Baby at 5 months (development calendar)

Child на 5-м месяце продолжает осваивать инструменты
communication: smile, laughter, babble, who become every day everything
expressive, lively, and filled with meaning. He becomes more active
and mobile in motion: flips, from a recumbent position
gradually strive to sit, independently takes
various poses. Развитие ребенка в 5 месяцев –
This is the period of consolidation and improvement of previously received
skills and the transition to a new way of life when the baby can

The content of the article

  • 1 Physical development
    • 1.1 Height and weight
    • 1.2 Что умеет младенец в конце 5-го месяца
  • 2 Психическое развитие
    • 2.1 How to help your child develop
      • 2.1.1 Squatting with deflection of the spine (do
        1 per day):
      • 2.1.2 Games
  • 3 Food and sleep
  • 4 Videos

Physical development

Child в 5 месяцев

Height and weight

Multiply your birth weight by two – approximately
so weighs now a five-month baby. В конце 5 месяца
ребенок должен иметь вес 6.5 — 7.5 кг (±1 кг)
и рост 63 — 65 см (± 3 см). This month he is picking up
700 g and adds about 2 cm.

Almost all unconditioned reflexes in a child diminish by 4–5 months
(see month 4), the Moro reflex should disappear by the end of the 5th month.
(About reflexes)

В физическом развитии малыша наблюдаются заметные

Что умеет младенец в конце 5-го месяца

  1. Child в 5 месяцев может уже хорошо сидеть при поддержке
    back, holding something with his hands. Independently he sit until
    able (when the child begins to sit on their own?).
  2. If you put the child in an upright position, supporting
    armpit, then it stands almost straight, without bending the legs.
  3. If you keep the baby in the air parallel to the floor face down, then
    he raises his upper body and head to the midline and
    keeps them in that position.
  4. If you pull it by the arms in the supine position, the baby
    tightened and will not let the head tilt back.
  5. Lying on the back, the child lifts the legs and arms, examines
    their, pulls feet in mouth.
  6. Lying on the stomach, lifted on the forearms and confidently holds
  7. He stretches his hand to a moving object and can already
  8. Actively turns on the flank, from the abdomen to the back.
  9. Спинные мышцы ребенка в 5 месяцев уже развиты
    enough so that he could make the “airplane”: lying on
    tummy with a raised head, moves the arms and legs.

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Психическое развитие

  1. Baby babbler becomes more discriminating, this is no longer primitive
    separate sounds, and their combination: “ma”, “nya”, “yes”, “ba”. Child
    pronounces them, repeating several times in different combinations, giving out
    something like a pipe.
  2. Scarce at times “talking” with himself, clearly sharing
  3. Distinguishes strict and gentle intonation. May be offended when on
    he is cursed or shouted. Pauses when talking to him
    attentively listening. She tries to draw attention to herself.
  4. Child без труда узнает знакомые лица, настораживается при
    form of new people. Responds to facial expressions. Captures connections
    between hairstyle, eyes, voice, remembers the image as a whole. Loves
    consider images of people in pictures, prefers
  5. Even if the baby seems sociable in the presence of the mother, then
    without her, next to strangers, becomes fearful.
  6. In the fifth month, the visual control ability improves.
    hand movements: the baby can easily take the desired object, looking
    on him.
  7. She cannot yet find a toy that is covered with something, but if
    close not completely, then the child will understand where it is hidden.
  8. Some children may already remember the quality characteristics.
    items, for example: the color or size of the toy, how it feels, and
    prefer these things to others.
  9. By the beginning of the 6th month, the baby can not only grab and hold
    a toy, and pull it over, take it away.
  10. Child теперь может уделять самостоятельной игре 5 – 10

If some skills (see 4 months) are absent in a child, then
need to consult with a pediatrician.

How to help your child develop

В этом периоде занятия с ребенком непременно должны
be concentrated on the development of the musculoskeletal system.
Special attention must be paid to muscle exercises.
back, because the baby needs to learn to sit, and
securing the skills of a coup from the back to the tummy and
It is necessary to spend daily 20 – 30 minutes
gymnastics in combination with massage. All exercise
It is recommended to accompany the bill, so the child is formed
sense of rhythm. You can turn on the rhythmic music.

