Atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels – treatment,symptoms, drugs

Update: October 2018

Atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels is a disease
due to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the vessels
brain and threatened by the development of stroke. Deceit it
the disease is that at the beginning of the development of the disease a person does not feel
severe symptoms, even with reduced arterial lumen
only noise in the head, in the ears,
dizziness. How cerebral development occurs
atherosclerosis, as well as the treatment of atherosclerosis of the head vessels
Brain is our article. Plaque formation occurs in several

1 стадия — стадия жировых пятен, полосок. With
this stage in the inner shell of the walls of blood vessels are deposited
lipids, mainly cholesterol.

2 стадия — липосклероз. In the area of ​​fatty spots
formation of connective tissue occurs and plaque is formed.
Its surface may ulcerate, crack, it settles in cracks.
fibrin and platelets. The plaque is unstable, it can be torn off
small parts and with blood flow get into smaller
brain vessels and clog them.

3 стадия — атерокальциноз. Deposition occurs
calcium salts and seal plaque. Slowly the plaque increases.
and can completely block the lumen of the vessel.

Symptoms of Atherosclerosis

Symptoms of Atherosclerosis сосудов мозга очень разнообразны. Not all
of them can manifest immediately. Clinical manifestations may
grow gradually, with time new ones can join
symptoms, since growth and the number of atherosclerotic plaques
happens gradually.

The following clinical manifestations are characteristic: Атеросклероз сосудов головного мозга - лечение, симптомы

  • Headache of varying intensity and duration, noise in
  • Sleep disturbances – difficulty falling asleep, frequent waking at night,
    the occurrence of nightmares, drowsiness in daylight
  • Aggravation of character traits, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity
  • Excessive anxiety, suspicion, irritability
  • Fatigue, decreased performance
  • Memory loss, dizziness
  • Lack of coordination, slow movements
  • Blurred speech, gagging when eating

The stage of the initial manifestations. Usually a person first
experiencing only recurrent symptoms (after overwork,
staying in a non-ventilated area), such as
головокружение, шум у ears, боли в голове, снижение памяти и
performance.  Especially the symptoms are worse in 2
half a day, and after a rest the state of health improves.

Stage of progression. Then the first signs of atherosclerosis
amplified and added to them from time to time hand shake,
depression, unsteadiness of gait, speech deteriorates, appears
suspiciousness, gagging during meals. Man starts
overestimate their abilities and strength, and if they fail, blames

Stage of decompensation. As the disease progresses
there is a stage of decompensation, when a person loses significantly
memory needs help because it gets worse
thinking skills, difficulties with self-service,
in this condition, there is a high risk of stroke and paralysis.

A transient ischemic attack is a short-term condition,
resembling a stroke, but fast passing (during the day).
Symptoms of such an attack depend on the location of the affected area.
arteries, for example, become naughty legs, arms, numbness
language, problems with speaking separate words (see signs

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Ишемический инсульт —  при облитерации (полное прекращение
blood flow due to blockage of atherosclerotic plaque) arteries
cerebral ischemic stroke occurs, that is, death
brain cells due to lack of oxygen and nutrition. AT
whichever vessel was plugged with a plaque,
there may be various clinical manifestations (see the first signs
stroke in women):

  • Weakness or the complete absence of voluntary movements in
  • Снижение или отсутствие чувствительности в limbs
  • Speech impairment
  • Severe dizziness and loss of coordination
  • Swallowing disorder

Hemorrhagic stroke occurs less frequently than ischemic (approximately
30% of all cases of stroke), it develops very rapidly.
The difference of such a stroke is that against the background of oxygen
starvation there is bleeding in the white or gray matter of the brain,
rather than an artery blockage. Withчем по симптомам определить какой вид
stroke was quite difficult, and first aid and treatment in
radically different.

Интересный факт: Кровь в организме в течении days преодолевает
total distance of about 97,000 km.


