Baby at 9 months (development calendar)

By nine months, your child has changed dramatically. It is no longer
that clumsy fat man he was recently. Now baby
mobile, curious and spends a lot of time on the floor. Mother’s hands
more and more often remain free, now it is enough for her sometimes
keep the baby in sight, while fully communicating with him.
Child development at 9 months is mostly aimed at
improvement of the bone and muscular system. Beginning of the third
trimester is a time of physical and psychological preparation
child’s body to upright walking.

The content of the article

  • 1 What’s new in physical development?
    • 1.1 What can baby in 9 months?
    • 1.2 What’s new in mental development?
    • 1.3 Test the development of the baby in 9 months.
  • 2 How to feed a baby in 9 months?
  • 3 Mode – sleep and wake
  • 4 How to help your baby develop?

развитие ребенка в 9 месяцев

What is new in physical development?

In connection with the increase in motor activity of a child at 9 months
starts to recruit less than before. For the ninth month the baby can
add from 300 to 550 g and grow by 1 – 2 cm. By the end of the month
children have a weight of 8.5 – 9.5 kg (± 1 kg), height 69.5 – 72.5 cm (± 3

таблица прибавки веса и роста детей до года

What can baby in 9 months?

  1. The baby sits down at nine months and can easily sit
    up to 10 minutes. From a sitting position can reach and take
    a toy
  2. Independently stands at the support, can do several
    small steps, goes behind the chair (holding the back of the chair, moves
    him and goes after him). In the walker can stay awake until 10
    minutes, jumps up and crouches in them.
  3. A crumb trying to crawl. Get on all fours baby still
    it is difficult, but many children can crawl in their bellies. But if
    crumbs can’t do it yet, don’t worry, just
    Help him learn the skill.
  4. A child at 9 months is increasingly using pinching –
    takes an object with two or three fingers, it can even pick up
    crumbs. The fine motor skills of the baby are actively developing, he shoves his own
    fingers, wherever possible, everything is trying to touch. Able to tear on
    scraps of paper.
  5. The kid confidently holds objects in his hands: pieces of food, a cup, but
    it’s still hard for him to open his fingers, so if a crumb for something
    grabbed, then take away it is extremely difficult. If you try
    take away some object from the child, it will push away your hand and
    turn away.
  6. In a child at 9 months, teeth with
    all the attendant phenomena (capriciousness, drooling,
    температура 370С). Do not worry if there are no teeth yet,
    normally they may appear later and grow a few at once.

Подробно: что умеет ребенок в 9 месяцев

What is new in mental development?

  1. The baby’s speech at nine months continues to evolve fast.
    pace: he constantly repeats syllables, begins to tie them in
    short words (father, mother, woman) and associates them with objects.
    The child changes intonation during the “conversation”.
  2. He knows his name, responds to it with a revitalization complex:
    turns his head, smiles.
  3. Emotions of a child at 9 months become definite: he
    rejoices or laughs when he is amused, does not hide his resentment and anger,
    when angry.
  4. Shows a finger not only on those items that would like to
    to get, and wherever I would like to climb: asks to open a locker,
    fridge, get something out of your pocket.
  5. Understands simple requests: “take it”, “come here”. Starts
    learn gestures: nods his head – “no” or “yes”.
  6. The child helps to dress himself: pushes the sleeves into the sleeves,
    pulls the leg in the leg. He can take off his hat. Holds a cup of two
    hands, eating fingers.
  7. Playing hide and seek, understands where you are, even if you are not visible. Can
    find by voice or rustle.
  8. Most often toys are still misused: love
    strike one against the other, invest in each other, throw and look,
    as falls.

Test the development of the baby in 9 months.

  • The baby should be able to sit without support, try to get up,
    try to crawl over the toy, hold the cup in two hands, grab
    two fingers.
  • Lying on the tummy should reach for the toy and try
  • In a sitting position, the child should be able to turn and take
    subject side or slightly behind.
  • The kid imitates your gestures and actions: show how you need
    drumming with chopsticks, the child should be able to repeat.
  • When you are trying to take away a toy, the kid should be able to
    discourage this: hold tight, overtighten.
  • In the child’s speech must be present repeated
  • The kid should distinguish between loved ones and strangers, respond to their

The absence of any of the above skills should
to alert you. Be sure to consult about this with
children’s doctor. 

How to feed a baby in 9 months?

Continue to breastfeed or feed and feed in new foods.

