Baby nail care. How to careand trim the nails of a newborn baby

Care for baby’s small fingers is an important part of hygienic
toilets. The movements of the newborn are not yet balanced, and he may
hurt yourself with your small but sharp nails.
Therefore, nail clipping should be done from birth. Than before
begin to care for your nails, the sooner the baby gets used to this
procedure, and the type of scissors will not cause further his
unfounded fear.

Уход за ногтями ребенка

Nail Care Tools

Manicure set for the little man, as well as for an adult,
must be individual. In no case are the items set
should be used for other needs. Buy it better in advance
since we start using it after the first swim.

Children’s manicure set consists of the following

  1. Nippers (tweezers) for nails. They cut off the main part
  2. Scissors Useful for trimming nail residues after haircuts
    nippers and burrs. Sharp ends of the scissors can hurt the baby
    when nailing, so nail scissors for a child
    must have rounded ends or plastic
  3. Nail file. It should be soft-coated and
    rounded edges. After cutting the nails file off with a nail file
    smoothing all jagged edges.

маникюрный набор для новорожденного

After purchase, the pliers and scissors should be washed in hot water with
soap to remove grease. Then wipe with a cotton pad dipped in
in medical alcohol.

The list of necessary things for the newborn

How to cut the nails of the child

Как подстричь ногти новорожденному


The process of cutting the nails of a small family member
at the same time simple and complex. It is best to start it after
bathing, when the skin and nails are steamed and become soft. Before
bathing you need to prepare a manicure set: wipe scissors and
nippers medical alcohol.

Cut the nails with nippers in a straight line, gently pressing
fingertip pad. Cut off the sharp tips remaining in the corners.
scissors. We finish the manicure procedure by filing nails
soft nail file and you’re done. It is necessary to cut the nails
regularly as they grow.

Как подстричь ногти новорожденному ребенку

Blades of nail supplies should be kept perpendicular
nail can otherwise damage it. Toes, nails cut straight
lines, and on the hands of rounding. Do not cut the nail plate
very short – it will cause pain to the baby and can
cause inflammatory process.

As you can see, nail care for a little person is nothing
different from the care for adult nails – everything is simple and clear
After all, we do a manicure not the first year. However gentle pens and
legs are in continuous motion. How to cut your nails
a newborn without injuring the baby’s skin? Here is
Some practical tips:

  • Coordinated action in a pair. One parent holds hand
    or the child’s leg and distracts him with a calm and gentle voice,
    a toy. Another at this time carries out procedure of manicure.
  • It is convenient to cut the nails when the baby is lying on the tummy.
    Then the movements of the limbs are somewhat limited. Just bend
    leg in the knee, and the arm in the elbow bend and do the necessary
  • You can carry out the process during sleep. In the deep sleep phase, baby
    relaxed, his fists spread. The procedure is carried out
    gently and slowly so as not to wake the crumbs.
  • The main thing is to take the handle or leg of the baby gently, gently, but

Как подстричь ногти новорожденному малышу

The finger still hurt

It’s okay if you suddenly hurt the child’s skin with scissors or
clippers when cutting marigolds. The main thing is not to panic. At first
apply sterile cotton or bandage to the wound and stop
bleeding. Then process the wound with green paint or other
antiseptic. With a small cut, that’s enough.
If the wound is large, then it is necessary to put a bandage with wound healing
ointment. (first aid kit for newborn)

With untimely and improper care in babies occurs
inflammation in the corners of the nail plate – felon. When appearing
these green pustules need to be treated with peroxide
hydrogen and impose a weak bandage with ointment Levomekol. She will pull
pus from a wound and heals it. If within three to four days
inflammation does not pass need to contact a pediatrician.

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How to cut nails newborn? video

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