Balanced diet for pregnantwomen

Рацион питания беременной women напрямую влияет на здоровье
baby and its development. Mom’s organism is the source of all
necessary components for the growth of the child, it is not surprising that
this period greatly increases its needs for fats, carbohydrates,
vitamins, macro-and microelements and especially in proteins.

Рацион питания беременной women

In drawing up an individual diet, everything is taken into account:
the constitution, the period of pregnancy, the amount of energy, time
года, сопутствующие заболевания,  расовые особенности, а также
weight gain per week.

As a rule, a woman can independently choose the necessary
her products. Responsible for choosing the innate sense of intuition, it
helps to determine the deficiency of a nutrient nutrient.
Very often, a woman clearly understands what specific product she does not
Enough on the menu right now. However, complete freedom of choice is worth
restrict irrational needs are possible at all.

What should a daily diet include?

In the diet of a pregnant woman should be at least 60% of animal proteins.
origin, of them up to 25% – milk proteins and its products.

2300–2800 kcal is the average range of total energy
values ​​of the daily diet. The right balance of protein, fat and
carbohydrate is always individual and depends on height and body weight
women, её нутриционного статуса и двигательной активности.

On average, the menu should contain:

  • 90–100 grams per female of protein to female.
  • 60–65 grams of fat per day,
  • 330-440 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Why dairy products are the basis of the diet
беременной women?

  • Firstly, milk is a very balanced product that
    contains a maximum of vitamins and microelements. It makes him
    indispensable in the diet of any person.
  • As for the baby, the protein contained in milk forms
    its muscle tissue, iron and calcium form the skeleton (it’s no secret
    that in the case of a lack of the same calcium, the baby replenishes it from
    mom’s resources, for example, destroying teeth), on the nervous system
    fatty acids directly affect, and metabolism depends on
    magnesium, sodium and potassium.
  • If we talk about specific products, then kefir and ryazhenka not
    only satisfy hunger and thirst, but also remove toxins. Curd by
    high calcium content strengthens hair, teeth and bones.
    Low-fat varieties of cheese – a reliable source of protein for pregnant women.
    Sour cream improves intestinal function due to its high content
    vitamins, fats and lecithin. And even a piece of butter is not
    will be superfluous in the finished dish; 76 types of fatty acids in its composition
    customize the work of the digestive system.
  • In the case of intolerance to dairy products, abandon
    A1 category milk in favor of A2 (one of the first manufacturers in
    Russia – A2 Milk Company). These products are naturally
    not containing protein A1, better absorbed by the body and do not cause
    unpleasant sensations.

Что еще включить в рацион беременной women?

  • Fish and meat, and boiled. However broths and gravy
    better to give up, since they contain very active organic
  • Light soups: mainly vegetable, dairy and even
  • A bit of cream and vegetable oils, while abandoning
    margarine, as well as beef and lamb fat.
  • Different products that contain dietary fiber. Among them are
    cereals, and wholemeal bread, and fruits with berries, and vegetables.
    The key function is to improve the bowels.

Material prepared with the support of a doctor

Consultant of A2 Milk Svetlana

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