Baby chair on artificialfeeding

If the baby has to be fed artificially, it is necessary
consider that his intestinal function is changing.
Accordingly, everything that is connected with such prosaic and
an important process like kakanie.

как должен какать ребенок на искусственном feeding

It would seem that everything should be simple with the “artificial artists” –
sterile bottle, the same mixture. And there should be no problems.
But it is not so. The body of each person is unique, and
baby – especially. Since there should be a baby on
искусственном feeding и чем отличается стул

By color

The color of the chair is darker. Although it may depend on the
mixtures vary from yellow to dark brown.

Что должно насторожить?

If the color of the chair is unnaturally yellow or orange – problems with
the liver.

If it is green, it means a different kind.

The only exception to worrying about –
child’s age up to a week. Green chair at this age
natural, it is meconium. 

If it is very dark, almost black – this means that in the chair
there is blood.


У грудничков на искусственном feeding стул более густой.
Sometimes it can be viewed white creative inclusions.
This means that the proportions, the mixture
came out more dense than required, not fully digested. BUT
He may have a little over this, although the serving volume was
as always.

It may be too thick, almost like adults. It is too
says that the mixture was prepared incorrectly.

Ideally, the chair should look like a homogeneous, mushy

Что должно насторожить?

  • If the stool is too thin, with foam, a putrid odor.
  • Wateriness, mucus, streaked with blood.


Если малыш находится на искусственном feeding, то вопрос
how much shit should he, and how often, get up at first on one of
first places.

A newborn baby can recover in the first weeks.
very often, literally after each feeding. Over time this
the amount is reduced, first to 3-4, then up to 2 times

сколько раз в день ребенок какает (на искусственном feeding)

Что должно насторожить?

  • If an “adult baby” has several weeks or months from
    the chair suddenly appears 5-6 or more times a day – diarrhea.
  • If there is no chair at all for a few days – constipation.

In any case, if you even thought that the child poops
somehow “wrong”, it is better to immediately show it to the doctor.
Take the soiled diaper with you. And let your little one be
always healthy!

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