ATсе об искусственном вскармливании (ИAT)

ATсе молодые мамы прекрасно понимают, что в первые месяцы жизни
more wholesome nutrition than breast milk for a newborn
no child. But иногда возникает ситуация при которой есть
the need to transfer the child to another diet (no breast
milk or mom can’t breastfeed). Artificial
feeding a newborn baby requires the right approach and
к выбору смеси и к следованию новому режиму power supply.
A pediatrician consultation is imperative.
перед началом ИAT.

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  • 1 Показания для перехода на ИAT
    • 1.1 Pros and cons of using artificial mixtures
    • 1.2 TOак смесь выбрать
    • 1.3 TOак приготовить питание
  • 2 How to feed a baby
    • 2.1 Rules and Tips
    • 2.2 ATидео: Правильное кормление из бутылочки
  • 3 Свободное ИAT
      • 3.0.1 Komarovsky

искусственное вскармливание ребенка

Показания для перехода на ИAT

ATскармливание даже самыми качественными смесями не сможет
fill those micronutrients that the baby gets with
mother’s milk. Therefore, the introduction of adapted nutrition should be
always justified. Pediatricians allocate several
circumstances when artificial feeding is considered

  • Difficult childbirth, after which the mother should
  • Taking some groups of essential medicines
    a woman;
  • Mom’s infectious diseases;
  • Lack of milk in the glands of the breast or its insufficiency.
    Lack of milk is determined by controlling weighing baby after
  • The impossibility of feeding the child due to temporary
    the absence of. This indication is justified when there are no conditions for
    storage of expressed milk or the period of absence of mother is calculated
    for weeks.

Lack of milk production must first
recover with the help of drugs that enhance lactation.
Artificial feeding ребенка начинают проводить, только если
these drugs do not bring the expected result. No need and
enter the mixes immediately, even a few grams of breast milk
useful for the body of the baby and to deprive him of this benefit is impossible.

Pros and cons of using artificial mixtures

Плюсы и минусы искусственных смесей

Not all young mothers seriously think about what awaits them and
baby in the transition to the use of infant formula. Often, only
because of its convenience, the woman deprives the child necessary for his
immunity and general health of trace elements. Before you take
решение о переходе на ИAT рекомендованной педиатром смесью нужно
взвесить все преимущества и недостатки нового power supply. TO
obvious advantages of artificial feeding

  • ATозможность кормления малыша другими родственниками. I.e
    mom can calmly go away on her own business and not worry that
    baby will cry from hunger;
  • ATскармливая ребенка из бутылочки, мама всегда знает, сколько он
    eats at once and, if there are problems with well-being, immediately
    notices this by the amount of power left;
  • The appearance of allergies is always associated with the type of mixture. In order to
    identify an allergen in a breastfed baby who is lactating
    Mom has to completely revise their diet;
  • The mixture is digested longer than milk, so the amount
    baby meals are declining.

Это одни из плюсов кормления смесями, но минусов гораздо

  • Artificial people often suffer from colds,
    allergies in subsequent years. This fact is due to the lack of
    their body special enzymes that the baby can only get
    from mother’s milk;
  • The use of bottles requires their constant sterility.
    If purity is not respected, then dyspeptic
  • Infant-fed babies often suffer from colic and
    periodic regurgitation – poor-quality nipple contributes
    swallowing air;
  • When trains with a child have to take a separate bag
    with a mixture of bottles, sterilizers, that is, excess baggage;
  • Often it is necessary to change several types of mixtures in order to
    find the most suitable;
  • Artificial feeding ребенка подразумевает и
    certain financial costs. Good mix can’t cost
    cheap, and as the child grows up, it takes time

Cons of feeding with mixtures are much more than advantages
and therefore you should first try to restore hypolactation, and
only then resort to such a least.

TOак смесь выбрать

The selection of the mixture must be coordinated with
pediatrician. ATрач знает особенности здоровья вашего ребенка и
advise the most gentle nutrition. Need and own
show great attention to the choice of mixtures and be sure
comply with the following criteria:

  • Срок годности – самое главное условие
    no undesirable reactions. ATыбирайте те коробки, где есть
    a reserve on time of use in several months;
  • Packaging must not be opened or
    The presence of dents, scratches speaks about
    non-compliance with the conditions of transportation, and such a mixture may be
  • Meals are made by age.
    It is impossible for a newborn baby to give a mixture intended for
    children more older unformed stomach and
    intestines can respond to serious illnesses;
  • To teach the child to the introduction of hypoallergenic
  • If a child has certain problems with
    health then nutrition may contain beneficial to improve performance
    organ supplements.
    Mixtures may contain herbs to raise
    immunity, iron for the treatment of anemia.

Читаем подробную статью: TOак и какую смесь
лучше выбрать >>>

When giving your baby a mixture for the first time, be sure to look for his
the skin, behavior, frequency of bowel movements and
character stool.

