Baby sleeping with mom – dangerous ornot?

Namayavshis from constant lack of sleep and anxiety for his
baby mom takes the baby in her bed. So much easier
feed him and watch him when he sleeps. But the thought that
it can be dangerous for the little man, does not leave her
head What if she crush him with her body at night or worse?
will he suffocate in her arms? How real are such


Can a mother hurt her child in a dream?

Many believe that a similar situation can happen only with
such a woman who is not serious about her motherhood,
drinks alcohol, takes sleeping pills or is not sane
mind In fact, it turns out that such an opinion is

�”In my life there was a similar case, when I fed,
lying in bed at night, the baby is breastfeeding and at some point suddenly
for myself, just dozed off. This led to my terrible
overwork – I needed to keep order in the garden
the area to do daily chores (wash and iron
baby clothes, cook, wash dishes, vacuum), collect in
school older child and prepare lessons with him. Heavy chest
filled with milk, with all its weight lay on my face
little daughter, and I woke up just because I felt
how she gasps. The state of my horror I still remember
so never again did I feed my baby in a bed
position, but only sitting. “

But to sleep with a child in the same bed is very comfortable, so
as usual, mother is very sensitive to any movement and sounds
своего малыша
. Малыш подает ей сигналы о том, что его
беспокоит на данный момент и маме проще воспринимать их, когда
he is near

But what you shouldn’t do exactly is to lay the baby next to
dad. Men are not so sensitive to children, they sleep more soundly and during
dream can involuntarily hurt them.

There is an opinion that if a child sleeps with his
parents, he can pick up various germs from them. it
does not have any scientific justification, so healthy parents
you can not worry about this, the harm of sleeping together is not
will be (if mom and dad are healthy, then the child and pick up
there is nothing).

How to lay the baby?

Prepare a place where your baby will sleep. It should be
necessarily solid without the extra stuff (pillows, towels, rollers and
etc.). Infant should be comfortable and sleepy. Eliminate
places of potential danger, so that the baby does not get hurt, does not fall,
not choked. It is better to be overly cautious than later
reproach myself for hindsight.

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We had a bed right next to the wall, so I
I had to lay free space with a blanket so that my little
daughter could not fall there. Also from the wall in the winter time blows
cold, which can lead to colds.

How do mom sleep next to the baby?

It is scientifically proven that children subtly feel the state of the mother,
feel her breathing and heart rate. Joint
sleep leads to the fact that the child “adapts” to the body
своей матери и спит рядом с ней гораздо спокойнее

When the baby sleeps alongside mom, she no longer needs everything at night.
time to get out of bed to feed him, give him water from
bottle and see if it is revealed in a dream. She only needs
time to catch what the baby needs and to do it as
of necessity. Отсюда просится вывод: мама лучше
высыпается, когда ребенок спит с ней


детская кроватка примыкает к взрослой

One of the most practical options is to place
crib so that it adjoins the parent
the beds. So mom can not only see her child, but also
reach out to him hand to straighten a blanket, to cover it,
stroke, say a few gentle soothing words (not even
leaving the phase of deep sleep, so to speak in a half-slumber), if the baby
crying or sleeping restlessly.

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without tears and whims

Does sharing sleep with a crumb reflect on a relationship?

Many parents do not put the child to sleep with them because of fears
that it will become a habit and in the future lead to its reluctance
sleep alone. In my practice, I was convinced that these concerns were not
always true.

My husband and I took a few twigs from our daughter’s crib,
so that she can climb on her own and descend,
when she needs it. Every day, after we went to bed.
to sleep, she got out of her crib and came to our bed,
after which she comfortably settled between us and fell asleep tightly. Me
surprised how she was oriented in the apartment in complete darkness
I managed not to catch anything and not to stumble anywhere, although
bedrooms she had to go through the living room and corridor.

Her behavior did not last long, night visits to steel
to occur less and less, and after a while we are about them and quite

Regarding the proximity between the parents of the baby, while he
sleeping next to, it is safe to say that she is practically not
suffers from that. The child plays no role here. Main
a woman’s reluctance to enter into such a relationship can be explained
fatigue, constant stress and inability to fully
relax and sleep well. Although the reason may lie in
a friend.

It is known for certain that during pregnancy and after giving birth
women are restructuring the entire body, respectively
hormones are also undergoing changes that are usually
entail a decrease in libido. For any woman, the birth process is
This kind of stress, through which only time will help.
Awareness of their new role in society, a completely different life and
related efforts, restructuring of the body – all this is by no means
way is not conducive to the desire of women to express themselves in intimate
relationship. Rather, on the contrary, she will have nothing to do with it.

Only a sincere desire of her husband to help, as well as his care
and patience will help the young mother to quickly deal with all
difficulties. Then she can again give her love and affection.

So, there are a few highlights.
которые стоит запомнить молодым родителям

  1. Never take a baby to sleep in your bed if you are in front
    this drank alcohol (even a little) or took any
    sleep stimulants. You cannot control your mind,
    Therefore, it is better to protect your baby from the possible consequences of your
    inadequate condition.
  2. Separate a special place on your bed so that the baby sleeps.
    on a solid surface and only in position on the side or on the back. AT
    Otherwise, the baby may face its face in a soft mattress and
    suffocate from lack of air.
  3. Free your bed from all kinds of rollers, unnecessary
    pillows, anything that could be dangerous for a child. Check out
    Can’t the baby get into the gap between the bed and the adjoining
    by the wall.
  4. Do not wear too much clothing to your baby at night if
    going to hide with him under one blanket. Heat emanating from
    your body will affect it all night, therefore
    possible risk of overheating.
  5. Joint сон с грудничком не должен приносить неудобств его
    parents, and even more negatively affect the baby himself.
  6. If the baby sleeps well without you, the need for joint sleep
    disappears by itself. Rejoice in this state of things and
    enjoy the situation, you will have the opportunity
    more time to devote to your personal relationship with your spouse.

Joint сон с ребенком полезен не только как средство
strengthening its nervous system and health, but also important for
extension of breastfeeding.


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