Bad breath in a child – the causes andremedies

Any adult remembers how nice it smells from
little children. Milk. This lactic acid work hard
bacteria that do not allow any germs to grow in the mouth
baby However, this idyll is not always the smell from the mouth
child can be unpleasant. What is the reason, how to identify and
eliminate the cause of try to understand. In general, often the main
cause of bad breath is considered to be caries.
But after all, such a nuisance happens with babies (babies),
which has no teeth yet. Which means
источников возникновения нехорошего запаха много, и мы сегодня
tell about the most common.

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  • 2 Bad smell as a symptom of the disease
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запах изо рта у ребенка

Causes of odor

Immediately it should be said that any person – an adult or
child – in the mouth there is a huge amount of bacteria
most of which is not pathogenic. Pathogens, or
pathogenic microorganisms in the presence of favorable for their
developmental conditions multiply very quickly and cause in humans
various diseases. As a result of a slight weakening
immunity (as a result of medication, overwork or
stress) pathogenic microbes are activated, causing the appearance of bad

The odor from the mouth that occurs in the morning is also associated with bacteria. AT
night time saliva production is significantly reduced, which is
excellent reason for the reproduction of these microorganisms. From here and
unpleasant morning gutters.

  • Food

Some types of food can ruin the freshness of breath for a long time.
Eating products with a strong and unpleasant odor.
invariably contributes to bad breath
baby This can be attributed with confidence:

  1. carbohydrate food that causes the smell of rotting due to
    its slow processing by the body.
  2. all kinds of fruits and vegetables that cause the fermentation process.
  3. onion and garlic.
  4. sweet food that helps multiply pathogens
  5. products that emit a specific odor during digestion
    (corn or cheese, for example).
  • Poor hygiene


There is no need to prove something. Wrong or
inadequate oral hygiene will invariably cause
противного smell.

Note that children need to brush not only the teeth, but also the tongue. Have
�”Toothy” kids can do it with a brush in the process of brushing your teeth,
in infants – wipe with wet gauze or clean tea
with a spoon.

Teach your child to brush their teeth properly.
all the gaps between them and rinse your mouth after taking

Read on:

  • When to start brushing teeth for children
  • 12 effective ways to teach a child to clean


Смотрим видео: как научить ребенка чистить teeth

  • Mouth breathing

Some kids somehow got used to breathe through their mouths. Because of this
oral mucosa dries out, which is also
причиной появления неприятного smell. The fact is that saliva
capable of destroying microbes, and its absence is very favorable
breeding factor for bacteria. Insufficient production
saliva can be a pathological condition of the body, and maybe
result from dehydration or taking some

  • Stress

Constant excitement or being under stress is able
spoil the freshness of breath, as in such situations decreases

  • Insufficient drinking

Oddly enough, this is one of the reasons for the appearance of a strong odor from
рта baby Haveпотребляя достаточное количество жидкости, ваш малыш
will rinse your mouth from food debris and improve the process
digestion. Therefore, children over one and a half years should drink
about 1.5 liters of water per day. Note – it is clean, the key
water, not juices or compotes!

  • Foreign body

Little researchers can stick anything in their nose.
Before looking for the cause of a foul-smelling mouth in something else,
проверьте нос baby ATполне возможно, что вы обнаружите там
foreign body, which caused the smell.

  • Disruption of the digestive system

Upset stomach and increased gas can cause
peculiar smell in the child’s mouth, because in the body
gastric juice accumulates and changes the level of acidity. Have
children, these problems most often occur during periods of growth: in girls
these are 6-7 years old and 10-12 years old, in boys 4-6 years old and 13-16 years old.

  • Заболевания органов дыхания

Тонзиллит (воспалившиеся миндалины, гланды) приводят к
a cluster of actively breeding pathogens,
suppuration, mucus formation, and can often be accompanied by a very
unpleasant smell.

Bronchitis. AT бронхах и бронхиолах скапливается большое
the amount of sputum exiting when coughing, which has
unpleasant smell.

Runny nose infectious or allergic nature, always
accompanied by the abundant formation of purulent masses which
разлогаются под действие бактерий и имеют крайне unpleasant

Bad smell as a symptom of the disease

Nasty bad breath can indicate the presence of some
diseases that have not yet manifested themselves in any other way.

  • Rotten smell

ATоспаление желудка в большинстве случаев сопровождает тухлый
smell that appears in the mouth. The same smell may occur
due to gastritis, intestinal dysbiosis, problems with the esophagus,
increased gas formation, dehydration during disorder

The smell of rotten eggs accompanies and various diseases
the liver.

  • Sour smell

With increased acidity of the stomach, your child will exude
sour smell from your mouth. Acid smell can
testify and about such troubles as discharge into the esophagus
gastric juice.

