Baby woke up: 3 important morningsritual

Want to see your child vigorous, active and energetic in
during the day? Provide him a good morning, full of positive and pleasant
moments. From the mood in which the baby will meet the morning,
much depends on his behavior during the day. Good location
The spirit of the baby in the morning – a pledge of positive mood for the whole day. Even
in a newborn, it would seem, a child who does not understand anything,
A morning can cause a bad day. Which means
parents should try to wake the baby in good

To ensure a good morning baby, first of all you need
waking up in a good mood mom. Try to wake up
a little before the child to have time to take care of themselves. Having opened
eyes, smile, stretch, enjoy the new day. By customizing
wash yourself, get dressed (put on a comfortable
breastfeeding clothes), brush your hair and be sure to warm your hands.
In general, do everything to appear before the baby in the image
�”Home” mom. And now you can safely go to the nursery.
The most important for the development of the infant are considered to be
the sensations that he gets with the help of sight, hearing, smell and
touch. Morning determines the mood for the whole day, and it is very important that
he will see, hear and feel the crumb immediately after awakening. Having opened
eyes and seeing a beautiful vigorous mommy, the child will definitely get
a lot of positive emotions.

If mom didn’t get enough sleep, she has trouble, she
nervous, do not rush to the child, it is better to calm down first
and put yourself in order.

ребенок проснулся

Sweetheart – Sweetheart

During sleep, the body is in a relaxed state and
after waking up, he needs some kind of impetus for a surge of vitality.
From the age of two weeks, the child can begin to do
easy charging. While the baby does not know how to consciously move the handles and
legs, make him a small neat massage. Pat on
back, tummy, handles, legs. Gentle touches to the body will give
a burst of energy will force the blood to circulate faster through the veins. BUT
most importantly, give the crumbs a lot of positive emotions and raise
mood all day.


Let the baby soak in the crib

If for some reason you did not have time and the baby woke up without you,
nothing wrong. If mom was not around when the baby woke up,
and the crumb, opening his eyes, behaves calmly, she is unlikely to hear
invocation cry. And the child is silent, do not rush to take him in your arms.
Let him soak in the crib, look at the hands and feet, sweetly
will pull, walk, looking at your favorite toys. Being alone with
yourself let the child learn to think and reflect. Looking around
native room, it is imbued with home comfort and peace.
Когда малыш захочет общения, он даст вам об этом знать и и
мама услышит invocation cry.


Never go to bed suddenly. Unexpected
appearance can scare the crumb.
Warn in advance
baby about his approaching calm gentle words: “My
angel woke up! “or” Good morning, honey! “



Going to the child, do not immediately take him in his arms. Talk
With him, gently stroke the head, expand the diaper, make
Cots from the previous item, let the baby feel your love and
affection. And now you can take a crumb in your arms and start
morning toilet.

If the child’s waking up is accompanied by crying, then take on
hands need immediately. Maybe he was scared of something in a dream and he needed
your support and attention. Caress and calm the baby. Not
let the crying baby’s chest, from tears and sobs, he can
to choke.

Hygiene first

Teach your child to wash in the morning, starting with the infant
age Let this procedure be the same for a child.
as natural as feeding. Explain to be beautiful and
healthy, you need to wash the hands every morning, face, clean the spout,
ears, eyes. Accompany washing with beads and jokes,
For example: “Vodichka, Vodichka, wash my face …” or a passage from
Chukovsky’s poem “We must, we must wash in the mornings and evenings.”
Smile and be calm and relaxed, do not rush and do not
make sudden movements. The washing procedure should bring
child positive emotions and give a surge of vitality to the whole
day. People say: “As you start the day, so spend it.”
So start it positive!

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How to properly conduct morning hygiene procedures for
newborns, told and shown by the head of the Department for
newborns Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology. V.F.
Snegireva O. V. Parshikova.

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