термометры, весы и другие приспособления
. However
the demands of practicality and

Итак, выбираем ванночку правильно, обращая внимание
to the model that you liked:

  • was safe enough, i.e. its bottom should not be very
    slippery, and even better, have a non-slip coating. TO
    some models come with a mat (sometimes having
    thermal sensor), which is placed on the bottom;
  • complied with hygiene requirements and washed easily;
  • had the appropriate size, i.e. so that she could serve
    child, at least until six months, but at the same time well established
    would be in a big bath;
  • had a comfortable and durable bottom or anchorage for installation on
    sides of a large bath.

In addition to these main requirements, when choosing
baths can also take into account additional features in

  • thermoplastic inserts that change color when
    temperature is not suitable for swimming, or built
  • holes to drain the water, which will allow mom not to pump
    the muscles of the arms, turning over each time the bath in order to pour
    from her water. At the same time, the cork should be made quite comfortably,
    in order not to injure the baby while swimming;
  • built-in scales, thanks to which it will be possible to check the weight
    child in a comfortable environment (for example, after

Types of baths for babies

If you welcome minimalism, and the only criteria for
you will be the convenience and safety of the bath, then the most optimal
option is a traditional plastic model that can be
set both in a large bath and on the floor. If together with
listed requirements you would like to receive additional
convenience, you should look at the more “advanced” models.

Основные виды ванночекдля новорожденных бывают

1. Plastic with a smooth bottom and traditional small
compartments for bath accessories

Выбираем ванночку правильно

comfortable bath for swimming

В комплект к некоторым моделям производители добавляют
a special slide for bathing a newborn, also separate
baths can be decorated with characters from cartoons or
heroes of fairy tales, have a built-in drain and a thermometer. Famous Brands
They also often include a special mattress for the bath.
newborn, swimming pad and fun toys.

TO несомненным плюсам такой модели можно отнести то, что она
suitable not only for a newborn, but also for a child about a year.
In this case, even an older baby will not be too crowded in it.

Its drawbacks are what exactly is for a newborn
Such a bath will not be too comfortable – because mom will have to
support the toddler under the head with one hand while trying
open the shampoo bottle and wash the baby with the other hand. TOупание
It will be much easier with a special slide in the kit.

2. Anatomical (also sometimes called ergonomic, t.
e. convenient to use)

In such trays the slide with a soft non-slip coating is already
built into the design, so that even a newborn takes
reclining position and fixed. Mother’s hands a little
are released in order to wash the baby. TOроме того, именно в
Such more expensive models, in the main and there are all sorts of
extra amenities in the form of a built-in thermometer with
LCD display, scales and drain holes.

Among the shortcomings of the model is not the lowest price, and perhaps also
the fact that with time the grown up child will no longer be too
it is interesting only to sit in the bath, and want to swim and
roll over. Projections of the same anatomical models, providing
safety of the smallest, will only interfere with one year old
to kid.

3. Inflatable

Основные виды ванночек для новорожденных

The advantages of such models are interesting colors,
built-in soft slides, comfortable headrests. They are convenient to store,
when there is little space in the apartment, but not too comfortable every time
надувать для купания baby TOроме того, по отзывам пользователей,
This bath is better to keep in the house as an additional option on
a case of going out of town or a long journey. Conveniently
use them for older children as a small pool.

Moms say that in the folds of inflatable trays can fall
residues decoction of herbs used for bathing newborns.
If you do not immediately notice it and do not wash the rubber thoroughly, then with
over time, they can create an unpleasant smell and contribute
reproduction of bacteria.

TOак видно, к выбору ванночки для baby нужно подойти
responsibly. In this case, the high price will not always be the key to
же высокого качества и безопасности baby Coming up well to
this issue, you can find a decent budget option that
will help mom to facilitate bathing the baby, and the baby to feel the comfort and
joyful emotions during your favorite procedure!

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