Baby lure на искусственномfeeding

Disputes between parents and grandmothers about when to enter
первый прикорм ребенку на искусственном feeding, начинаются,
as soon as the baby is a little older. Milk formula is close to
breast milk, but replace it completely and
provide the infant’s body with all the necessary substances it is not in
power Artificial organism is used to getting a mixture and easier
tolerates the introduction of another food. Therefore, to introduce complementary foods
Artificial artists start a little earlier than children receiving
mother’s milk.

The content of the article

  • 1 General scheme of introduction of complementary foods with artificial
  • 2 How to properly enter feed
    • 2.1 Give fruit
    • 2.2 Enter the vegetables
    • 2.3 Whole Milk Porridge
    • 2.4 Teach meat
    • 2.5 Egg Yolk
    • 2.6 Cottage Cheese
    • 2.7 Teach your baby to fish
  • 3 Some tips for feeding
  • 4 Videos: feed the child for months

первый прикорм детей на искусственном feeding

Regarding the timing of the first feeding among doctors still
there are differences. Some advocate the introduction of complementary foods from three
months, arguing that the baby’s ventricle is ready to accept
solid food. We will be guided by the rules.
World Health Organization who recommend starting
Introduce new foods from 4.5 months.

We read in detail how to determine that the child is ready for
complementary foods – 10 signs

We look at when to introduce complementary foods: exceptions to

The general scheme of the introduction of complementary foods with artificial

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Approximate scheme of introduction of complementary foods to children with искусственном feeding

Approximate scheme of introduction of complementary foods to children with
искусственном feeding

Как правильно вводить прикорм

Attention, opinions of experts, mummies, grandmothers, grandfathers
and all of all everyone can be different about where to start
prikorm, some advise to start with vegetable puree, so as not to teach
baby initially to sweet fruit purees, others advise
Start with juices and fruit purees. We believe that before
how to start feeding the baby with something other than a mixture, you
should consult a pediatrician.

Introduce prikorm under the scheme number 1

  • Begin introducing a new food if the child
    healthy (this is an iron rule);
  • Give crumbs at a time one at a time for him
  • Start with juice, preferably apple (it does not cause allergies).
    Give first a small portion (half a teaspoon). If a
    the baby’s ventricle took a good new food, gradually bring
    single dose to the desired volume (see table. Here is the article on
    first juice);
  • Since the baby is used to getting the mixture first, give it
    bottle, and then offer to try a new product;
  • Let’s lure the baby only in the sitting position;
  • Until the baby learns to chew, all solid food should be
    spied You can dilute it with milk, a mixture or just boiled
    water to slurry. Make sure that the first time in the mash is not
    there were lumps or small pieces, otherwise the crumb can choke
    by them;
  • After your baby gets used to the juice, try giving it
    fruit puree (again, better to start with an apple);
  • When the baby gets used to the fruit puree, start to teach
    him to the vegetables. Least allergic zucchini, pumpkin, cauliflower and
    broccoli. It is best to mash yourself by adding 2 – 3 drops.
    vegetable oil;
  • Do not forget that the artificial artist should be given to drink boiled
  • Prerequisite: start to introduce a new product,
    making sure that the crumbs stomach got used to the previous one.

Читаем подробную статью о начале прикорме — с
what to start, how to give the first lure

Giving fruit

How to start feeding your baby with vegetables
or fruit, tell your pediatrician.
Fruit puree
Usually kids eat with pleasure. It contains many vitamins.
and other necessary small child substances.

At the very beginning for making mashed potatoes apple, pear, apricot,
It is better to bake a peach or boil for a couple, give a banana raw.
Track the baby’s body reaction to each new fruit. If a
everything digests well, you can give fruit puree in the morning, and
in the evening.

Repeat, if you enter fruit sweet first
puree, it is likely that the child will eat worse mashed potatoes from
vegetables and introduce vegetable food will be more difficult!
There is a choice
After you!

We enter vegetables

Two weeks after the introduction of the fruit, you can try to give
vegetable puree. It is usually given at lunchtime.

