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Young mothers often think about the question: what kind of food, besides milk, for the child it will be both tasty and healthy at the same time.

After reading the information below, they will know that apples in baked form are just such a product. Process cooking will not take much time, and the baby will definitely appreciate unforgettable taste of your favorite fruit. They will help to cope. with a constipation problem that often occurs in a family where recently the baby was born.

Are the following facts not tempting? Just listen than good baked fruits:

  • They have a lot of vitamin C, pectin, copper, carotene, calcium, glucose
  • Increase immunity;
  • They cleanse the stomach;
  • They struggle with anemia;
  • Improve appetite.

And baked fruits in the microwave the penetration of microbes into the body.

Children up to six months should be fed breast milk. If it there is. When the child crosses the age threshold of 7 months, you can start feeding it with various mashed vegetables and fruits.

The best is not purchased, but homemade puree from green locally grown apples. If you bake such a fruit, it will reduce risks of allergic manifestations and more gently act on a gentle children’s stomach, rather than a raw apple.



A step-by-step process will help you cook quickly and easily. delicacy:

  1. Rinse the green apples well under running water.
  2. The tops are carefully cut with a knife.
  3. Trying not to pierce the bottom of the apple, cut out the central part, where are the seeds. With a small spoon, we clean the remains of the hard the core.
  4. Inside each apple, put a little fresh creamy oils.
  5. Sugar will not be needed if the baby is under the age of one. But in this in case you need to use only ripe and sweet fruits to after baking, they did not acidify. If the child is older, the core fruit can be slightly sweetened (about half the dessert tablespoons of sugar per 1 fruit). The same goes for cinnamon. She gives the delicacy has an interesting taste, but is recommended for use for cooking baked apples for babies from a year (it will be enough small pinch).
  6. The microwave must be set to the highest temperature. Put the fruits on a plate and put inside. Six minutes will be it’s enough that they bake and become soft and hot. Little secret: if you cover the fruit plate, intended for microwaves, as a result they will still juicier.

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Kids will be very pleased if the product is sprinkled with sugar powdery. And they will also like cut from apples using molds. various figures for cookies. Surprise children by learning how to bake apple in the microwave for babies!

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