Baby urine: what is the normal color and smellurine of newborn

The birth of a child in most families is joyful and
long-awaited event. Every mother does not want her favorite baby
was sick and was feeling unwell. Daily hygiene care,
proper nutrition, ensuring the necessary thermal conditions – all
It helps the child grow healthy and strong. But unfortunately,
sometimes the baby gets sick and parents don’t always notice
воспалительный процесс.Моча грудного ребенка может ответить
Immediately on many issues related to child well-being and
health Therefore, during the inspection, which takes place in 3 months after
the birth of the baby, the pediatrician is assigned to conduct a urine test.

Моча грудного ребенка

What should I look for in the analysis of the nursery

Currently, more and more commercial medical
institutions where there are laboratories. Many parents turn to
ним, чтобы сделать анализ мочи грудного ребенка. Thereafter,
they receive a sheet in which the results are indicated. Sometimes
on the contrary, the data obtained are standards, sometimes not. Worth
notice that the norms for an adult are usually indicated,
therefore, at first it may seem that the tests are bad. Parents
must understand the regulations for infants to
do not panic in advance.

Key indicators on which to focus
– These are various cells, cylinders, epithelium, mucus and crystals.

Quite often in the results of urine occurs
some salt content that should not cause much panic.
Кристаллы солей в моче у грудного ребенка часто
detected in the study of urinary sediment. The isolation of salts depends on
children’s activity, food features. Newborn increase
some varieties of these crystals (urates and urate
ammonium) is the norm.

Даже небольшое число лейкоцитов в моче у грудного
ребенка уже опасно, так как может быть вызвано болезнями почек
and urinary system. Young mothers need to remember that one by one
No positive diagnosis is made, the child is sent
to repeat the analysis. Child next collection
urine should be well washed to eliminate the possibility of
wrong results. Doctors call several circumstances
which can cause leukocytes in an infant. Thats
or another type of white blood cell is responsible for various diseases:

  • лимфоциты сигнализируют о заболеваниях соединительной
  • эозинофилы могут быть признаком хронического
  • нейтрофилы провоцируют различные бактериальные

If your child still has leukocytes in
urine, do not despair. Usually treatment of urinary infection
systems, the bladder at an early stage spend short
taking antibiotics. Of course, such medications are not desirable.
for small children, but still some medicinal
drugs have no contraindications for age. After the course
treatment urine delivery procedure must be repeated. This is due to
by the fact that some bacteria have a resistant resistance to
antibiotics. The most famous and accurate is urine analysis by

Urine collection

От правильности сбора мочи у грудного ребенка зависит
reliability of analysis results. Young parents can
It may seem like they may have difficulties, however this is completely
not this way. The main requirement is that urine must be morning and after.
hygiene procedures.

как грудному ребенку собрать мочу

сбор мочи у грудных детей

Как грудному ребенку собрать мочу: обязательно используйте
clean container, delivery time to the medical laboratory – in
for three hours. Now we just have to wait for the results. Although
you yourself can be the first to evaluate urine by physical properties: color,
transparency and smell.

How to independently assess the urine of the child for her physical

In the laboratory results of urine analysis other than quantitative
indicators there are items that describe her physical
specifications. However, the health of your child can be assessed and
independently, watching the number of urinations per day,
color, smell of urine. For this we give the normal figures for

Urine color

Urine color зависит от возраста ребенка и характера его
power supply. The older a person becomes, the more saturated
shade it becomes. In addition, the use of certain
food and some medications may
promote urine staining. Therefore, if the child eats
breast milk, refrain from previously used food
products. We remind you that the most famous dyes are
beets, carrots, citrus fruits.

В нормальном состоянии цвет мочи у грудного ребенка –
usually very light in color, almost white. As he grows up he
changes to straw yellow. If a baby has urine
dark brown shade means it has a lot of content
bilirubin. This is often the case, as small children often
при рождении болеют jaundice. Refer to the doctor should urine if
Your baby has become different from the usual color.

  1. Dark yellow color due to increased concentration of biliary
  2. Red urine occurs during heart attack, kidney injury due to excretion
    high concentration of red blood cells.
  3. Orange color indicates uraturia (large content
  4. All shades of green urine can be caused by mechanical

Urine turbidity

мутная моча у грудного ребенка

Urine transparency is not less important than its
Colour. In laboratory tests, it is assessed as complete and
incomplete. Within two hours after collection, the urine is clear and only
then a cloudy cloud begins to form in it. If you
you see that the urine of the child is opaque, do not rush to take it on
analysis. Make sure that the collection container is well washed, then
Repeat hygiene procedures for the child. If and when
the next collection, the urine remains turbid, which means
laboratory conclusion and necessary treatment.

Мутная моча у грудного ребенка возникает по ряду причин:
the presence of mucus, leukocytes, salts or drops of fat.

There is a simple household method of checking urine for detection,
exactly which substances caused her murk. Urine should be collected in
clean the jar, put it in a pot filled with water, then
heat up a little. Now you can evaluate the result:

  1. The number and nature of turbidity has not changed – is possible
    inflammatory process in the body.
  2. Urine has become more transparent – great content
  3. Increased amount of turbidity – the presence in the urine
    phosphate salts.

If you get the first result, you must pass the analysis.
urine in and consult a doctor. The last two – do not cause
concerns. If the color and clarity of the urine is assessed visually,
another indicator – with the help of smell.

Urine smell

Запах детской мочи также может помочь определить
inflammatory process at the initial stage. For children’s urine you need
observe daily because an infant is not due to age
can express in words that something is bothering him.

Нормальный запах мочи у грудного ребенка — нерезкий,
varies according to the food taken. In children on
bottle-fed it has a greater concentration.

If a child has urine smell of acetone, feces, then this
may be a sign of any infection, you should immediately contact

Daily monitoring of the urine of a small child allows
time to notice the appearance of symptoms of various infections and diseases.
This is very important, since for babies there is a very narrow
list of drugs. Early treatment
will avoid taking strong antibiotics and
anti-inflammatory drugs.

Если у грудного ребенка плохая моча — следует обратиться к
the doctor for the purpose of treatment after the diagnosis.

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