Barley on the eye: causes, symptoms andtreatment

Ячмень на глазуWith the phenomenon of barley on
many have encountered. He can jump into the most inappropriate
moment and disrupt all plans for a few days. To prevent this
happened, you should know not only the causes
diseases, but also methods of its treatment. If you take this information to
arming and knowing what to do, you can avoid the acute stage
disease, stopping it at the initial stage.

Description of the disease

The second name for barley is hordeolum. This is one of the most
common ophthalmic diseases. Most often it
affects children and people aged 30 to 50 years. Statistical
the data suggests that at least one
times 80% of people.

Description of the diseaseGordeolum characterized by the presence of
purulent inflammation of the eyelid, which may be as
external and internal. In the first case, the hair becomes inflamed.
bulb of the eyelashes, and in the second – the sebaceous or meibomian gland.
The causative agent of the disease is Staphylococcus aureus.

The disease is accompanied by redness and swelling of the upper or
lower eyelid, on which a small nodule appears. Him
the occurrence is accompanied by severe itching and painful
sensations. After 3-4 days an abscess, located inside the nodule
opened and the disease passes.

Barley should not be considered a cosmetic problem. Exactly this
a real disease that cannot be ignored. Otherwise
complications that can lead to serious
disturbances in the body.


There are various factors contributing to the development of the disease.
They are associated with both the internal state of the body, and
non-observance of certain rules of hygiene. Here are the main ones.
causes of illness:

  1. Weakening of immunity. This is one of the primary factors.
    risk, because lower body resistance means
    inability to resist viruses and bacteria constantly
    attacking. Frequent stresses can reduce the defenses
    vitamins and recent diseases;
  2. Causes заболеванияChronic diseases. there is
    a number of diseases that favor the appearance of gordomolum.
    Among them are problems in the endocrine system, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, sugar
    diabetes, furunculosis, seborrhea, blepharitis and other chronic ophthalmic
    ailments, as well as worm infestation;
  3. The use of cosmetic products for the eyes is not the best quality.
    Their use can cause skin irritation, and as a result
    – and the development of barley;
  4. Violation of personal hygiene. This can be attributed
    using dirty towels, touching your eyes with unwashed hands,
    late replacement of contact lenses and failure to fulfill requirements
    related to their use. You should not use someone else’s
    cosmetics, no matter how good it is;
  5. Hit on the eyelashes mite demodex. Products
    vital activity of this parasite poison the body, and along with
    they are infected;
  6. Hypothermia Low temperature can reduce
    body resistance and allow bacteria to cause

Symptoms of the disease

Recognizing barley that has already leaped out is usually not
special work. But for quick treatment of barley on the eye should
identify the disease at the earliest stage when the boil is only
going to appear. To the main signs of hordeolm

  1. Unpleasant sensations in the eye. It can be dry syndrome
    eyes, burning sensation, starting itching and discomfort while
  2. Symptoms of the diseaseThe occurrence of pain in the eyelid, which
    increases, if you press him;
  3. The appearance of redness on the upper or lower part of the eyelid;
  4. The development of edema. In some cases, it leads to the fact that
    the eye does not open at all. Sometimes at this stage can be observed.
    profuse tearing and even conjunctivitis;
  5. 2-3 days after the onset of symptoms, maturation begins
    boil. It может сопровождаться повышением температуры и
    an increase in the size of the lymph nodes;
  6. After 3–6 days, the boil matures, breaks out, leaves
    pus and barley disappear. In rare cases gordomolum can come off
    without pus.

Признаки ячменя

Treatment methods

When barley appears on the eye in adults, 3 are possible.
behavior options: wait for him to pass by himself, consult a doctor
or treat the disease by folk methods. If nothing
to take, the disease will pass in 5−7 days, but not everyone has
waiting time, and usually you want to recover faster, without passing
all stages of the disease. Therefore, many people combine
drug treatments using home remedies that
quite acceptable.

Drug use

There are many medications that will help
stop the progression of the disease and reduce the time required for
recovery. Among them are all kinds of antiseptic and
antibiotics in the form of drops and ointments. Apply them better

Drug useThe easiest method
getting rid of barley, which pops up on the eye, is
cauterization of its antiseptic. This procedure is carried out every 3-4.
hours and consists in applying to the affected place Zelenka, iodine,
diluted alcohol or alcohol calendula infusion. Cauterize
sty can be with a cotton swab that is wetted in
any of these means and applied to the inflamed area.
This should be done very carefully so as not to fall on

Drops and ointments should be used strictly according to the instructions and not
apply them more often than prescribed, and even better
consult an ophthalmologist. Otherwise, you can
enhance the side effects of antibiotics present
in most of these remedies. The most effective in barley
tetracycline and gentamicin ointments are considered. Concerning
drops, then this is Tobradex, Floxal, Albucidus, Ciprofloxacin.

