Baby Chin Tremor


  1. Causes
  2. Treatment
  3. Conclusion

Looking at their newborn baby, most moms notice that his chin trembles periodically (lower jaw), this is called tremor.

Tremor – involuntary muscle contractions that occur due to impaired functioning of the nervous system. But should not immediately panic, because this happens with almost every nursing child.

But you should not neglect this situation. Firstly it is necessary to find out the causes of tremor.


Why can a baby have a tremor? Is it dangerous for newborn chin tremor? This is usually caused by underdevelopment of the central and peripheral nervous system, even in a fully formed baby, not like a premature baby baby, but it does not stop forming after birth a child. The biggest transformation for the first months of your baby’s life. Therefore, for a newborn, trembling muscle is the norm, because he also has tendon reflexes inconsistent

Another reason for normal chest tremor the child is the immaturity of the endocrine system. At emotional experiences in infants stand out more the amount of the hormone norepinephrine, which is why it is even stronger nervous system is excited. In the first three to four months of life such an organism reaction is normal.

Any strong emotions can provoke tremor, and not only negative, but also positive.

Chin Tremor in the InfantThe following can be distinguished tremor factors:

  • Unusual sound;
  • Bright light;
  • Hunger;
  • Severe fright;
  • Fast sleep;
  • A sharp change in body position;
  • The process of undressing / dressing;
  • Feeding.

In this case, the child does not need any treatment, symptoms tremors fade away over time. But you can do it to assist. Conduct relaxing massage, engage with kid gymnastics. Water treatments also strengthen emotional and physiological state of your child.



But if, after three to four months, your baby does not have tremor stops, you should seek help from a pediatrician. Also medical intervention is necessary if:

  • The baby’s chin begins to tremble at rest;
  • Tremor duration exceeds 30 seconds;
  • Excessively intense trembling;
  • Trembling applies not only to the chin, but to the entire head, often captures the child’s arms and legs.

These signs may indicate that the baby has any disorders of the nervous system. Causes of violations can be emotional experiences of the mother during pregnancy, stress, overwork, various intrauterine infections. After all, even the slightest excitement during this period puts a strain on the nervous system fetus

Therefore, a doctor’s consultation is simply necessary. He will direct you to examination to a neurologist, who, in turn, will already try find out the causes of chin tremor in a child. You can do it spend a lot of time and energy, but it’s worth it.

Curing the disease at an early stage is much easier than dragged on for years. But self-medication will not help in this matter, but only exacerbate the problem.

Usually, relaxing baths are prescribed as treatment herbs (with lemon balm, mint, valerian), therapeutic massage for strengthening the cardiovascular system and improving blood circulation, special gymnastics. Ask for information on how they manifest cramps in infants.

Read an article on what to do when an infant bends his back and throws his head back. daily routine of the child, surround him with warmth and care of loved ones. Medication is required only for serious neurological disorders.

In this case, drugs stimulate the maturation of the nervous system. It is necessary to strictly comply with all the doctor’s prescriptions.


If you notice that your baby’s chin is shaking, then this is no reason to panic. But to remain indifferent is not follows. Observe in what situation, how often and for how long your the baby is subject to this. In three or four months, everything will pass by itself, and if not, then you will need a specialist consultation.

And remember, the most important thing for emotional, psychological and the physiological health of the baby is healthy, happy and calm parents who do not know what chin tremor is baby.

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