TOак приготовить питание

When artificially feeding the child’s well-being
will depend on how you prepare the mixture. Instruction
must be read and follow its points

  • For breeding it is best to use special water in
    bottles, boiling part of the nutrients is lost. If water
    taken from the tap, then boiling it necessarily;
  • You must fully comply with the dosage. Excess amount
    dry mix or lack of water can lead to supersaturation
    intestinal nutrients, and this is reflected by colic,
    dyspeptic disorders. The lack of a dry base leads to
    the fact that the baby is naughty, asks for a bottle out of time;
  • The mixture is diluted directly in the bottle, where previously
    pour water with a temperature not higher than 50 degrees. Higher
    temperature leads to the destruction of beneficial bacteria;
  • After dilution, shake the mixture and make sure that there is no
    lumps. Before feeding, check the temperature – it should not
    be above 37 degrees;
  • The hole in the nipple should be such that the baby fit
    certain efforts to suck. Trickling leads to
    complete abandonment of the breast and the fact that the stomach begins quickly

The mixture can be prepared in advance, but it should be stored in
Refrigerator not more than a day and heated in hot water.

Video instruction:

How to feed a baby

Infant-fed babies often weigh much more.
more of their peers who use mom’s milk. This is not true
well as it seems, with increased obesity occur
various health problems. To avoid this you do not need
overfeed baby, be sure to consider how much he
drinks and how long can do without a bottle.

  • The bottle is chosen when the baby is fully fed with mixtures or
    their number reaches 2/3 of the total power. The teat should be
    necessarily with a narrow hole, it will not allow the baby to break the habit
    breast (how to choose a bottle for food);
  • A teaspoon is used when a child eats mostly
    грудью, а недостающий объем пищи получает в виде mixtures;
  • Sometimes the child refuses both the bottle and the spoon, and
    feed him need. In this case, the diluted mixture is poured through
    syringe without needle in small doses.

Feeding technique

  1. The baby should be in an almost vertical position;
    convenient for sucking and will not allow choking.
  2. Keep the milk completely over the nipple and the air
    accumulated at the bottom of the bottle. This will prevent air from entering
  3. After feeding the child must be held in a vertical
    position to let the air out.

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Rules and Tips

искусственное вскармливание новорожденного ребенка

If you feed your baby with mixtures, this does not mean that you need it.
leave one. Baby can choke with milk or lose
bottle. Emotional contact between mother and baby is also important, therefore
holding it in your arms you can calmly watch the focused
face crumbs and rest from household chores.

Соску на bottle нужно периодически менять, она быстро
becomes thinner, and the mixture flows through the hole in a continuous stream.
You should always use the mixture after preparation or store it.
in a refrigerator. Leftover food spill out immediately.

Toddler “Artificial” needs to be used earlier
additional feeding, it will allow to fill the deficit
missing micronutrients.

How much milk formula should eat

A newborn baby eats from 700 to 800 in the first month of life
ml of adapted mixture for 8-10 times. For 2-3 months of life
the mixture grows to 900 ml. With the introduction of complementary food volume mixtures

How to calculate the right amount:

It is believed that the child is enough food, which is
1/5 of its body weight per day. That is, if the baby weighs 4 kg, then
day he should drink 800 ml of milk. In the first days of life baby
can drink 30-40 ml at a time, followed by up to 100 ml. AT
therefore, the frequency of feeding after the first month of life
decreases. See the material: how much milk (mixture) eats
baby in the first month

The frequency of sterilization bottles and nipples for

AT первый месяц жизни все бутылочки и соски нужно стерилизовать
after each feeding. First, the rest of the mixture is removed warm.
water and a brush, then all appliances are boiled for 10
minutes It is best to purchase a special sterilizer using
him you always be sure to clean the dishes.

After the first month of life, it is enough to rinse the pacifier and bottle.
and rinse them with boiling water. But still make sure that the bottles
thoroughly washed, special attention should be paid to the thread,
hard-to-reach places where bacteria can multiply
several hours.

Can I store the prepared mixture:

The prepared mixture is stored at room temperature not more than
2 hours, in the refrigerator no more than 12 hours. Remaining balance
after feeding the mixture is poured, the use of such milk through
an hour can lead to poisoning.

ATидео: Правильное кормление из бутылочки

Свободное ИAT

The need for food in a baby at different times of the day is not the same. But
still need to adhere to a certain schedule with
deviation in half an hour in one direction or another. So you will always
знать, во сколько малыш обычно кушает и сможете подгадать
the time of the visit to the clinic or for a walk. Subject to compliance
the baby falls asleep easier and is less prone to excessive increase
body mass

Replacement situations

  • The mixture does not fit, causes frequent regurgitation, diarrhea or constipation,
    allergic reactions;
  • Reaching a certain age. Baby 6 months meaning
    give a mixture for newborns not;
  • The need to use a special medicinal
    power supply.

Problems of artificial feeding:

Artificial feeding of the child is considered in medicine
�”Metabolic stress” and therefore causes a wide variety
reaction. Allergy, problem with stool, colic occurs first
days for most babies. Some of them get used, others
have to change the mixture.


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