To defeat pride, ointment does not need to lay in the eye,
enough to anoint her defeat area. After the boil
opened, it is pre-treated with antiseptic, and then on
ointment is applied to it.

When using drops and ointments should be performed
following rules:

  1. Wash your hands well before starting the procedure;
  2. Применении капель от ячменяPipette tip not
    should be kept without a protective cap, the end is not when bury
    must touch the mucous membranes of the eye;
  3. It is necessary that the drops fall into the conjunctival sac. For this
    It should be slightly delayed lower eyelid before the procedure;
  4. As soon as the drops hit the eye, you should blink a few.
  5. In the case where several kinds of drops are used,
    wait 20 minutes between use;
  6. If it is necessary to use both drops, and ointment, first of all
    should be dripped into the eye, and then lubricate the place of inflammation;
  7. It is recommended to apply both ointment and drops after a breakthrough.
    the abscess. This will protect against the spread of infection.

UHF therapy can be a good remedy for treating barley.
She is appointed only by a doctor and is never administered if
body temperature is elevated. This method of physiotherapy is
warming the eye area with a low heat dose for 8
minutes for 4−6 days.

At the very least, an operative
intervention, that is, forced opening of an abscess. It
produced if the abscess is too large, or when
previous treatment did not bring the expected result. In this case
the doctor makes a puncture and removes the contents of the boil.


Folk methods

These recipes were collected by people over the years and
handed down from one generation to another. Most of them
based on natural ingredients. It is with their help possible
treatment of barley on the eye at home. Use such
remedies are better at the very beginning of the disease, then they are the most

To the most commonly used folk methods of barley disposal

  • Folk methods от ячменяdry heat;
  • herbal compresses from decoctions;
  • compresses of gruel plants.

Dry heat is the warming of the area of ​​inflammation, under the influence of
whose abscess is opened much faster. This method
used only before the boil breaks. Barley heat is not
less than 10−15 minutes, in any case, not pushing it.
As a hot-water bottle you can use such means

  1. Salt. The most usual, iodized or sea will approach. Salt
    warm up in a skillet and fold into a tight cloth bag
    or a cotton sock that is applied to the inflamed
    the area and kept until cool;
  2. Egg cooked in a steep. It горячим заворачивается в ткань и
    put on the abscess. When the egg starts to cool, you can
    expand and warm further;
  3. Flax seeds. They are just like salt, they are heated in a frying pan,
    pour in the bag and warm them the affected place.
  4. Boiled potatoes in uniform. It can also serve as a good
    hot water bottle, as long keeps heat.

Concerning компрессов из отваров трав, они применяются в
heat, and also exclusively before the abscess opens. For
decoction is taken 3 tablespoons of dried herbs. This raw material is boiled in
a glass of water for 5 minutes and then cooled to a warm state and
filtered. In the resulting broth moistened a piece of gauze,
который прикладывается к месту the abscess.

Алоэ от ячменя

Flowers can be used as a raw material for such compresses.
chamomile, plantain leaves, birch buds, eyebright. For этой цели
A bag of black tea, heated in boiling water, will come up, and after
Cooled to room temperature. Compresses should
apply until opening an abscess 3-4 times a day.

Compresses of gruel or plant juice are also sufficient.
effective. The main thing in their application – not to allow
gruel in the eye. Such compresses hold on the affected area from 10
up to 15 minutes, but if you feel a strong burning sensation, time should
to cut.

В качестве сырья для таких компрессов рекомендуется
Use the following ingredients:

  1. Компрессы от ячменяAloe. Need to take a sheet of this
    plants, grind into mush or just squeeze the juice, and then
    Mix the resulting mass with water in a ratio of 1: 5. This mixture
    superimposed on a piece of gauze or bandage and used as
    compress A mixture of aloe and water should be kept at the site of inflammation.
    15 minutes 4 times a day;
  2. Garlic. It is crushed with a press, and to enhance
    effect on each frayed head plants add 1-2 g
    honey This mixture is applied to the abscess for 3-4 minutes, 3 times in
    day. Can be used and boiled garlic, which is pre
  3. Bow. This vegetable does not need to grind. Onion baked whole
    in the oven and then disassembled into scales that are applied to
    ячменю на 15 минут 5 раз в day.

