Baby at 3 months (development calendar)

In the first year of the child develops very rapidly. New
skills appear literally every day, and very often kids
�”Give out” a whole range of innovations at once, making a real leap.
Especially significant in this regard is the third month of life.

The content of the article

    • 0.1 Height and weight
    • 0.2 Reflexes at three months
    • 0.3 New умения
  • 1 The development of the psyche and the emotional sphere (mental development
    in three months)

    • 1.1 Sight
    • 1.2 Hearing
  • 2 Питание и сон
  • 3 How to take a crumb – playing with a child
    • 3.1 How to take a 3 month old baby (video)
    • 3.2 Third month of life. Child development calendar

Развитие ребенка в 3 of the month

Child development at 3 months is the result of all that the baby needs.
learned in the past tense. After adaptation is over
to new conditions and mode of existence, the child begins to actively
explore the world. His physical, mental, emotional
and social development is entering an active phase.

You can highlight the main “achievements” that
shows a child in 3 months:

  1. Due to the intensive development of subcutaneous adipose tissue
    A 3-month-old baby is “rounded”: his body becomes plump,
    cheeks and folds appear on the limbs.
  2. Physically, the baby acquires new skills. By 3 months
    children master the coup from the back to the tummy, and lying on the stomach,
    may rise for several minutes, leaning on
  3. The semblance of the day regimen begins to emerge: sleep and
    the child is awake at about the same time, therefore
    Mom makes it easier to plan your day. DETAILED about the mode of the day
    by the hour.
  4. The period begins when the baby tries everything “to the tooth.”

Well, now let’s talk more about the development of the child in all

Height and weight

The physical development of the child is always very exciting and parents, and
pediatricians. Monthly visits to the clinic are not accompanied
only a general inspection, but also the measurement of weight and height. At all,
figure of height and weight is very conditional. For a child
in 3 months you can roughly focus on the following figures:

  • Weight 3-6 kg.
  • Height 54-64 cm.

На рост и вес влияют разные факторы: вес и рост
at birth, type of food, genetics. Tables used
most pediatricians were developed by Soviet specialists and
compiled on the basis of data on children receiving artificial

таблица прибавки роста и веса (ребенок до года)

growth and weight gain table (click to

В настоящее время многие мамы настроены исключительно на грудное
feeding, so the baby’s parameters may differ from
tabular numbers. For a pediatrician this may be a reason to talk about
lacking or overweight, but if you are breastfeeding,
Remember that on the GW the increments can be from 0.5 to 2 kg.
To feed the baby with breast milk is simply impossible, underfeed
possible only if the feeding technique is violated (as
breastfeeding properly). For example, if the mother does not allow the baby
to be at the breast for as long as it requires, or often changes

Moms babies should be more relaxed to treat inconsistencies
height and weight of the child with some figures. If the child is active,
eats, sleeps, studies the world, if he pisses not less than 12
once a day and pokes 6-8 times, his hair and nails grow –
that means he’s fine.

Reflexes at three months

The behavior of the infant and his actions are regulated with
using reflexes and instincts. Most reflexes of newborns
already fade away by 3 months. For example, at this age the presence of
The following reflexes may indicate neurological

  • search reflex (in response to stroking the corner of the lips, the child
    turns the head towards the stimulus and opens the mouth);
  • proboscis reflex (touching the upper lip leads to
    the fact that the child pulls out the sponge in the form of a proboscis);
  • Babkin’s reflex (when pressing a finger on the palm of a baby, he
    opens the mouth and makes the head move forward).

Some reflexes can still be saved. For example, reflex
Moreau, expressed in the fact that the child throws up the handles and
spreading fingers when he is laid on his back or
raise his legs above the surface. This ancient reflex
evolutionarily developed to protect the child from falling.

But the sucking reflex and crawling reflex at 3 months still
very pronounced as they are directly involved in
survival and harmonious development of the child.

New умения

Two basic skills that form to 3

  • the ability to roll from back to tummy;
  • умение приподнимать голову и плечи с опорой на forearm

There are no strict standards in this matter either. Someone from
малышей совершает все эти действия уже в три of the month, кто-то
begins to make the first attempts only closer to 4-5 months. Have
each little man has his own speed of development, so if
the baby is healthy and has no neurological problems, he
be sure to learn to roll over and rise (when children
begin to roll over).

By the way, the process of mastering new skills can be a bit
to speed up. This will help parents The following tips:

  1. To the standard daily gymnastics add exercise,
    stimulating coups. The baby lies on the back, his right leg
    you need to lift, holding the shin, and lead to the left, as if
    throwing it over the body. This moment in coups is
    for the child the most difficult, because it is he who gives the whole body
    impulse to make a movement. Later, the kids learn themselves.
    push off from a horizontal surface.
  2. In good faith, perform the full range of exercises that
    recommend pediatricians. The basis of all new physical skills lies
    общее хорошее развитие тела и мышц baby
  3. Contribute to the development of a second skill can be very simple
    way: regularly lay the baby on his stomach. And to lie in
    Such a pose was interesting, lay out bright toys in front of him.
    A great option for this age is a developing mat.
    On it, the baby will not be bored either on the back or on the tummy. Many
    mats have a small round mirror in the kit.
    Looking at your reflection there while lying on your stomach is fascinating.

