Basic misconceptions in the care of newbornsby children

After the birth of the long-awaited baby, all parents are ready
on any actions for the sake of comfort and well-being of the baby, because he
looks so touching and unprotected. But after the appearance
crumbs from relatives there is a lot of fears and doubts associated with
fear of harming the child, as well as enormous inconsistency
recommendations for care from others. Often young
parents with no experience, too zealous in their care,
taking seriously many delusions of care. To not follow them
For example, check out the most common of these.


�”Babies do not need water, they get it from milk
и Грудничка надо поить все время»

The first erroneous opinion is that water in the baby’s diet
not required. First of all it depends on the feeding method.
baby If the baby eats only breast milk, then along with
He gets all the necessary components. If the child is
artificial (or mixed) feeding, the water in his diet
is required. Ideally, up to six months, its rate per day should
make up about 200 ml.

Remember! Never water the little one with water.
the crane. The pharmacy sells special distilled water for

A very sensitive and fragile body of the baby is so designed that
water in the first months of life gives him a feeling of saturation, which entails
failure of the chest, thereby limiting the receipt of all beneficial
components. Грудничков нужно поить после кормления грудью.
Another thing is artificiality. Such babies are watered between
feedings. In any case, the kids need to water for any of them.
restless behavior.

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water for newborns with breast, artificial, mixed
feeding? Hiccup water

�”Do not accustom the baby to the hands”

Психологи убеждены, что материнские объятия очень важны для
babies because they give them a sense of calm and security.
If you constantly limit the child from the mother’s hands, then
the crumb can grow into a closed man with problems with
communication. If in moments of crying and anxiety the child immediately take
on the arms, then with the mother’s arms he gets a feeling
security, care and love. Skilled pediatricians advise
parents of toddlers must take them
on the hands during the feeding period specifically for these purposes.

�”Let the child scream, the voice will be louder”


If your karapuz’s umbilical wound has not healed enough yet,
try to always reassure your child. With a strong cry
there is increased pressure in the umbilical region. In this way
increases the risk of bleeding and slows healing.

�”A disposable diaper slows potty training”

Undoubtedly, disposable diapers for the care of baby is very
irreplaceable. There is a misconception that a disposable diaper
due to its functionality it only delays harassment to
self-march to the pot. Forming habits to
pot is due to the functioning of the intestines and bladder.
This process is quite individual, but on average, training
conscious self emptying occurs at the age
18-36 months. Being in a diaper, the little tot really feels
yourself comfortable and dry, but occasionally you need to seat the child on
pot to gradually accustom him to the skills of self

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�”The baby must live in sterile conditions and no home

It is believed that the conditions in which the baby grows and develops.
must be as sterile as possible. However, for normal operation
his immune system does not need to sterilize the bottles every time
for milk and boil bathing water. After the birth of his body
begins to develop immunity to all sorts of pathogens
microorganisms. Therefore, your little one is absolutely not defenseless. BUT
regular contact with pets will help avoid asthma and
allergies in the future, or reduce the likelihood of their occurrence in



But this does not mean that you need to rush to extremes.
If the umbilical wound has not yet fully healed, the bathing water
must be boiled. It will help make her
sanitized and soft. BUT кроватка малютки совсем не место для
dogs or cats.

�”All herbs are safe, so you can bathe your baby constantly in
herbal broths and water them

All medicinal herbs are composed of one or another
chemical component that affects the patient
organ / organism Therefore, regularly bathe or treat baby
with the use of the gifts of nature is necessary only on the recommendation
In addition, using herbs, take 3-4 times
less dry mix than broths for adults. In addition to herbs,
caring moms love to often use soap for bathing that
also not entirely helpful. Known that soap has
diminishing effect on the skin, so its frequent use may
harm sensitive skin baby Besides, herbal
dust can cause aggravation or allergies in a child,
therefore, cooking broths is necessary without his presence.

�”Vitamins are never enough, and the surplus is still displayed

Together with the mother’s milk, the baby gets that amount
vitamins, which he needs for normal functioning.
BUT вот пичкая его дополнительными витаминизированными составами,
highly discouraged. Hypervitaminosis is easy to get, but
getting rid of it is much more difficult.

Remember! The whole process of vitamin therapy should be
agreed with the pediatrician. You should not choose vitamins for your
discretion as this can be life threatening
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to kid?


«Ребенку нужно ежедневно делать массаж»

Все необходимые физические процедуры нужно осуществлять
only with a doctor’s prescription, including massage. His spend
courses for 20 sessions no more, and to avoid over-stimulation
babies, take breaks of at least three weeks.


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baby in the first three months of life

�”Diaper rash is normal.”

Diaper rash is a sign of poorly performed hygienic
procedures or lack of air baths. In addition, redness and
diaper rash can be triggered by any allergic
irritant (food, diapers, detergents). In case of
disposable diapers should be careful to choose
suitable. If you notice diaper rash on your baby’s body,
use special powders or soothing creams.
The use of baby oil is recommended only for scaly and
dry land because its excessive use
interferes with the breathing of baby skin.

Important! Do not forget to regularly flush powders and baby
oils, since their excessive accumulation on the baby’s body creates
excellent breeding environment for all pathogenic bacteria.
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Занимаясь уходом за новорожденными by children, рекомендуется
acquisition of special scientific literature. By choosing a guide,
acquire only those publications that are written
medical specialists. The main criteria for leaving always remain:
cleanliness, proper and timely feeding, and
regular attendance of childcare. Also, don’t forget
walk and talk with your baby, and more often take him in your arms.
With a monthly scheduled visit to the pediatrician, do not hesitate
ask your questions, and then your baby will
develop correctly without any possible deviations.

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