There are still many different folk ways that will help
quickly treat home barley on the eye. Here are just some of

  1. Attaching to the site of infection freshly laurel
    leaves. For this 10 листиков лаврового дерева кладутся в кипяток,
    after which they fall one by one and are superimposed on the sore spot.
    After cooling one sheet, the next is taken;
  2. Manufacturing лепешки из муки и медаManufacturing
    лепешки из муки и honey It should be applied to the affected eye as
    possible more often, and if possible leave for the night;
  3. Wipe eyes with soda solution. For его приготовления 1
    a teaspoon of soda is poured boiling water, then the solution is cooled, and
    they wash the inflamed area;
  4. At the initial stage, the processing of barley helps some.
    own saliva. Better to do it in the morning on the hungry
  5. Consumption of beet juice on an empty stomach. He prepares in the evening and
    put in the fridge. It is recommended to accept means within
    the entire period of the disease, starting with 2 tablespoons and bringing to 100
  6. Drinking fortifying tea. It consists of mint, birch
    buds and oregano. All ingredients are mixed in equal proportions and
    brewed in the amount of 1 tablespoon of the mixture per cup of boiling water.
    Следует выпивать 2−3 стакана такого напитка в day. Allowed
    adding honey, just before that the liquid is cooled to warm
  7. Glycerin lubrication. Suitable for internal barley on the very
    the initial stage of its development. If the eyelid is itchy from the inside and red,
    One drop of glycerin is applied to the sore spot and carefully
  8. Putting silver. It lies in the fact that at first
    the symptoms of the disease to his hearth nestles any silver
  9. Eating tansy flowers in both fresh and dried
    the form. Следует съедать по 5−6 цветков 4−5 раз в day. Tansy treatment
    can not be stopped after the disease passes. If taking
    her 21 days, the blood in the body is cleansed, and she is no longer
    neither barley nor boils will appear;
  10. Прием внутрь отвара из лавровых leaves. 12 leaves
    brewed in a glass of boiling water and placed in a thermos for 50 minutes. 3
    Once a day, 1/3 cup of broth is taken.

People recipes should be treated with caution. Before
using any plant materials you first need
check for allergies. If treatment is started, but does not give
result, it is better to stop it and seek medical attention.
consultation. Otherwise, you can нанести вред собственному

Possible mistakes

The treatment of hordeolum should be taken seriously.
It is important to take the prescribed drugs strictly according to the instructions, not
increasing the recommended dose and not giving up medication without
finishing the course. It is forbidden to do the following during illness

  •  Во время болезни запрещено делать touch up
    barley unwashed hands and comb it;
  • use decorative cosmetics;
  • wear contact lenses;
  • stick a plaster on an abscess or smear it with a tonal
  • self-pierce, cut or extrude
  • нагревать ячмень после прорыва the abscess.

You need to know that in some cases without medical care
not enough. So, do not self-medicate in such
ситуациях, as:

  1. Too long course of the disease. For example, if an abscess is not
    opens independently after 4 days;
  2. A very large focus when barley affects more
    quarter century;
  3. The presence of several lesions. They may occur
    simultaneously or appear a little later;
  4. The infection has spread to the second eye.

Failure to follow these rules can lead to serious violations.
health The most terrible consequence of improper treatment
is sepsis.

Preventive measures

Once you get rid of the disease, do not want to go back to it
again. To barley does not become a constant companion, it is recommended
follow a number of simple rules that will not only save you from
styа, но и позволят укрепить общее здоровья

  1. Enhance immunity. For this полезно заниматься спортом,
    conduct tempering procedures, try not to fall into
    stressful situations;
  2. Proper nutrition. Proper nutrition. In the diet
    must be present fish, dietary meat,
    fermented milk products, fruits, vegetables and greens. As less as possible
    should eat fatty, sweet, fried. Completely refuse
    need from carbonated drinks;
  3. Personal hygiene. You can not touch the face, and especially
    eyes, dirty hands. Flush makeup should be up to
    end, using several cotton pads for each eye. Each
    a family member should have their own individual towel;
  4. Timely replacement of contact lenses.
  5. Periodic use of various vitamin complexes for
    maintaining health is normal.

If you are aware of the reasons the emergence and treatment of barley on
eye, you can quickly get rid of the disease and prevent it

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