Barking cough in a child – treatment andthe reasons

Update: October 2018

Barking cough in a child can be caused by colds,
infectious diseases, viruses, or allergic
reactions. Diseases in which a dry barking cough develops
in children:

  • Laryngitis, pharyngitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx, pharynx.
  • Acute stenosing laryngotracheitis (OSLT) is false croup –
    a disease in which an infection or virus provokes the development
    swelling of the larynx, vocal cords in children
  • Influenza, orvi, parainfluenza,
    аденовирусы, респираторно-синцитиальные инфекции у детей,
    prone to allergies.
  • True croup (diphtheria)
  • Whooping cough

Thanks to vaccinations, both diphtheria and whooping cough are now rare.
diseases. Поэтому рассмотрим другие the reasons лающего кашля у
a child whose treatment must be prompt, since
so coughing baby choking. Barking cough can also occur in babies from
4 months old, and older children, most often they suffer children under five
years old.

In the occurrence of an OSLT, the leading role is usually
adenoviruses, parainfluenza, respiratory syncytial viruses.
A few days after the onset of these diseases, the virus causes
inflammation, severe swelling and an increase in mucous discharge in
areas of the vocal cords and trachea. Less often, it is the first manifestation
virus or cold can serve as laryngeal edema and barking

In children under 5, the larynx is much narrower than in older children,
therefore, viruses can contribute to significant mucosal edema.
shell larynx. At the same time, the lumen is almost completely blocked
гортани, воздух не  попадает в легкие и ребенок может
to choke.

If your child has the following symptoms,
health hazard:

  • Dry, agonizing coughing bark
  • Temperature rise
  • Periodic loss of voice, hoarseness
  • Sometimes rough cough, silent
  • Inhale wheezing
  • Dyspnea
  • Pale complexion
  • Ночной кашель с приступами удушья, от  которого ребенок
    wakes up

you must immediately consult a doctor or call
�”Ambulance.” Usually false croup passes itself, however, 5-8%
children will need hospitalization.  To do
self-medication is very dangerous, especially if the child is prone to
allergic manifestations. No way to run such a cough.
can not. The pediatrician must be told about the child’s temperature when and
how the disease began. The doctor must examine the child’s throat,
listen to the lungs and bronchi, send for a blood test, and maybe
on the x-ray of the lungs.

If the doctor recommends hospitalization, refuse not
follows, after the diagnosis in the hospital, removal of the acute period,
normalization of the state now you can easily refuse services
hospitals. If a child’s barking cough appears, treatment
medicinal herbs to establish an accurate diagnosis and
test results are not recommended because they can
provoke allergies and only worsen the child’s condition.

Treatment of barking cough in children

What to do in the case when the child has a strong barking cough? Here is
some tips on what to do in such cases.

  • Calm down and calm the child

When agitated, the child begins to cough even more since the muscles
larynxes shrink when excited, the child becomes harder to breathe.
Возьмите малыша на руки,  успокойте, спойте песенку,
tell a fairy tale, or give a bright toy, the eldest child can
turn on the cartoon.

  • Steam inhalation

Steam inhalation очень хорошо помогают снять отек гортани.
To make inhalation with laryngitis, take bronchitis over the steam.
a pot of boiling water, (in the absence of allergies, add sage
or chamomile) soda and sunflower oil. After it boils,
remove from the fire and seat the baby next to the pan. If a child
quite small, then close the door to the kitchen and leave the pan
boil, and keep the child next to the stove. Let the child breathe
useful fumes. Also effective in preheated
bathroom (letting boiling water), periodically bring a small
child for 10-15 minutes. From moist warm air cough
soften and the baby will breathe easier.

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  • Inhalation with mineral water

This is one of the main, important means in the fight against barking cough.
If there is an inhaler, then inhalation with
минеральной water If a strong barking cough is caused by pharyngitis, and
the child is not prone to allergies, it can also be inhaled with

  • Antihistamines

You must give the child an antihistamine, tablets from
allergies, a wide variety of them: Suprastin (chloropyramine),
Clemastine (tavegil), Claritin (loratidine), Zyrtec, Cetrin
(cetirizine), Kestin (ebastine) – in the dosage for children
instructions. If a child is under 3 years old, then it is better to give a medicine in the form
syrup or crush a pill and give in a tablespoon along with

  • Free the child from the embarrassing clothes

Clothes should not constrain the child’s chest, unbutton
all the buttons on the collar of a shirt.

  • Abundant warm drink

It is necessary to give the child any warm drinks. Better to give
natural fresh squeezed juices than milk. Ill
the child always loses a lot of fluids, therefore it is important in time
to water Frequent, heavy drinking liquefies phlegm and prevents
dehydration (signs).

  • The air in the room should be humid.

It is important what air is in the room where the child is. He must
be fresh, wet and warm. Optimally, if the house is
humidifier, it greatly simplifies the creation of tropical air,
so necessary now baby. If not, you can use
wet diapers, cloth on the batteries, also arrange in all
комнатах емкости с water

  • Antipyretic

If the fever is high – give the child
antipyretic dose appropriate for age.

  • Warming up procedures

If there is no high body temperature, then you can warm the calves
mustard plasters or warming creams, make warm
ванночку  – это позволит увеличить прилив крови к ногам и
distract from the larynx, therefore will not allow swelling to increase. Should
warn parents not to use warming up ointments on
chest and back of the child. These ointments contain essential oils (to
example, Dr. Mom), for which many children under 3 years of age may have
allergic reaction and develop bronchospasm, obstruction

  • If a child задыхается не применяйте аэрозоли от
    bronchial asthma alone

When it is difficult for the child to breathe, and the child does not suffer from bronchial
asthma, do not use cartridges for bronchial asthma
on their own. Of course, signs of false cereal decrease, but
asthma drugs in aerosols contain potent substances
hormonal preparations that can only be prescribed and dispensed
doctor. If the child has a very noisy breath,
jugular fossa, call an ambulance and continue
steam inhalation. The doctor, if he sees fit, will replace this
inhalation of Pulmicort, Benacort.

  • Expectorants or antitussives

Medicines and herbs for improving sputum discharge – Gadelix,
Lasolvan, Ambrobene, vegetable syrup Dr. Mom, Herbion from
dry and wet cough, Mukaltin, Alteyka, etc., or 
cough suppressants for dry cough
Use only as directed by the physician. If barking cough
provoked by acute laryngotracheitis, preferably dry
the cough quickly became wet as the wet cough takes
bacteria from the body. After a wet cough appears
expectorants are necessary. Remember that with long
intake of expectorant can themselves provoke a cough,
therefore, their use should not be long. You can add
treatment with chest massage, rubbing the breast and back

  • General care

Of course, parents must provide the child with proper care –
do wet cleaning as often as possible;
food, with enough fruits and vegetables. Everything, that
necessary to maintain children’s immunity.

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