Squat exercise with spinal deflection (do 1 time
in a day):

  • Child лежит на спинке. Put your baby in the palm of your hand
    fingers of his hands, let him squeeze them. Grab the rest of your fingers.
    child’s wrists.
  • Spread the child’s arms slightly to the sides and pull him towards you,
    until the baby sits down.
  • Then lift the hands of the baby up and lock them there with one
    by hand.
  • Swipe your free hand along the spine of the crumbs
    down up. Child при этом рефлекторно разогнет backrest.
  • After that, gently supporting the head, put the baby in
    initial position.

«Подползание»: лежа на животике, малыши
already seeking to reach lying next to toys. Crawling it
not yet named, but can be considered the first step to
crawl. Lay out next to the crumbs of toys at a distance
larger than a child’s outstretched arm. Palm to create support for him
legs. Let the kid trying to crawl and grab items. it
It will be a good gymnastics for all muscle groups of the baby.

Массаж для ребенка в 5 месяцев должен
somewhat complicated.
Besides rubbing, stroking,
vibrations and tapping can be used tingling
gnarly kneading and felting.

Keep carrying the baby in your arms.
�”Talk” with him, tell and show him everything
surrounding Let the baby explore as much as possible.
number of items, but be careful, because the child is now
pulls everything in your mouth, so make sure the toys are clean and
safety of surrounding objects.


For a while, the baby can now be placed in the playpen,
but don’t leave it there for long.
Long stay in
manege or crib gives the crumbs impression of isolation and
limited space and can dull the child’s desire
explore the world.


Для пятимесячного крохи интересны будут игры в
�“Ku-ku”, “Soroka-ravenu”, “Goat horned go”, “Ladushki”. (see 4
months) В этом возрасте малыши любят игры с разными

  • �”As the animals say”: pronounce sounds, imitating animals.
    At the same time call the beast and show it in the picture.
  • Read the child books with poteshkami and quatrains, they
    develop the memory of the baby.
  • Touch different parts of the child’s body, affectionately calling them:
    nose-kurnosik, blue eyes, pink cheeks.
  • Sew little bells on baby’s socks, let them
    ring when the child moves his legs. On the pens can be done
    bracelets with bells or bright stripes (butterfly,
    flower), baby will look at them when he lifts the handles.
  • Roll call: enter gradually into the “vocabulary” of the baby new
    syllables. Listen carefully to what the child is saying, and then
    answer him as if you are keeping up the conversation. After some
    time baby will repeat for you. It is important that the crumb saw your
    face, watching gestures and facial expressions.

развитие ребенка в 5 месяцев

Play with the baby in front of the mirror. Take the baby in your arms
and wave your hand to the reflection in the mirror. Perhaps the baby will be very
surprised by the appearance of a second mother with someone in her arms. Bye baby
perceives the reflection in the mirror as another living object. If you
take the toy in your hand, the baby will try to grab it in
mirror, not noticing it in your hands. Up to about 1.5 years old children are not
they understand that only reflection is in the mirror.

To develop tactile sensitivity, make a set
multi-colored pads of different fabrics (flannel, silk, corduroy).
When the baby is lying on the tummy, give it to him, let him touch and
looks at. When the child grows up, such pads can be
lay out in pairs in color, size or pattern.

If you like to sew, you can do it specifically for your baby.
textile book with applications of different fabrics, velcro,
lacing sewn buttons. Subject books can be
distinguishing, depending on the sex of the child.

Food and sleep

Режим сна и бодрствования у ребенка в 5
месяцев остается такой же, как и в прошлом месяце (see 4
months) For each child it is individual and depends on biorhythms and
temperament: someone wakes up early and just goes to bed, and someone
likes to get up later and “walks” half the night. Kids can still be confused
day with night, but many children are already sleeping at night longer than
in the afternoon, waking up 1 – 2 times.

Кормление пока остается без изменений (see 4 months) Keep going
breastfeed or mixture on demand.

In 5 months, the introduction of the first feeding
if a:

  • You have little milk;
  • Child плохо прибавляет в весе, капризничает, не
    eats up;
  • He is tormented by abdominal pain or constipation, rare or scanty.
  • He often spits up (more than 2 times a day or after each

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о режим дня ребенка в 5 месяцев

In any of these cases, consult a pediatrician to
he determined that the cause was really malnourished and picked up
first feed

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Full calendar of child development in one article
�“Development up to a year by months”

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