Bad cholesterol is not harmful, it is needed by the body.fine

Update: February 2019

The negative attitude of most people to the so-called
�“Bad” cholesterol should soon be replaced with the opposite opinion.
Almost all doctors and patients associate elevated bad cholesterol with
risk of developing cardiovascular disease and obesity.

However, Texas scientists have recently proven that it is impossible to strive
significantly reduce the level of bad cholesterol. Harmful
cholesterol is considered to be lipids that combine with proteins
apoproteins create special complexes – VLDL and LDL lipoproteins
very low density and low density. Just as they settle on
the inner walls of the vessels create atherosclerotic plaques that
can lead to vascular catastrophes, hampering blood flow in
arteries (causes of cerebral atherosclerosis)


American scientists after a series of studies
argue that negative attitudes toward cholesterol are biased and
the entire medical community should review its role in
human body. Moreover, it is impossible to deal with elevated
blood cholesterol in all possible ways, especially by
tablets, statins from cholesterol. Also many are wrong
evaluate the causes of high blood cholesterol by confusing
causation because not high cholesterol itself
guilty of cardiovascular pathologies, and profound changes in
the body, metabolic disorders, the same diabetes mellitus and
other diseases are the trigger for his

Плохой холестерин не вреден

The purpose of the study conducted by American experts
there was a determination of the rate of building muscle at various
exercise in people with normal and increased
cholesterol. It was attended by 52 people 60-70 years old, it turned out
that increased cholesterol with increased physical exertion,
promotes faster muscle building. AND
the greatest muscle gains were achieved by participants with elevated
level of LDL in the blood.

Scientists attribute this phenomenon to the fact that for muscle growth
the body needs precisely the low-density fat cells,
the lack of which leads to muscular dystrophy and impossibility
normal functioning of the whole organism. Therefore very important
не допускать ни его резкого снижения, ни его резкого increase. ABOUT
blood cholesterol rates in women and men and how to reduce
Cholesterol without drugs, read our articles.

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