Baby fell and hit: how to regret and calmbaby

The baby fell and hit. A few simple tips for young moms and
grandmothers, how to properly and effectively calm and regret the baby.
Phrases and deeds required crumbs at this moment.

Broken knee or bump on the forehead sometimes becomes whole
tragedy for young mothers, and especially grandmothers. The baby is crying,
parents groan and gasp, some even get hysterical, their ears
raised the whole area. All pity the poor fellow, calm, try
punish the ill-fated threshold or stool caught in the way. BUT
baby revels in universal attention and … even more bellowing.


Such situations occur in almost every family where there is
Small children. And for us, such reactions are quite natural. But to
Unfortunately, completely wrong. How is it worth doing,
if the baby fell, hit and cry?

What NOT to do and say when the child fell

  • Громко причитать, впадать в панику, уводить baby домой с
    playgrounds (if the child hit the playground). We read
    Важные правила для безопасности baby на детской
    площадке — учим baby правильно играть на детской площадке;
  • Show your fear, saying the words “horror”, “disaster”,
    �”nightmare”. And without that worried baby, your
    words and reaction;
  • Overly sorry for the child. Baby who gets used to complaining
    because of each scratch, grow too anxious and fearful;
  • Prevent the baby’s attempts to tell and show that it hurts,
    игнорировать боль baby. Even with a small scratch can not
    tell the child such phrases as “Stop whining!” “No big deal!”
    or “Men do not cry.” The kid will see you deny his pain and
    emotions, and will treat you with hostility and caution.

How to calm the baby

The child fell and hurt himself. It hurts him and he is scared. BUT тут ещё мама
does not know how to pull himself together to appear calm. Emotions and
facial expressions give tension and nervousness.


Psychologist’s comment. You need to follow up
their emotions, movements and facial expressions – they should show
child the same thing. If you say soothing words, but when
this anxiously grab the baby in his arms, he will still
be nervous

In this situation, you can, and most importantly, you need to pull yourself together and
calm down. Therefore, if she was frightened herself, first exhale with force
и потряси руками, чтобы дополнительно не возбуждать baby.
Such actions will relieve nervous tension. BUT вот
now calm and confident mom should make 3 easy

  1. Sit down to be on par with baby and gently.
    hug him.
  2. We say encouraging affectionate words of support: “I know that you
    hurts and really want to help you. You hit and scared. I
    I understand how scary you are right now, I’m with you, baby. I рядом с
    you, so, everything will be fine. ” Let the child cry a little
    in your arms. The main thing is that he will understand that you care about him.
    pain and feelings and you accept his feelings. Gradually emotions
    will subside and the child will calm down.
  3. When the first storms of emotions subside, tell the kid how you are
    You will treat the bruised knee together. �”We have a magic home
    water that hisses and removes dirt from the wound. BUT еще есть
    magical green elixir after which the wound will heal
    fast-fast. “

PROVEN TIMED! Be sure to end your
speech try to kiss a bruise or bruise. Tactile contact with
loved one has an amazing miracle
силой, эффектом плацебо, т.е. acts as a painkiller.
No medicine – and the child immediately easier! The main thing is to baby
believed in the magic power of my mother’s kiss.

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