Atsipol: instructions for use, dosage,course of therapy, analogues

Update: October 2018

Atsipol is the original domestic drug from the group
eubiotics, which implies a useful composition in the form of
natural inhabitants of the colon involved in
digestion and vitamin formation. Designed and officially
registered in Russia in 1995 in (tablets Atsipol), and in 2006
released capsules Acipol.

The preparation contains strains of lactobacilli that
isolated from healthy adults and children. Strains were selected
A group of authors VNIIMI and combined in the dosage form. Atsipol
most often prescribed for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes when
following pathologies:

  • dysbacteriosis
  • diarrhea of ​​various etiologies.

Фармгруппа: Препарат для регуляции равновесия кишечной

The composition of the drug, release form, price

Capsules: Lactobacillus acidophilus + Saccharomyces

  • Price: № 30: 259-338 rub.
Main substance
  • Живые лактобациллы ацидофильные – 107 КОЕ;
  • Polysaccharide kefir fungus 400 mcg.
Auxiliary components Gelatin, red iron oxide, titanium dioxide.
Physicochemical properties Capsule contents: dried creamy biomass or
cream colored, with the smell of fermented milk product.
Packaging 10 capsules in blister packs – 1, 3, 6 plates per
carton box. On 20 or 30 capsules in polymeric banks,
packed in carton.

pharmachologic effect

В составе Atsipolа находятся 2 активных компонента:
lyophilized mixture in a special cultivation medium
microbial mass of antagonistically active live acidophilic
lactobacilli (probiotics) and inactivated by the method of heating
Kefir Fungi (Prebiotics). Kefir fungi contain
water-soluble polysaccharide, which determines the therapeutic effect

The eubiotic effect of the drug is based on the possibility
lactobacilli acidify the environment and effectively cleave polysaccharides
– it creates adverse conditions for life
pathogenic bacteria.

По своему механизму действия Atsipol относится к многофакторным
therapeutic drugs. Atsipol характеризуется
antagonistic activity against opportunistic and
pathogenic microorganisms (Proteus, Salmonella, E. coli
enteropathogenic, etc.), acts on the intestinal microflora
corrective manner and enhances immunological reactivity.


Помимо этого, Atsipol способен:

  • synthesize vitamins B 12 and B5;
  • reach the intestines without collapsing due to
    resistant to alkalis and acids;
  • to ferment disaccharides (galactose, lactose, fructose,
    glucose, maltose, cellobiose, sucrose, mannose, trihalose,
    salicin) – it allows you to prescribe a drug in case of insufficiency

Показания к применению Atsipolа

  • Dysbacteriosis of any etiology;
  • Состояния, приводящие к dysbacteriosisу:
    • OCI (salmonellosis, dysentery, rotavirus
    • chronic colitis;
    • infectious and non-infectious enterocolitis;
    • long-term antibiotic therapy.
  •  Dysbacteriosis and weight deficiency in the background:
    • active antibiotic treatment of purulent-septic diseases in
    • chronic and recurrent pathologies of organs
    • atopic dermatitis and other allergic diseases.
  • Профилактика dysbacteriosisа.
  • Increase the overall resistance of the body to infections.


  • hypersensitivity to any component of the drug;
  • children up to 3 months.

Pregnancy and lactation

В инструкции по применению Atsipolа данных о применении препарата
pregnant and lactating women do not.


Препарат Atsipol предназначен для приема внутрь: капсулу
swallowed without prior chewing and washed down

The daily dose and course of treatment are set individually
order depending on age, duration and severity
заболевания, а также выраженности dysbacteriosisа.

  • Children 3 months-3 years: 1 capsule twice or thrice a day, during
    food Time. Capsule open and dissolve its contents boiled
    water or in milk (not hot).
  • Children from 3 years and adults: 1 capsule three times-four times
    day, half an hour before meals.
  • Prevention: 1 capsule once a day for 10-15 days.
  • Repeat courses are allowed no earlier than 1 month after
    complete the previous course.

For the treatment of acute intestinal infections, 5-8 days of treatment are usually sufficient.
Longer courses are given if children are lagging behind.
against the background of chronic diseases accompanied

Side effect

In recommended doses, the drug does not cause adverse

special instructions

Do not use the drug in the following cases:

  • with compromised packaging integrity;
  • without marking or with fuzzy marking;
  • capsules with impaired shape or inclusions;
  • expired.

Аналоги Atsipolа

Bifidumbakterin, Apibakt, Primadofilus, Laktogin, Laktovit
Forte, Bifikol, Bioflor and others (see for more information Probiotics – list
drugs and dietary supplements).

Linex 350-600 rubles.  Bifiform 450 rub.  Bifidumbacterin Forte 400 rub.  Bificol 270 rub.
 Лактобактерин 150- 200 rub.  Примадофилус — это БАД — 600-1200 rub.  Florin Forte 10 pcs.200 rub, 30 pcs 550 rub.  Ацилакт -280 rub.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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