Ball games for the little ones

Every parent should make sure that in the arsenal
The toys of their child attended the ball. Straightforward at first
the sight of the game develops movement coordination, eye, agility,
train motility and various muscle groups. Therefore acquaintance
baby with the ball should happen as soon as possible.

игры с ball

Ball games for the little ones

An infant who still does not know how to sit and crawl can be
to tie a bright balloon to the handle or the leg. Baby will be with
interest to observe his movement. By 4-5 months, children already know how.
grab and hold in the hands of various items. For development
tactile sensations give the crumbs hold small balls
various textures.

Sitting or lying on the tummy, the toddler will be happy
watch the ball roll off the incline or
rolls left and right in the hands of adults. Teach him
pat the ball with one or two handles. When bathing
Demonstrate how a toy can float.

When the baby learns to crawl confidently, put in front of him
a big but lightweight ball, and show how you can push it in front
yourself �The “runaway” ball will encourage it to move.

Basic ball skills

As the game gets older, you need to complicate and diversify. For
Start teach your baby to roll the ball in a certain direction.
For этого сядьте на пол и по очереди перекатывайте мяч друг другу.
The more participants, the more interesting the game. You can build a tunnel
from the chairs through which the ball should ride.

After the child acquires this skill, organize a home
�”bowling”. Line up several empty plastic bottles
or light plastic items. Show your baby how to
push the ball to knock them down. You can arrange different
toys or unbreakable objects and indicate to the child which one
need to hit the ball.

For development меткости предложите малышу метать мячик в корзину,
wash or large box. At first the crumb will just put it in
the right place is normal for the age of 1-1.5 years. After
mastering the game, complicate the rules: increase the distance to the target,
Place the basket on a low chair.

Scatter 10-15 balls of different diameters on the floor. Suggest
baby sort them in different boxes depending on size
or colors. Or organize a competition, who will quickly collect them in
the box. To make the game more interesting, turn on some fun music or
put in the middle of the room an obstacle that you need each time
will overcome.

Another important skill is the ability to catch the ball on the fly. Teach
child throw it over his head, beat on the floor and wall. For
complications between shots offer to clap your hands, sit down
or make another gesture.

When the child has mastered the basic elements of the ball game, he
will come up with new options for fun. Parents in turn
should in every way encourage the kid’s plans and keep him company.
Do not force the kid to do any exercises by force
or scold if something goes wrong with him.

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