Подробная статья: Что умеет ребенок в 3
of the month

Try to praise your kid often for all his achievements, although with
this is usually no problem: moms and dads are sincerely happy,
когда видят, что умеет любимое чадо.

Another tip concerns security: after baby
learned to roll over, do not leave him alone on high
surfaces (on the couch or changing table). On such
child’s surfaces can only be with an adult, otherwise
may fall and even be injured. If you need to quit
rooms – put the baby in a crib or a chaise lounge.

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roll over

The development of the psyche and the emotional sphere (mental development in
три of the month)

Психическое и эмоциональное развитие к 3 of the monthм тоже набирает
turnovers. First of all, the senses are very actively developing and
basic mental functions.


Significantly changed vision. Now the baby can follow
gaze behind a moving toy, is able to peer into the object. it
It means that the child develops objective perception: he begins
perceive an object as a complex of properties, and with more
the number of senses he can perceive the subject, the greater
information about the subject of observation he will receive. That is why babies
so fond of not only considering but also trying to bite or
lick everything that gets into the handle.


Hearing ребенка тоже развивается и совершенствуется. At the age of 3
months, the baby is already perfectly isolates different sounds from the general background,
can accurately determine the source of the sound, and, of course, already very
knows his native voices well. On mother’s voice, the baby turns
head towards her and smiles.

Ощущение и восприятие для ребенка в 3 of the month являются главными
mental processes by which the study takes place
the world around us. These two processes occur in all areas.
feelings: sight, hearing, smell, touch. Very baby
I like to touch different surfaces and objects with my fingers,
lick rattles, look at pictures and people’s faces,
enjoy different sounds.

Great progress is also being made in the emotional sphere. IN 3
of the month дети начинают дарить свои первые осознанные улыбки, самые
sincere and open. The main innovation of this age is
�”Complex revitalization” – a bright emotional reaction, which
shows a child when a close adult appears. �”Complex
Revitalization “is manifested not only in smiles. Baby starts actively
pounding, moving hands and feet, showing in every way how
he is glad to see a loved one.

Питание и сон

Как мы уже говорили, к трем of the monthм начинает формироваться режим
of the day itт режим еще будет неоднократно меняться, но для мамы уже
there is some certainty and the ability to plan your
affairs Mostly baby, like a newborn baby, spends time
for food and sleep, but already there are periods of active wakefulness.
The main questions in this regard: how much is eating and how much is sleeping
three month old baby

Sleep, as before, takes up most of
At this age, children sleep in the amount of up to 17 hours.
Usually, 9-10 hours fall on the night, and the rest
distributed to 4 daytime sleep.

Much can be said about food, but we will focus on

If the baby’s food is a bottle mix, the mode and volume
feeding is determined by the recommendations of manufacturers adapted
mixes. Breast-fed babies suck
on demand and are at the breast so much, so much to them
need to.

Для мам, кормящих грудью, полезно будет знать, что 3 of the month –
growth spurt and lactation crisis. it своего рода
a turning point that is very important to pass successfully.

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питание малыша в три of the month

The child is actively exploring the world, so with attachment to the chest
difficulties may arise. Many мамы рассказывают, что ребенок
starts spinning around, looking around to see everything around
distracting from the chest. In the mother’s body, too, occur some
changes: by this time the lactation is getting better, and the woman
ceases to feel hot flashes.

Not knowing about these features, the restless behavior of the baby
breasts and lack of hot flashes mom can interpret as a disadvantage
milk and start supplementation mixture. Do not do this. At the very
a critical period that lasts only a couple of days is better
focus on the baby and continually offer the breast, putting aside
all household and personal affairs – this will help keep lactation and
successfully overcome a difficult moment.

Old-fashioned pediatricians and loving grandmothers often start
insist on the introduction of complementary foods at 3 months of age. Usually speech
comes about apple juice, and then mashed potatoes. For children on
breastfeeding, these recommendations are no longer relevant.

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How to take a baby – playing with a child

In moments of active wakefulness, the baby is no longer just interested.
lying in the crib. An inquisitive little tot seeks to
see and hear something new and interesting. Funny
the game is the best activity with the child.

игры с ребенком в три of the month

Games at this age are quite simple and short. Great
if the game is accompanied by a fun pit or just
a poem. Дело в том, что в 3 of the month уже начинает развиваться
speech The child makes the first sounds that are in a scientific language.
called pre-verbal vocalizations. it протяжные гласные звуки:
yyyyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? For the full development of speech just
need to hear words and sounds. Folklore works fit
for babies as well as possible, because they were specially composed
by our ancestors, and they are always chanted.

As part of the game you can do finger gymnastics, massage
palms and feet, or invite the baby to touch with his hand different
textures (pieces of cloth, croup, etc.). Games with a rattle – also
Great option for 3 months.

You can offer the child to consider large pictures in
the book, necessarily pronouncing and naming all objects and details.
The pictures themselves for this age should be very sketchy and

Communication with the child is important not only during the games. Talk with
the baby must be accompanied by every contact with him, whether
dressing for a walk or changing a diaper. Speech must be
emotional and calm. For a child это не только способ
development, but also an indicator of my mother’s love and acceptance, and this is even
more important than new information and skills.

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How to take a 3 month old baby (video)

The third month of life. Child development calendar


Full calendar of child development in one article
«развитие до года по of the monthм»

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