Baby is always there – side-beds fornewborns

If the baby sleeps alone in a separate cot, it can
create a lot of inconvenience for a young mother, she has to many times
rise at night to feed or lull the kid. Fully
rest in such conditions is almost impossible. To some
way to compensate for the lack of sleep, young mother often decides
sleep with the baby, but this option is fraught with unpleasant
consequences: there is alienation between the parents, because the pope
you have to go to the other room for the night, and the baby, accustomed
sleep next to my mother, very hard to sleep in a separate bed.
But there is a way out, of course. Modern manufacturers of cots
предлагают специальные приставные кроватки для newborns,
which will help solve the problem of joint sleep of the baby and

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  • 2 What to look for when choosing an extra bed?
    • 2.1 Material
    • 2.2 Forms and additional functions
  • 3 Common models of additional beds
  • 4 reviews


Cot and benefits

The crib, which appeared for the first time in America, was
invented for young mummies who have a hard time getting up at night. But
over time, such a convenient invention has received quite a broad
spread not only among US citizens, but also in
European states. So what are the advantages of these

The principal difference between such models of cots from
standard – the absence of one wall. Previously to the parent box
put the usual children’s bed and removed her sidewall. Butжки
customized to the desired height, invented fasteners. It was all
quite difficult and uncomfortable. Modern side cots are much
more compact, they will not take up much space. Original durable
Mounts allow you to securely connect the product with the parent
bed. A baby in such a small bed will be comfortable and
comfortable There are other positive points that gives
additional bed:

  1. Mom is always next to the baby. Pussy feels it and
    sleeps much calmer.
  2. It is easy to feed a newborn at night, it can be done, not
    getting out of bed.
  3. Neither is it necessary to calm a child suddenly awake
    get up. It is enough to reach out to him and lull him a little,
    stroking the back.
  4. When the pussy is next to her mom, she constantly hears
    his breathing can thus avoid problems associated with
    apnea syndrome – sudden complete respiratory arrest
  5. Another advantage can be considered joint sleep of parents. Kid
    is next to mom, but at the same time there is no danger
    pin down your baby during sleep.
  6. Subsequently, the child is easier to teach to fall asleep by yourself.
    (читаем также: приучаем ребенка спать в своей
    crib apart from mom (video, real stories)).


With so many advantages, more and more parents
decide to buy a comfortable and cozy bed for sleeping baby. but
among the huge variety of similar products offered
modern manufacturers, it is very easy to choose low-quality

What to look for when choosing a side crib?

Every mother thinks her baby deserves the best
therefore, the choice of bed is quite a difficult task. First
queue cot must be:

  • comfortable;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • safe;
  • functional.



Often parents, when choosing this piece of furniture, stop
your look on neat little beds with soft sides,
upholstered in cloth. It is quite convenient. Soft pastel colors in
which is usually performed children’s furniture, help the baby faster
calm down and fall asleep.

Material, из которого сделано спальное местечко крохи, должен
easy to clean. For the manufacture of cots manufacturers
most often use wood. It is environmentally friendly and safe.
raw materials that do not contain any harmful chemical
compounds. It is easy to clean wooden products from dust and dirt.
By the way, in medical institutions establish only
metal beds. This is just due to the possibility of lung
their cleansing and disinfection.

Helpful advice! It is best to choose a nursery
cot made of oak, birch or pine. For such
wood uses harmless impregnations that cannot
affect negatively on the health of the baby.

Forms and additional functions

In stores, where a wide range of children’s
cots, it is possible to find added models of various forms. Sure to
need to pay attention to the absence of sharp protrusions and angles. If a
any, the baby can easily get hurt or hurt. Everything
existing fasteners must be safely hidden and
well twisted.

Also pay attention to what the interval
manufacturer left between the bars. It should not exceed 70-80
mm In this case, the crumbs head will not fit in this gap,
so worry that it will fall out or get stuck is not worth it.


