Bad and bad habits in children under one year old – andAre they really harmful?

It so happens that parents’ expectations regarding life with
baby is very different from reality, and what makes a child
not always convenient for adults. Harmful habits in children under one year
associated mainly with the basic needs of the baby, so
they are harmful only for parents, and for a child it is an opportunity
get what he needs. Some harmful
habits have a physiological background. These habits are removed
easier and faster than psychological.

вредные привычки у детей до года

If we talk about the habits caused by psychological
reasons, then you need to be patient and get some
ideas about the features of the infant age. On this
stage, many “uncomfortable” phenomena are more than normal, therefore
parents should not panic and blame themselves for the fact that they
formed bad habits in the child.

Let’s try to figure out what bad habits children have before
years usually have to deal with which ones and how
to eradicate.

Wrong capture mother’s chest

This is not a rare problem, the consequences of which are palpable for mom and
for a child. Mom improper grab breasts facing cracks on
nipples and severe pain when feeding, baby – inadequate
amount of milk because sucking effectively in such a situation is not
It turns out the wrong bite in the future.

Неправильный захват груди

With the right grip, both sponges of a baby should be
turned out, and in the mouth should be not only the nipple,
but also a halo. If the baby takes the breast is not correct, do not need to endure
pain and inconvenience. Carefully wean the chest and help the baby in
capture. How to apply to the chest.

Sometimes the problem of improper capture is associated with my mother’s
anatomical features – the so-called flat nipples. AT
In this case, the best option is to use special pads for

Thumb sucking

Thumb sucking или даже целого кулачка окутано огромным
number of different myths and horror stories. AT действительности же за этим
undesirable behavior is not enough satisfaction
sucking reflex crumbs or anxiety. About,
Why can the baby pull the handle in the mouth, and how to help him get rid
from this ugly manner, you can learn from the article

Sucking or biting the lips, cheeks, tongue

Parents of babies may notice that the child sucks or
bites lips, tongue, inner surface of cheeks. This habit is not
aesthetic and can lead to microtraumas in the mouth, so the child
need help to get rid of it, eliminating the cause.

Most often, this is manifested insufficient
satisfaction sucking reflex. If you notice this
habit of your baby, try to offer him the chest more often.
Dummy here is not a very good solution to the problem, because
that for a child it is still a foreign object, which is also not in
fully covers the need for sucking. However for
artifice dummy would be a better option than lips or

Interest in the genitals

Интерес ребенка к половым органам

The habit of the child to touch his genitals is always
alarming adults. With no physical pleasure this
the habit is not connected, there is no erotic subtext in it.
The phenomenon is purely psychological, indicating
anxiety and increased anxiety.

How to wean a child to touch the genitals? The very first is not
scold the baby for it and not focus attention. Soft switch
for other actions, remove the handles “from there” and reduce anxiety.
The latter can be done by increasing the frequency of physical contact:
embrace more often
baby Can pozamechat in what situations the child begins
pulling the genitals, to think that in these situations, common and
which, presumably, is a stress factor. After such
analysis, you can act in advance, and, for example, take the child
on his hands even before he began to be anxious and exercise

Infant alert: twitching hair, swaying in the crib and
banging your head against a pillow

Serious enough signs of high anxiety is
jerking his hair and swaying in the crib. In children living
in the family, such manifestations are very rare. Usually these manifestations
characteristic of the state of emotional deprivation, that is, isolation
from a loving adult who are denied.


�”Treatment” of this problem – establishing contact with an adult
a person who can provide attention and love.

Falling asleep only after motionlessness

Laying babies in some families turns into the present
a test for parents because the little tot refuses itself
fall asleep and go to sleep only after motionlessness.

Until a certain age, children really do not know how.
fall asleep. This is due to the specifics of the development of the nervous system.
The reason is that the processes of excitation and inhibition of the nervous
systems have crumbs not yet adjusted and the child just can’t
with an effort of will to relax, close your eyes and fall asleep. His
necessarily need an external soothing and relaxing factor.

Wiggle – these are the feelings that accompanied
crumbs before entering the big world, this is how the fruit is perceived
walking and any changes in the body position of the future mother. Motion sickness
for a child – a way to calm down and relax.

Читаем об укачивании грудничков

Is it necessary to suppress this habit and let the child scream before
so long as he, exhausted by the cry, does not fall asleep himself? Solution only
for you, dear parents. Yes, this way you can work out
habit of falling asleep on their own but if you focus on
the interests of the child, it is better not to create a sense of scarcity in him
mother’s love and attention.

По теме: как уложить ребенка спать без слез и

Sleep with parents

AT вопросе совместного сна нет однозначного ответа. Someone
It proves that the prank should immediately get used to its place and
sleep in his crib, so his stay in the parent
bed is a real bad habit. Someone рассматривает
joint sleep as the only opportunity to get enough sleep with the whole family,
since in the crib the baby now and then opens his eyes and screams.

From a psychological position, joint sleep is a very useful thing,
because in such proximity children feel safe, at first
scream get chest.

AT вопросе совместного сна важно найти компромисс между
the needs of the child, his safety and comfort of the parents.
If you are ready to ensure your baby has a safe sleep on the parent
beds (for example, having enclosed it with a special pad), moreover
at the same time, both mom and dad get enough sleep and do not suffer from being present
crumbs in an adult bed – sleeping together for you. If by
for some reasons it is not convenient – it is better to leave the baby on
night in your own crib or shift it there already

По теме: как приучить ребенка спать

I want to handle!

Scarecrow on habituation in parental circles, too
just mass. If from birth do not deny the baby to
be in the hands of mom, growing up, the child will really
calmer to behave only on the hands. This is particularly clear.
children in their first year of life, since such crumbs have not yet
capable of fully self-reliant movement

For most modern moms, the “manual” period becomes
problem, because a woman literally feels attached to
to kid. And if you do not delve into the meaning of the “manual” period, then you can
really perceive it as a bad habit and consequence
pampered However, the evolutionary child is supposed to be on
your mother’s hands, so it’s better to let your baby enjoy it

По теме: как отучить ребенка от рук?

Perhaps we called the main bad habits with which
parents have to meet kids. As seen,
these habits are only conditional because
не от испорченности или pampered Behind these habits are
normal, healthy needs of the child or some physiological
features mom and baby.

Some of these habits can be corrected in two accounts, some
things take more time, patience and mental strength. Moms and Dads
You should definitely be very observant, attentive to
behavior of the baby, to note any changes and new details to
respond as soon as possible and remove the habit at the root.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Ребенок грызет ногти. The reasons
the emergence of bad habits, its consequences and methods for its
eradication. Use bitter varnish. Recommendations of parents and
child psychologists


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