Basic skills and abilities of the child in 7months

Вашему комочку счастья исполнилось семь months! And on
детской площадке вы все чаще обсуждаете с другими мамами, что
умеет ребенок в 7 months у них, и стараетесь сравнить успехи
his crumbs with his peers. And immediately understand how kids
everyone is different. But the basic skills of all babies are similar.

что умеет ребенок в 7 months

Physical skills

  • В 7 months ребенок должен уметь с легкостью
    roll over to either side.
    If you still can not,
    Here are the exercises that will help the child learn to roll over –
    read the article.
  • Congratulations, the baby made the first step.
    True, in place. The child now loves to get up near the support, and
    cross legs. Lower the bed of the crib to the bottom
    level – otherwise your burly man may fall out of it.
  • It turns out that it is easier to stand than sit. AND
    Many children, who stand firmly on their legs at the support, are still sitting
    very insecure. You should not put a pillow under their back –
    everything has its time, every child will learn this uncomplicated
    art. Give him a hand, he will cling and sit down. True at first
    will sit, leaning forward slightly. Lie down from this position
    it is difficult for him, he will soon get tired and will call on
    help. (When children start to sit on their own)
  • Mastered the first way to travel – baby
    Some babes in the early days creep backwards
    in advance, and very quickly. Now he is very dangerous
    the edges of the tablecloths hanging from the table – it will be for them
    cling when you want to stand up He can pull not only
    tablecloth from the table, but everything that is on it. Hot on
    table, when next baby – taboo! (Details about crawling)
  • It also happens that the child misses the stage
    Но если он в семь months умеет сидеть
    and tries to get up, then that’s fine. His unwillingness to crawl is not
    should upset you.
  • Little baby can eat from a spoon, drink from
    (как научить пить из чашки?).

Emotional development

  • His affection for you grows into a real hot
    At your request, the child will happily look at
    each family member. But from strangers will turn away
    �”Hide” from mom on the shoulder. True, some strangers
    unexpectedly cause his interest and curiosity.
  • A new achievement – the baby has learned to understand the prohibitions
    the word “no”, strict intonation grieve him utterly.

    Especially scary – when they threaten his finger. He himself can from
    something flatly refuse.
  • ANDнтересной «игрушкой» для него становится зеркало — он
    loves to look at himself in it.
    He is very interested in all
    parts of his body, he feels himself, examines what happens –
    pulls in your mouth.
  • It does not like to be alone. Lack of
    mothers in sight very frustrating baby.
  • He likes to listen to melodic music.
    Familiar melodies begins to sing along. ANDногда — неожиданным в столь
    tender age bass.

ANDгры и игрушки

игры с ребенком в 7 months


  • When they play with him, he smiles happily, even frantically
  • You can already play Ladushki and other sign games with him. is he
    loves simple tales and poems.
  • He will love the books with bright pictures and
    nervously thick pages that he himself can
    turn over
  • A few minutes can concentrate on your loved ones.
  • В семь months ребенок любит все звучащие игрушки —
    rattles, music with buttons that you can knock. Well,
    or who can knock. The kid has already learned to get small
    toys from the bucket.
  • Most babies had their first teeth cut out at this time –
    one or two lower incisors. Therefore, he actively uses his
    A new acquisition – starts to gnaw everything.


Your talker is already confidently pronouncing many syllables, and
речевые навыки все больше совершенствуются. is he серьезно
He practices in the pronunciation of all these “ma”, “ba”, “pa”, and
�“Give” in general some intricate sound.

is he экспериментирует с громкостью речи, с высотой тона, с
intonation. is he изо всех сил тренирует свой речевой аппарат, чтобы
as soon as possible with words to tell about how he loves you!

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