Autism and vaccinations: is there a connection?

Update: February 2019

According to statistics all over the world there is
a catastrophic increase in the development of autism in children (every 68 children in
USA has autism). Neuroscientists believe that there is
causation between the occurrence of this disease
and prophylactic vaccination.

According to scientists, vaccinations themselves are not the cause of autism, but with
baby’s susceptibility to autism disorders vaccination
can be a trigger for the occurrence of violations
brain. That is, the disease would have developed without vaccination,
but vaccination gives it a boost.


Today, the following factors are considered to be proven.
in the development of the disease:

  • ingestion of the mother of various harmful substances (with
    air, water, food), both before and during pregnancy
  • accumulation of salts of heavy metals (including mercury) in
    mother’s body, and the so-called “fashion” for the birth of children after
    30-35 years, increases the risks (the older the mother, the more
  • genetic features, etc.

Medical publication Lancet in 1998 published
research results from UK scientists who tied
vaccinations against mumps, measles and rubella with a wave of autism. But
then it was reported possible mistakes in this

An international group of scientists recently also voiced the theory that
that the presence of organic mercury salt in vaccines for babies (in
as a preservative) can serve as an impetus for
autism. If the child has the prerequisites for such a violation,
vaccinations can be provocateurs of onset.

Given the growing incidence of autism in children,
after vaccination, scientists call on parents and
pediatricians are very responsible in deciding on
vaccination, carry it out only after a thorough
diagnostics and evaluation of the baby’s health status (see
vaccination of children in Russia).

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