Baby milk formula “NAS” (NAN)

Undoubtedly, breast milk is the best food for the baby,
but due to circumstances many mothers cannot feed their baby
yourself. They come to the aid of infant formula. Some choose
domestic product, others tend to import options.
One of the few brands recommended even for premature babies,
is a mixture of “NAN”. It activates natural immunity.
child, is involved in maintaining a healthy intestinal microflora,
is an excellent prevention of anemia, improves immunity,
stimulates full mental and physical development
и максимально приближена к натуральному молоку. Shipped in
800 and 400 ml cans.

смеси нан

The main and most widely used products
“NAN” lines are:

  • infant formula NAN 1 Premium from birth;
  • NAN 2 с 6 месяцев;
  • NAN 3 from 12 months;
  • NAN 4 from 18 months.

The main components of these mixtures are demineralized
whey, lactose, skim milk, whey protein,
vegetable oils, taurine, fish oil and vitamins, proportional
the ratio of which varies with the age of the baby.
In addition, L-carnitine, L-arginine and
L-histidine, as well as various additional elements like sulfates
manganese, iron, zinc, copper. These components are important for
harmonious development of the baby.

Детские молочной смеси «НАН»

Other types of NAN products

  • Hypoallergenic mixture. A special place among
    products line NAN takes hypoallergenic mixture. She is
    produced for two age categories: “from birth” and “from six
    months. ” Thanks to a special technology, protein in this mixture has
    reduced allergenicity, which reduces the risk of constipation and
    colic Appointed by a pediatrician to children with a slightly pronounced food.
    allergies and for its prevention. This product is the best
    suitable for babies with a negative reaction to cow protein.
  • �”NAN” fermented milk with bifidobacteria. Children
    antibiotic-based therapy and those prone to
    disorders of the stomach and intestinal tract, suitable mixture of “NAN”
    dairy with bifidobakery. To facilitate the process
    digestion and protein absorption in this product added special
    lactic acid bacteria that help alleviate the child’s condition
    при запорах (о запорах у детей на искусственном вскармливании
    см ссылку выше
    ) или кишечных инфекциях. Also available for
    age groups up to six months and beyond. Distinctive
    The components of the mixture are optimized protein OPTI PRO1 and
    Bifidobacterium Bl.
  • �”NAN” lactose free. Those mothers whose children
    suffer from lactose intolerance, as well as mild and moderate diarrhea
    тяжести, идеально подойдет �”NAN” lactose free. In this product
    carbohydrates are maltodextrin that reduces severity
    diarrhea due to low osmolarity. In turn, nucleotides
    participate in tissue repair processes and contribute to
    formation of immunity.
  • �”Pre-NAN”. Special Pre-NAN Blend
    designed for feeding premature babies and / or
    with a small weight. Contains unique, easily digestible fatty
    acids, indispensable for high-grade intellectual and
    psychomotor development, as well as for the formation of the functions of the central nervous system and
    view. The high content of whey proteins contributes to
    as easy as possible for even the smallest child.
  • «ALFARE». Children with acute or chronic
    диареей врач может назначить mixture �”ALFARE”. This is a medicinal product.
    which can only be used under the supervision of a pediatrician.
    Optimized amino acid composition, improved taste, possessing
    anti-inflammatory properties of lipids coupled with a complete set
    vitamins and minerals will help grow healthy babies suffering
    gastrointestinal problems.
  • �”NAN Antireflux”. For children, strongly
    belching from birth. компания производит �”NAN Antireflux”. Her
    the application can also begin only after talking to
    a doctor.

Separately, it is worth noting the complex “Nestogen”. Released
in the following forms:

  • Nestogen 1 dry adapted milk mixture with prebiotics with
    of birth
  • Nestogen 2 from 6 months,
  • Nestogen 3 with 12 months,
  • Nestogen 4 from 18 months,
  • Nestogen-2 Happy dreams milk with prebiotics, with rice
    flour from 6 months.

Thanks to prebiotics GOS / FOS, these mixtures not only provide
good nutrition and comfortable digestion, but also the formation
regular soft stools. Read more about
смеси Нестожен >>>

Prices for NAN products

It is possible to buy mixes both in usual, and in online stores.
Prices vary depending on the type of product. Hypollergenic
the mixture costs from 600 to 700 rubles for 400 gr. Premature Blend
�Pre-NAN is priced at between 750 and 850 rubles for the same amount.
Lactose-free mixture costs about 650 rubles, and “Antireflux”
about 600 rubles per bank. Cheapest in product line
are the usual infant formula NAN 1 – NAN 4. Per box will have
заплатить примерно 470-500 рублей.


Read reviews, compare prices and buy mixes
You can in the online store and the store

Pros and mix cons

You can talk about the positive and negative qualities of the mixture.
long. All children are different, so one baby can develop
allergies or constipation, while others have nothing like that
will be. If the high enough price of “NAN” milk formulas is not
is an obstacle to their purchase, it is worth listening to the opinion
pediatricians and try to use this particular product. Many
complain that their babies after drinking mixtures
НАН начались проблемы со стулом. Blame solely on the mix
This case is wrong. The child’s overheating also affects the stool.
too dry air in the room. The experience of “Nestle” was undoubtedly
maximally used in the development process of each product
line “NAN”. The mixture is highly soluble in water and different.
A well-designed system for storing measuring spoons separately from powder
which contributes to more hygienic use of the product.

It is important not to forget that the age of each application
specific mixture is not randomly listed on the package. Not worth it
hurry and move to the next product in the line earlier than
the baby is at the required age, the child’s body can be
not yet ready for the assimilation of new elements and their large quantities by
compared to previous species.

�“Nestle” improves its product every year, therefore
Each mother will be able to choose exactly that version of the mix “NAN”,
which is most suitable for her baby.

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