Monitor the health of the child. With diarrhea or mucus in
Kale remove the vegetables from the child’s menu until the problems are completely eliminated AND
only then try to give the vegetable puree again.


At first, make puree from one type of vegetables, gradually
accustoming them the ventricle crumbs. When the baby tries a few
species, it is possible to prepare mixed purees: from zucchini and pumpkin, from
cauliflower and carrots, from broccoli and potatoes.

ANDз овощей младенцу до года можно давать капусту (цветную,
broccoli, white cabbage), zucchini, pumpkin, potatoes, carrots,
green peas, turnips, beets and very carefully – tomatoes. Mashed potatoes from
vegetables allowed to lightly salt. AND не забывайте капнуть в него
a few drops of vegetable oil. Beet can stain feces and
Piss baby in pink. It is not dangerous, do not worry.

Смотрим: 3 рецепта овощных пюре

Whole Milk Porridge

To accustom the baby to cereals begin a month and a half after
vegetables. It is better to start with cereals that do not cause allergies: buckwheat,
oat. Then move on to the rest – corn, rice,

Recommendations for the first porridge (which porridge and how to properly enter
в рацион ребенка) >>>

You can cook porridge on cow’s and goat’s milk.
Goat is even more preferable (About goat milk). First time milk
must be diluted with boiling water by half, then less and less
stop breeding at all.

Каши лучше предлагать на завтрак, овощи – на обед.

Teaching meat

After six months, offer your baby to try the meat puree. Can
buy in the store ready, but you can do it yourself by scrolling the meat on
grinder or rubbing it in a blender. Better start with rabbit meat
or turkey, then add chicken, beef and pork. In the meat
puree present a large amount of iron, which is especially important for
prevention of anemia. (See about meat puree: how to properly enter
meat puree in the child’s diet)

At 6 – 7 months meat is given to the child in the form of mashed potatoes, from eight
You can cook meatballs for a couple, and for the year – steam cutlets. Before
years it is undesirable to give the baby meat broth, it can
provoke allergies.

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rules for the introduction of meat lures

Egg yolk

More recently, the yolk began to give the baby at four months.
Now doctors suggest introducing him into the nutrition of a child from seven
months, starting with ¼ part of the yolk. Before you give it to your baby
explain it and dilute with milk or milk mixture to liquid
gruel. Can добавить желток в овощное или мясное пюре.

Cottage cheese

This product is added gradually and strictly in the specified rate.
Too much cottage cheese will cause protein overload not
very strong kidney kid. Cottage cheese необходим для укрепления
bones as an additional supplier of calcium. We breed it first
mixture, then you can mix cottage cheese with kefir. (Details on
cottage cheese bait)

Teach your baby to fish

Little turned 8 months. From now on, we gradually introduce
fish, low-fat varieties (hake, cod, sea bass). Twice a week
we give fish dishes instead of meat, for lunch or dinner. With fish in
the baby’s body does the vitamin D it needs. In addition, it
digested better than meat.

Читаем далее: прикорм детей на ГВ

Some tips for feeding

  1. Your baby is still a crumb. Therefore, a spoon is better for him
    take a small – coffee.
  2. Let the baby suck the mixture first, and then suggest
    new food. AND только приучив его к ней, давайте пюре в начале
  3. Teach your child to eat at the same time. Frequency
    feedings – 5 – 6 times a day.
  4. Do not force your baby to eat by force. Give him time to
    get hungry. AND кроха с удовольствием съест все, от чего
    refused some time ago.
  5. It is more convenient to feed the child by planting him in a special
  6. Get yourself a baby food diary, where to write,
    what product did you offer crumbs when how he took
    him. If a у малыша случится расстройство желудка или появится
    allergic rash, tetradochka will help you and your doctor quickly find
    the cause of the disease.

What to do if you are allergic to a new species
complementary foods:

If a вас мучают сомнения, все ли вы делаете правильно,
Check with your doctor. The best indicator is the health of the baby.
The child is cheerful, active, growing and gaining weight, respectively.
norms, then you are on the right track.

Video: feed the child for months

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