  • Smell of rot

First on the list, of course, caries. But bad breath
may occur as a result of such diseases,
как: пародонтоз, стоматит, ангина, пародонтит,
герпес, фарингит и другие.

ATызван такой запах скоплением бактерий в полости рта или слизи в
nasopharynx. Can smelle a bad smell on the tongue, cause
which only a specialist can figure out.

From the child can smell like rot and during a cold. Cause
simple – the same over-dried mouth (after all, the nose is stuffed up, we breathe
wrong) and mucus accumulated in the nose.

ATоспаление аденоидов зачастую сопровождает запах гноя. Tonsils
(glands) can accumulate food residues in their folds, which also
invariably leads to bad smell.

The rotten smell comes from the baby and with low acidity

  • Sweet smell

Foods rich in starch, antibiotics, radiation therapy and
a temporary decrease in immunity can cause fungal infection
(candidiasis or thrush), which manifests as white spots in
oral cavity. The smell in this case will be sweet.

The sweet smell of raw liver is a sign of hepatitis or
cirrhosis. The child’s liver smells of the mouth and other
pathological conditions of this organ.

  • Ammonia smell

The smell of urine is absolutely unpleasant, but it can
point out kidney problems. The stronger the smell, the
больше проблем накопилось in the body baby ATозникает такой запах
because the kidney function is impaired, and they are not able to deduce
waste products in full.

  • The smell of iodine

The smell of iodine изо рта наблюдается у тех малышей, организм которых
supersaturated with this trace element. This may be due to
a long stay by the sea, for example. Sometimes iodine odors in
mouth are caused by the high sensitivity of the child’s body to
this substance or its intolerance. AT любом случае такое
your child’s breath should be the main reason for
thyroid examinations.

  • Acetone smell

Often, colds accompany the smell of acetone from
mouth in children. The same smell comes from diabetes,
acetonemic syndrome and thyroid problems.
It is necessary to consult a doctor.

  • Other odors

The various “inhabitants” inhabiting the child’s body are also capable
cause bad breath. Here are meant
pinworms, roundworms and lamblia. Even a metabolic disorder in
the body can ruin the baby’s breath. With such
disorders from the mouth of the crumbs will blow boiled cabbage or even

Ways to get rid of unpleasant smell

First of all, the child should be examined (visit
ENT doctor, dentist, pediatrician) to exclude or confirm
the presence of any of the above diseases. AT этом случае
measures to eliminate bad breath will be reduced to treatment

If unpleasant smelling breath is not associated with the disease, then
First of all, you need to eliminate the stimulus and teach the baby
oral care regulations.

  • We follow the rules of hygiene

From an early age, teach your baby to brush their teeth twice a day.
Rinsing the mouth after eating should also become a habit for the baby.
For more pleasure, you can buy a child in the pharmacy “tasty”
rinse or use decoctions of chamomile or sage. (см
ссылки на статьи выше

  • We limit sweet

We understand that for some it is almost impossible, but you need
to try. ATедь от вашей настойчивости зависит «приятность»
your baby’s breathing, and there’s little chance for caries. it
does not mean that a child should forget about sweets forever. Quite
not. Just try to replace them with natural ones.

For example, any candy can be replaced by honey (in the absence of
child allergies, of course). Also, instead of sweets you can
offer baby fruit. Excellent cleaning performance
oral cavities have ordinary apples.
AT нашем случае
any other acidic fruits that enhance the process will do.
слюноотделения и помогают устранить противный smell.

  • Drinking mode

Observe it is necessary, and it is not discussed. Only now to the choice
drinks need to approach with all responsibility. AT рационе ребенка
should dominate natural products – compotes, juices and tea. But
It is best to use regular drinking water. Prohibited
should находиться любые газированные напитки – они становятся
причиной брожения in the body и, соответственно, неприятного запаха
from mouth.

  • Psychological attitude

The problem of stale breath is very delicate and even painful.
for many kids. Here it is important to create a positive attitude and
focus on good results. Explain to the baby that is to blame for
the problems are not his, but the state of his body, and do not forget to mention
about the importance of brushing your teeth.

Try not to voice the problem in public, in a child
There may be a complex or resentment against you.

Now you know what caused the opposite
The smell from a child’s mouth can be both a serious illness and
completely harmless factors of a temporary nature. AT любом случае
to identify the “culprit” of bad smell, you need to urgently and take
timely measures to eliminate it. Remember that any problems in
your baby’s body, left unattended, will bring you and your
a lot of problems in the future.


The pediatrician, candidate
Medical Sciences, mother of three children Tatiana Prokofieva

Komarovsky tells

Well, for everyone, both children and adults, how to get rid of
bad breath?

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