There are models of additional beds, where absent party
Comes with included. When the crumb grows up, it can be fastened
to the crib. So baby quickly get used to sleep on their own. Also
in the kit to the children’s bed some manufacturers
offer soft side mattresses. Tying them to the bars of the bed
from the inside, you can save the crumb from accidental injury. Pretty
comfortable models with additional fabric shutters, lockable
on the zipper. If a мама боится нечаянно задеть малыша во время сна,
This option is the best way out. To feed the baby
need only unzip the zipper.


Common models of added beds


  • Слоники. This quality and environmentally friendly
    net production is presented on the modern Siberian market
    by the manufacturer. The frame of the product is made of birch, which
    carefully polished and impregnated with a special harmless composition.
    The approximate cost of the bed varies from 5 to 6 thousand rubles,
    what can afford many parents with a limited budget.
    The model is designed for babies from 0 to 9 months;
  • The smallest extra bed is made in the city
    Можга. The size of such a baby is 85×45 cm. Therefore, in
    She can easily sleep crumbs from birth to 4-5 months. Her price
    starts from 4000 rubles;
  • Хорошо зарекомендовали себя кроватки фирмы Sleep
    . This close in size to the standard, added
    The model has a rather interesting design. Kids can sleep in it
    age up to 2-3 years. This product is made of high quality
    beech or ash wood, but the price is already significantly higher – from 12,000
  • Pretty широкое распространение получили германские модели
    Tobi и Pinolino. For the manufacture of
    These lines of beds use fir and spruce. If a первая отличается
    classic design, then the models of the second line can please
    quite diverse forms. Цена от 10000 rubles;
  • Stylish and comfortable beds for babies from birth to 6
    месяцев выпускает европейская фирма Bednest.
    The advantage of these products is compactness. These beds can be
    easy to put in your bag and even take with you on the road. This is very
    convenient if you are planning a long trip. Their cost is from 20,000
  • Another well-known manufacturer of children’s side cots –
    итальянская фирма Cullabelly. The main difference is
    monophonic cover in which all bed is completely hidden. but
    it does not fit kids older than 5 months. The price of such products from
    15000 rubles;
  • Немецкая фирма Fabimax предлагает приставные
    models of beds, made exclusively from natural
    wood Included is an additional partition from
    quality fabric, with its help it is quite easy to combine a nursery
    and adult beds. Стоимость от 9000 rubles;
  • Кроватки приставные Малуша C751 достаточно
    spacious, but at the same time take up little space. They fit
    babies from birth to 8-9 months. Цена от 5500 rubles;
  • Кроватка Кораблик – это интересная приставная
    model having an original design. Crib size can be changed
    as the child grows, she can sleep in her babies up to 4 years old
    age The cost of 17,000 rubles.

A cot is a great choice for young people.
parents. Thanks to this acquisition, mother will always
slept, baby calm, and dad will not have to sleep at night
another room.


Oksana, 28 years old

We purchased our baby crib from Roba. She is
Serves us for more than a year and a half. This model is a transformer. Her
can be used as added and as usual. Huge plus that
In the kit there was an additional fabric curtain with a zipper. Even with
The side of the crumbs could be easily protected from falling,
if the cot was standing apart, and also to quickly access
baby, unzipping.

Vitaly, 30 years old

Received as a gift for the birth of the crumbs unique added
Sleep Well bed. Everything что могу сказать: удобно, практично, не
very expensive. I recommend to anyone who wants to be closer to his

Elena, 23 years old

After a month of torment, now I feel like a real mom.
Меня спасла приставная кроватка Mozhga. Kid беспокойный,
moody, all night long he had to rock him in his arms. Take
to her bed very afraid. Now there are no problems. Baby is sleeping
next to me, and I’m not afraid to accidentally crush it.

Sofia, 35 years old

We were approached by a wooden bed “Miracle”. The room was small
places, so there was no talk about a big children’s bed, but to relocate
the baby in a separate room did not want to. Now daughter
sleeping all the time beside me. Feeding has become much easier, no need
getting up from bed every time, and baby, feeling mom
side by side, sleeps much calmer.

Vlad, 31

We also had a cot. Now son has grown up, and we
they made a table out of it. And when guests come, she is easy
turns into a small sofa, for this you just need to lower
bottom and put small pillows.

Read reviews, find out prices, choose and buy
кроватку (и аксессуары) можете в интернет

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