Basic non-pharmacological treatments

Treatment of this disease must take into account all factors that
promoting the development of atherosclerosis. Based on the following
factors include the following non-drug methods

Atherosclerosis Risk Factors Risk factor elimination
Hypoxia – lack of oxygen in the blood
  • Walking in the open air a few hours a day
  • Oxygen baths and oxygen cocktails
Hypodynamia – sedentary lifestyle Regular exercise:

  • walking classes
  • running
  • аэробикой, бодифлексом, йогой
  • swimming
Stress and negative emotions
  • Optimization of work and rest
  • With необходимости возможен прием успокоительных препаратов,
    if they are prescribed by a doctor
Improper diet and excess weight
  • Diet for atherosclerosis should be limited to foods
    containing cholesterol. It is not recommended to use offal,
    fatty meats (lamb, pork), egg yolks, cod liver,
    refractory fats of animal origin (these include creamy
    butter and lard).
  • Animal fats are best replaced by vegetable (corn,
    olive oil).
  • It is recommended to use a large amount of vegetable
    fiber (vegetables, fruits).
  • Be sure to eat seafood, fish, meat
    birds, berries and dried fruits.
Hypertonic disease Treatment of hypertension and maintenance of arterial
pressure level not higher than 140/90 mm. Hg.
Smoking To give up smoking

Drug treatment

ATсе препараты назначаются ATашим лечащим врачом и принимаются под
his control. Dose adjustment should be carried out only by a doctor.
Use the following groups of drugs:

Статины (липримар, аторис, зокор, мертинил и
others) – these drugs reduce cholesterol in the blood to
normal and help atherosclerotic plaque stabilize
and do not grow in size. The dose is chosen by the doctor who
depends on the level of cholesterol (the rate of cholesterol in the blood). Withем
drug should be daily 1 time per day. Control
efficiency is carried out in 2-3 months. According to the analysis
blood dose adjustment is possible, which is carried out only treating
doctor. The use of these tools should be treated with special
caution when weighing the risks and benefits of their use because
they have serious side effects according to
American experts welcome only
to persons with serious diseases of the heart and blood vessels (see tablets
from cholesterol statitny – harm or benefit).

Фибраты (фенофибрат) — снижают уровень
triglycerides. Withнимаются курсами, контроль лечения через 1-2
month of continuous admission.

Никотиновая кислота, а также ее производные —
these drugs can sometimes be used in the treatment of atherosclerosis
brain vessels. These medicines reduce the level of
triglycerides and total cholesterol contribute to an increase in
levels of high density lipoproteins that have
antiatherogenic properties.

Антиагреганты (тромбо асс, кардиомагнил) —
drugs that contribute to blood thinning, which reduces
risk of blood clots.

ATитамины группы AT, витамин С, витамин А —
have a tonic effect and relate to the means
adjuvant therapy.

Секвестранты желчных кислот (холестид) — это
ion exchange resins that can bind fatty acids in
intestines and do not allow them to be absorbed.

Эзетемиб — препятствует активному всасыванию
cholesterol in the intestines. Ezetemib (Ezetrol 28pcs 2000 rub) is
A new lipid-lowering drug, unlike Orlistat, it does not
causes diarrhea.

Гипотензивные препараты — лекарства, снижающие
arterial pressure. They should be taken daily (see
pills for high blood pressure). With нерегулярном приеме этих
drugs dramatically increases the risk of hypertensive crisis that in
combination with atherosclerosis can lead to stroke and
disability as well as death. Learn more about how to reduce
cholesterol without drugs and the benefits of pine cones with a stroke
read our article.


It is carried out at high risk of occlusion of the lumen of vital
arteries of the brain. There are two types of operations:

  • Endarterectomy

This is the removal of plaque in an open way. A skin incision is made,
access to the necessary vessel is carried out, the blood flow to the
the desired site, cut the vessel wall and removed
atherosclerotic plaque. Then on the artery wall
a vascular suture is applied, then other tissues are sutured
in layers.

  • Endoscopic Atherosclerotic Plaque Removal

An endoscope with a stent is inserted into a large vessel, then under
radiological control is brought to the site of narrowing of the lumen
arteries. The stent is then installed in this location, expanding
the lumen of the vessel, it allows you to restore normal blood flow.

Автор: Ревус Олеся Григорьевна врач-невролог

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