Bathing a child in herbs – bathing herbsbaby

The first bathing of the baby will take place usually in the evening, on arrival
home from the hospital. The whole family is excitingly preparing for this event.
which all are involved – dads, grandmothers, older sisters / brothers, etc.
Babies are taken to bathe in warm water at a temperature of 37-37.5 ° C,
dialed in the bath directly from the tap. Boil water for swimming
baby inappropriate, even in the hospital immediately after the birth of the baby
wash it with water of a centralized source of water supply. (AT
какой воде купать новорожденного baby) В воду можно добавить
травы для купания baby, о которых и пойдет ниже речь.

купание малыша в травах

Bathing the baby in the grass favorably affects the infant.
an organism. Herbs are selected one-component, do not mix
several herbs for one bathing, so they can be incompatible
each other and cause an allergic rash. Before
окунать baby в воду с отваром из трав, следует ваткой, смоченной
в отваре, обтереть небольшой участок кожи baby (на ручке или
leg, without affecting the face). If within 15 minutes the skin is not
will change – will not turn red, small rash will not appear, it means in broth
этой травы можно купать baby без опаски.

Как сделать отвар из трав для купания baby?

If you bought herbs for brewing in filter bags,
use 5 sachets per liter and a half of hot water. Decoction should
Brew for an hour. череда для купания baby

If you bought dried herbs, use a handful,
fits on the palm, for three to five liters of water – a decoction will turn out
more, because herbs in this form give greater concentration.

Do not take risks, do not collect and do not use herbs for swimming
baby, collected independently in the outline of the city – it is fraught
the fact that the herbs you collected instead of benefit will bring harm. Herbs
growing along the roads, absorb dust and exhaust gases
cars, and as a result in the grass the amount of harmful substances
exceeds the number of useful. Все травы для для купания baby
Buy strictly in the pharmacy.

It is best to make a decoction of herbs in a small enamel

как купать ребёнка в травах


Put a handful of pharmacy herb of your choice into the pot equal to
the amount of one adult palm, pour three liters of water,
cover and wrap the pan with a towel. Let the decoction
infuse within an hour – one and a half hours. Decoction before
use must be thoroughly drained using a fine sieve.
No leaves, twigs or other plant parts float in
strained broth should not.

Какие травы выбрать для купания baby?

травы для купания baby

Все зависит от целей, какие вы преследуете, купая baby в
herbs. Herbs like:

  • Валериана, лаванда, можжевельник — оказывают
    успокаивающее действие на нервную систему baby и помогут
    establish a good sleep if the child sleeps poorly and often flinches during
    a dream.
  • Ромашка, череда и крапива обладают
    anti-inflammatory properties, effectively drying the rash and
    inflammations, disinfect wounds.

Купать baby в травах

Купать baby в травах стоит поначалу не дольше 5-7
, с каждым разом можно увеличивать интервал купания,
доводя до 15 минут за купание.

Bathing with a decoction of herbs is not worth it every day, because despite
beneficial properties, most herbs overly dry tender nursery
skin (skin care). The optimal amount of bathing with herbs –
about three times a week, you can alternate – day baby bathing in
broth, a day in ordinary clean water.

After the baby was bathed in a decoction of herbs, do not need
rinse with tap or boiled water. So
like the skin of a baby, while bathing, absorbed useful properties,
they will act all night. Пусть купание вашего baby
runs in a relaxed atmosphere, and brings pleasure to all your

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