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Only having given birth to a child did I realize how helpless he was
is what he has soft, silky skin that needs
in special care. The general mood and condition depends on it.
baby health. But how to protect the baby’s skin? This question has arisen
by itself, when I noticed how on the little berries appeared
diaper irritation. Ordinary baby cream did not cope, yes
and powder problem did not solve. After all, on how well
selected cosmetic for the baby, depends on the quality
care for him. In addition, children’s cosmetics should protect the skin.
the newborn, and not annoy her – this is the main
purpose of cosmetics for children.

GreenLab little

The main criterion by which I was guided by the choice of means
for my baby – a natural composition, where there are no
potential allergens. I didn’t have to search long: “experienced”
moms advised to try GreenLab little baby cosmetics.
And indeed, in these tools everything that I was looking for combines:

  • dyes, chemical components and fragrances are excluded;
  • includes all permissible for infants
  • cosmetics do not contain alcohol and do not dry baby skin;
  • only safe ingredients;
  • hypoallergenic composition;
  • natural base.

Although at first I reacted with disbelief to this product, but already
my opinion soon changed radically.

Why is the baby’s skin damaged?

The skin of the baby in the first years of life is so delicate that any
irritants can cause redness or rash, and, as
consequence, unpleasant itching, pain, poor sleep, crying. What can
cause irritation? From my own experience I can highlight
several factors, including:

  • allergic reactions;
  • changing the diet of the mother during lactation;
  • mineral based baby care
  • the use of clothing made of synthetics;
  • wet diaper, nappy;
  • temperature drops in the room;
  • teething period;
  • lack of oxygen to saturate the skin.

And since there are a lot of irritating factors, the issue of protection
Children’s skin for each mom is quite sharp. And in my opinion
GreenLab little products are based on
cow’s milk is great for solving this problem.
Natural cosmetic line on dairy components GreenLab
little is widely applicable among young moms, as she is perfect
suitable for any child from a very early age.

Why did I choose GreenLab little for my child?


All natural components of this cosmetics carefully care for
delicate skin, contribute to the strengthening of its lipid layer, and supplements
on the basis of healing herbs that act favorably on the whole
the body, reduce the risk to allergic manifestations. Besides,
Each component performs its important function, for example:

  1. Lactose affects baby skin gently, retains moisture in the first
    a layer of lipid that is necessary for skin
    infant due to the underdevelopment of its protective function.
  2. The fatty composition of milk, including the four main oils
    acts to strengthen the upper portion of the epidermis. Using
    this kind of composition, the skin is deeply soaked and acquires a barrier
    on the development of allergic reactions.
  3. Vitamin E increases the resistance of the skin from
    drying the lipid layer and makes the skin silky.

I was pleased and a variety of cosmetics – now I do not
you have to go shopping for hours looking for “just that”
shampoo, soap and cream.

What kind of GreenLab products have I used?

Seeing how quickly the hypoallergenic cream dealt with our
problem, decided to use other products of this company.
And this:

  1. Shampoo with lemon balm and lactose extract that is intended for
    hygienic procedures from the very first days. It has a light creamy
    smell, does not irritate and does not dry out the scalp. After washing
    baby’s hair is soft and fluffy.
  2. Lavender herb shampoo and lactose have a soft
    calming effect, toning for restful sleep.
  3. Baby cream with the smell of cream – designed to care for
    sensitive skin of a child from an early age. Thanks
    her soft concentrate based on herbal foam is superb
    suitable for daily swimming.
  4. Soft gel with the smell of cream, foams easily, it can
    use when bathing a baby from the first days of life. All components
    Allow to gently cleanse and moisturize baby’s skin: aloe
    faith and succession contribute to the confrontation to inflammatory
    processes, as they eliminate the irritating factor causing dermal
  5. Baby soap with a pleasant smell of cream restores protective
    the function of the skin, helps to fill it with moisturizing
    components in the area with diaper rash.
  6. Baby milk care every day acts to strengthen the
    upper epidermis. By applying this kind of composition, the skin is deep
    gets impregnated and acquires a barrier to the development of allergic
  7. Liquid talc for children milk with chamomile and vitamin E
    is a powder that removes excess moisture and prevents
    allergic to areas of skin folds. Protects against diaper rash and
    restores the skin’s PH balance.

Today, every young mom can confidently
give preference to high-quality and reliable cosmetic
GreenLab Little products that care for your skin

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