Baby weaning: how not to do(bad advice)

Thanks to our advice, weaning will become
most painful, long and painful process (as for
mother and baby). And you are waiting for unforgettable

Buy any means to stop

Indeed, why go to the doctor who will select you
suitable pills, spend time visiting the clinic, if
mother / sister / girlfriend already took some pills for
прекращения lactation? Everyone’s body is the same. Therefore, rather
run to the nearest pharmacy and get the cheapest drugs. It’s like that
do and nothing!

Stop feeding the baby right after

The baby had to endure unpleasant vaccinations, painful massages and
other manipulations? Well, here is a great reason to
wean him off his chest. Same tempers character: a little man
from childhood will know what stress and deprivation are. After vaccination
children usually become moody and irritable, often
fever and depressed. Nice moment to strip baby
the main consolation!

Weaning at a very early age

Is your baby still a year old? Fine. Now everywhere they write and
They say that you need to stop feeding as early as possible. Cause
very simple – it is much more convenient for a young mother to walk with a bottle,
than to breastfeed. Marketers can not lie: if the bank mix
It is written that this is a “natural and useful” product, the replacement of my mother’s
Milk means it is so. Do not hesitate right away.

Pull the chest

The old way that our grandmothers of 200 years used
ago. There are, of course, disadvantages: there may be stagnation
milk in the breast, mastitis, and then have to contact the experts
(surgeon, for example) to get rid of pain and discomfort. But
believe it – it’s worth it! The milk will definitely disappear.

Explain to the child that he is already big.

Six months after the birth, it is time to understand that you
adult. Explain to the baby that breast milk is for
kids, and he has long grown. Your little genius will surely understand
what happened and stop asking for the chest. And like the rest before
did not think? And with every confidence there let them then figure it out.
psychologists: we have no time.

Say milk needs another baby

Let’s say a newborn brother or sister. Should be encouraged
generosity from infancy: let him share the most precious with his
relatives. Crumb is nothing sorry for a brother or sister.
No cars, no cots, no mom, no milk. Children need not only
feed, but also educate!

Stop feeding at the wrong time:
отлучайте от груди в момент переезда, сразу после перелета,
divorce or tsunami

Moving, scandal, natural disaster … Against the background of these misfortunes
the baby can forget about the existence of breastfeeding. we
After all, we are also enduring these tests. Welcome to
adult life!

Smear the nipples with something sharp

Mustard, pepper, brilliant green and other unpleasant things – baby
reached for the delicious and beloved mother’s milk, and here – an ambush and
cheating … Yes, the baby burns a couple of times, cry bitterly, but
then it would never enter your head to reach for your chest. Good lesson.

Leave the baby for a while

Of course, suddenly the kid has little stress from being stopped.
to breastfeed? Add stress to your baby’s life: let him
will spend several days without his beloved mother. Yes, he will be sad and
alone. Cry, cry, and so what? Life is generally full

Of course, if you want a delicate and gradual
weaning, it is best to ignore these tips and do everything
on the contrary: take care of your health, be patient and gentle
in relation to the crumbs and do not forget about common sense.

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