Breast milk (formula) should be 1/4 of the daily diet.
baby at 9 months. If you started to lure at 6 months, then
you are replaced by three breastfeeds and are present in the baby’s diet
All main products:


vegetable 150 -180 g and fruit puree 50 – 80 g, porridge up to 180 g,
meat 50 g, yolk 1 \ 2 two times per week, kefir and cottage cheese 30 – 40
g, rusk and wheat bread 5 g, vegetable oil and cream
on 5 g, juice (fruit or vegetable) to 80 g. Cottage cheese can be given
with kefir in evening feeding. In the ninth month, start typing.
low-fat fish about 50 g, once a week, as well as meat
Steamed meatballs. Puree can be made now from
several vegetables with the addition of greens. Kashi can be from a mixture
cereals, including gluten (oat, wheat), with good
portability. It is better not to give semolina until 1 year, as she
hard to digest.

Mode – sleep and wake

The baby sleeps 2 times a day for 2 hours, and at night – up to 10 hours. To that
age, the daytime sleep pattern may change somewhat: since
at night the baby began to sleep longer and wake up later, then naps
can move a little. But many babies continue to sleep and
play in the same mode.

Infants also wake up at night and ask for breasts, but not from
feelings of hunger, but because of the psychological need for intimacy
mothers. Most likely, this will happen until you wean from the breast.

At this age, babies have problems sleeping. Related
This is due to the fact that babies can already intentionally stretch time.
wakefulness as they please. They are beginning to understand what is
Day, but there is night, and at night everyone is asleep, and during the day they play. therefore
Teach the child to the regime, make sure that he does not overwork

How to help your baby grow?

Even if it’s hard for you, keep carrying the baby in your arms. Before
how the baby goes, it is necessary for proper mental

Continue to develop speech: talk to the baby,
read picture books. Prefer small
rhymes and cues in which words are repeated. Discuss with
child picture, ask to find something on it and show
finger. Use themed cards with
pictures. Do your best to make the baby learn
ребенок в 9 месяцев

  • Make a roller out of the blanket and slide it under the baby’s breast.
    Raising the baby for the ends of the blanket, help him crawl to
  • When a child tries to crawl, create a support at its feet
    for one leg, then for the other. So he quickly mastered the technique
    cross crawling.
  • If your baby is already crawling, buy him a house with
    a tunnel. The child will certainly be delighted, crawling out of the house
    into the tunnel and back, and finding there different surprises. Can do
    the tunnel itself from cardboard boxes.
  • Show your child how to build a tower of cubes or fold
    pyramid And although the baby himself will not be able to repeat it yet, but he
    It will be very interesting to watch you do it. Maybe he
    will try to put one cube on another or put a ring on
    the wand is also a step towards the new. Let the crumbs destroy the tower
    which you have built and make another one – let it break. In that
    Aged babies like to watch something fall,
    crumbles. Ask him to put the cubes in a box after
    as the tower shattered.
  • It’s time to get acquainted with the toilet paper! Show the crumbs how she
    unwound. The kid will gladly start crumpling, tearing and
    scatter pieces of paper – a good workout for the fingers. You can also
    stick a piece of scotch to the child’s palm, baby will have fun
    take it away from you
  • Even if you have a boy, buy him a doll. Bigger toy
    will be like a real child, the better. Plant baby doll
    opposite your baby and show where the nose, eyes, mouth and all
    rest. Then ask the child to show where and what the doll has, and
    where is he
  • Keep playing in the bathroom: show your baby how to pour
    a little water from one glass to another.
  • Насыпьте в миску крупу и закопайте в ней маленькие toys.
    Have the child find them in the croup with your hand.
  • Get a little chest for your baby with small items from different
    materials, there you can put: a piece of linoleum, scraps of different
    fabrics (silk, flannel, wool), cardboard, bottle cork, sponge,
    in general, everything that is safe. Let the baby know tactile
  • Continue to play Ladushki, include children’s songs or
    happy music, clap your hands together under it.
  • At 9 months, the baby can crawl and sit, so you can
    complicate many exercises for him, enter into classes
    gymnastic equipment: ball, wooden stick, plastic

For a child in the ninth month, communication in the game is very important.

Take care that there is a collection of objects in the kitchen and in the rooms
which can be given to the baby for games. You can invent
classes for the child, perhaps he himself will tell by his actions,
what i would like to play Let the little one start the game yourself,
so you teach him to be independent and teach him to take

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