Baby’s first smile mom

Any postpartum period, permanent
недосыпание и невероятная усталость мамы, накопившаяся к концу
первого месяца жизни малыша, теряют свое значение, когда
the child begins to smile at her.

новорожденный улыбается

First smiles

At first, the child’s smile has a reflex nature and is not related to
by what he is able to see or hear. Unconsciously
a crumb can smile even a few days after his
of birth.
This smile does not play a social role yet.
just shows that the baby is well and calm at this moment.
Often you can see her on the face of the baby when he sleeps, bathes
or immediately after feeding.

In order for it to become conscious, a certain
time. And it is not surprising, because in the appearance of a smile it takes
involved more than a dozen facial muscles. The most important thing is that her
emergence precedes complex brain activity, including
recognition of emotions of a loved one, transmission of nerve impulses
in the desired area of ​​the brain and the subsequent relaxation of the muscles of the face.
Обычно ребенок начинает улыбаться осознанно,
когда проходит период от 4 до 8 недель с момента
of birth.

When does a baby smile?

Когда ребенок начинает улыбаться

By the end of the first month, and also during the second month
the life of the baby his smile may already be a reaction to:

  • some pleasant or exciting event (mom slams in
    clapping, singing a song, playing with a child) When
    малыш начинает агукать?;
  • pronounced adult facial expressions (sometimes a reaction may follow
    even on a clear face image, for example, of another kid on
    magazine for moms or favorite toy with large enough
    eyes, nose and mouth).

The kid gradually learns to maintain eye contact with
adults, to respond to interesting sounds and gentle touches,
therefore, the child’s smile can now be predetermined by external
factors. Although the crumb still does not know how to listen carefully, it is helpful in this
time not only to speak with him tenderly, but also to include
calm music (for example, classical music), place above the nursery
crib mobile with funny toys and nice melody.


Smile and develop

когда ребенок начинает улыбаться осознанно

Одновременно с тем, как ребенок начинает активно
улыбаться маме и другим близким людям, он может размахивать
hands and feet, gradually begin to “roar” in response to
appeal to him.

All these phenomena make up what is called a complex.
revitalizing. It lies in the fact that the baby is able to fix
pleasant for him sound or face and react to them with a smile,
joyous cries, motor activity, rapid

Depending on the situation (for example, an adult exhibits its
emotions are more or less pronounced), the infant may also intensify
or reduce the intensity of their behavior. Also a crumb can
start smiling, making various sounds, arching the back and
to move the legs before the adult approached him. Then
complex revitalization is a kind of call to communicate that with
time helps baby learn to apply more and more
various ways to contact parents.

когда ребенок начинает улыбаться маме

It is believed that this complex is being formed somewhere from the third
weeks of life crumbs and the greatest development reaches the 3rd or 4th
months after which the child’s behavior becomes more complex.
Если к 2-м месяцам ваш ребенок не начал активно
улыбаться, это вовсе не значит, что развитие его происходит не
so, “as it should.” Children are all different and rarely one of them develops
all the rules. ”

However, scientists have long noted that the lack
emotional and physical contact between mom and baby right
affects its development. Components of the revitalization complex
weaker, some components, such as joyful walking,
may be absent altogether.

While the child has not yet discovered a smile as a way
interactions with people close to him, try to help him. For
it’s enough just more often to take the baby in your arms,
stroke him, talk to him gently, tell him
rhymes, sing songs and, of course, smile more often. Such simple
actions from a mom who is certainly loving her child early
or later lead the baby to one day wide
open his eyes and brighten mom in response to her smile with her
trustful and joyful smile.

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