Bath toys for children up to a year

Купание в ванне приносит малышам неоценимую
benefit, a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. For most
restless evening bathing becomes a kind of ritual before
sleep, helping the baby to relax and sleep soundly. Water
treatments can be made more fun and exciting with
using bath toys – in different colors, shapes, sizes and


How to choose the toys for swimming

First of all, bath toys should be safe and
made exclusively from quality materials. In hot
Poor quality toys in the water can release harmful substances and
hazardous fumes. Therefore, you need to choose non-toxic materials. Not
Feel free to ask the seller for quality certificates. First
toys it is better to choose well-known brands and in branded

You should pay attention to the resistance of flowers. Before the first
using toys need to be washed, while the paint should not
stay on your hands and in the water. When choosing toys it is worth considering one
nuance: they should wash easily, without water retention inside the holes,
otherwise the toy will bloom.


Toys should be made of soft materials, with smooth
surface, without traces of glue, sharp and removable parts (as
fins, tails, paws in fish and animals). Parents should be
calm that the child will not break off the nose or eye of the animal and not
swallow it. Manufacturers on the packaging indicate age
restrictions and materials of which toys are made, – at
Purchase need to carefully study them.

Not забываем учитывать развивающий аспект выбранной игрушки.
Therefore, the duck should not only swim, but also quack, and even better
– flap your wings, react to pressure, splash water and so
Further. Give the child up to six months, the water gun will be more
than meaningless – the baby will not only not understand the meaning of the toy, but also
may be afraid of both the toy itself and the process of swimming in

What are bath toys?

For bathing in the bathroom there are a variety of toys.
They can squeak, gurgle, change color and size, swim, move
parts of the body. A variety of existing models allows you to choose
items for any age and preference.

  • Rubber animals

The most common toys for the bath. Baby like
watching the rubber duck diving in the bathroom is also joyful
squeaks with it. These toys are the most simple, bright, always
made of soft materials. They do not sink in water, but the most
most importantly – completely safe for the child. Can be performed in
the form of ducks, fish, stars and other marine animals, penguins,




  • Gummed books


Books with soft pages and color pictures will be especially
interesting in the water, where the drawings change their size and shape.
Notкоторые такие книжки меняют свой цвет или окрас отдельных
fairytale characters. They can make sounds when pressed.
There are also coloring books for drawing with special crayons.
in water. Such entertainment can be interesting and distract for a long time.
baby, while mom will bathe him.

  • Suction toys




One of the most interesting devices for swimming in the bath.
Multi-colored mini-mats in the form of the same marine inhabitants
flowers, leaves, stars, fish, frogs, ducks and so on. They
are placed on the inner surface of the bath or tile with
suckers. They can be used as anti-slip coatings.
to the bottom of the bath so that the child does not fall, rising to his feet.


These stickers are in another form – with double-sided suckers.
On these rugs you can attach a bottle of shampoo, gel, soap.
Suckers perfectly hold various jars and always at hand.
The child will like to tear them from the surface and stick

  • Clockwork Toys

Игрушки для ванной заводные

There are equally bright fish, crocodiles, bugs on
spring loaded. The simplest mechanism is wound up manually and the animal is nimble
moves on the surface of the water. The baby from such toys
there will be only delight and desire to catch them. Notсколько заводных
toys will create an interesting game, help develop fine motor skills and
understanding of cause and effect relationships.

  • Water пистолеты

водные пистолеты

Water splashes always delight the guys. For little ones
fidget there are special blasters in which the tank is filled
water and when you press the trigger it shoots under pressure. They
are backlit and can make bathing fun

  • Cascading toys

Notобычные сочетания тематических элементов на липучке
attached to the wall of the bath, and the baby can pour some water into
hole the very top. Water will cascade through
all the elements to the bottom and flow back into the bath. These complexes
made in the form of ships, yachts, fabulous animals. Wherein
the most unexpected things happen: windmills spin,
jugs overturned. The child will be delighted!

A selection of bathing toys by age

Деткам от одного месяца до
 можно сделать процесс купания более
interesting using rubber toys The child will learn to take
in the hands of objects, developing tactile sensations. He will be useful
learn something new, squeezing a toy and thereby extracting sound,
memorize colors, shape of objects. Meet this age
there will also be inflatable toys, balls of various sizes and

Примерно с шести месяцев ребенок
begins to sit, and the range of entertainment that interests him is noticeable
expands. But you should pay attention to the fact that toys do not
made too loud sounds, did not contain removable small
details. In the bathroom must be present jugs,
cups, saucers, in which the baby can pour water. He can
Feel free to offer colorful soft sponge, clockwork fish and
ships, stickers on stickers, cascade centers.

For older children there are more difficult
It can be boats on batteries,
floating in a given direction. They практически бесшумны, не
sink, and the mechanism is protected from water (when buying this
need to pay attention). Water пистолеты, книжки для
Decorations will be more relevant for kids after a year. Also in
bathing time can be fun fishing for fishing. This toy
safe, as the fish are caught not on the hook, but on the magnet. They
blink when they hit the hook, thereby informing the young fisherman
about a good catch.


Your baby should get maximum pleasure from
stay in the water, and these accessories will make him stay in the bathroom
fascinating and will stimulate him to self
hygiene procedures.

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Baby bath toys

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