ATегето-сосудистая дистония: симптомы, лечение,the reasons

Update: October 2018

ATегето-сосудистая дистония: болезнь или миф? There are two
диаметрально противоположных мнения о vegetative-vascular dystonia.
Symptoms, treatment of this disease is described even in textbooks on
neurology, but lately there are more and more opponents
of this diagnosis.

According to some reports, more than 70% of the adult population at least
once in a lifetime, vegetative-vascular manifestations were experienced
dystonia, about 20% of children have this diagnosis.

If you think about these numbers, then this disease can be called
one of the most common in the world. But is it? Title
pathology has changed several times. At first she was called
vegetative-vascular asthenia, even heart neurosis, then
vegetative-vascular dystonia, and now called
neurocirculatory dystonia. ATсе эти термины являются синонимами и
designate the same disease.

Какие the reasons возникновения vegetative dystonia
do they give out?

A number of factors are considered provoking vegetative-vascular dystonia.
The causes of its occurrence are divided into internal (physiological) and
external (psychological) factors.

Internal causes include:

  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy or
  • Genetic predisposition. There are a number of genetic
    pathologies affecting the energy processes in mitochondria
    cells. It is they who can provoke the occurrence
    vegetative-vascular dystonia.
  • The presence of occupational diseases increases the risk of
    vegetative dystonia в несколько раз. Cure
    occupational disease does not guarantee the disappearance
  • Allergy. People with signs of allergic reactions often have and
    признаки vegetative-vascular dystonia.
  • Alcohol abuse and smoking. Among этой категории
    People vascular dystonia occurs in 90% of cases. Before
    the beginning of the treatment of dystonia is necessary to completely get rid of so
    bad habits, otherwise the treatment will not be effective.

ATнешние (психологические) the reasons:

  • Chronic stress. Overwork, lack of sleep – these factors
    can also be attributed to stressful

AT современном мире обойтись без стрессов невозможно. Stressful
situations surround us everywhere – at work, at home, in transport, in
the store. Not a day goes that most of us don’t
subjected to stress. If stress lasts a short time, then it even
useful for the body, because it activates the work of some systems,
including nervous, some hormones are released,
neurotransmitters that positively affect the state of the body. But
with prolonged, chronic stress compensatory mechanisms
exhausted, after a positive burst follows the oppression of work
systems. ATегето-сосудистая дистония: симптомы, лечение

  • Low or medium social status

Such people often suffer from “workaholic syndrome”, in desire
earn more, climb the career or social ladder,
they take on impossible tasks that they could not cope with
experiencing the frustration that stressful entails
the reaction.

  • ATСД у детей

ATегето-сосудистая дистония у детей — основной причиной
are excessive demands on the child, constant discontent
them, high loads at school, lack of sufficient rest.
Children’s psyche is very susceptible to stress effects. After
a few months of similar stress effects appear
признаки vegetative-vascular dystonia.

  • Frequent change of climatic zones

With regular flights, accommodation in different time and
climatic zones there is a large load on the vegetative
the nervous system because the body has to
adapt to the new environment.

Клиническая картина vegetative dystonia

Рассмотрим, какие признаки vegetative dystonia чаще всего

Asthenic syndrome
  • lethargy
  • increased fatigue
  • decrease in working capacity
  • sleep disturbance (increased sleepiness or insomnia)
  • apathy
Disruption of the nervous system
  • dizziness
  • increase in body temperature to 37.5 degrees
  • потливость (the reasons повышенной потливости)
  • headaches of a different nature
  • there may be syncopal conditions (fainting)
Disruption of the digestive system
  • abdominal pain of various localization
  • abnormal stools (diarrhea or constipation)
  • flatulence (increased gas formation in the intestines)
Violation of the cardiovascular system
  • change in blood pressure level (increase or
  • pain or discomfort in the heart
  • shortness of breath with little physical exertion
Disruption of the urinary system
  • nocturia may appear (increase in urine output
    at night)
  • частые мочеиспускания независимо от времени суток (см. the reasons
    frequent urination in women)

Such a large number of signs characteristic of
vegetative dystonia, симптомы могут быть не все из
listed, it often happens that there are only a few of them and this
enough to establish the diagnosis.

Типы течения vegetative dystonia:

  1. Hidden (latent) – the disease almost does not manifest itself,
    there are some of its symptoms, but rarely occur, the patient does not
    pays attention to them.
  2. Permanent – symptoms occur every day or almost every
    day, there is no long “light” intervals.
  3. Crisis – characterized by the appearance of attacks
    vegetative-vascular dystonia. Symptoms rarely appear in the background.
    visible well-being and health. To provoke these crises can
    psycho-emotional stress, prolonged stress, physical
    overwork, the presence of an infectious disease in this

Diagnostic methods

Diagnosis is carried out by conventional methods – patient survey, collection
anamnesis, special attention is paid to heredity, whether
blood relatives of similar symptoms. When laboratory
studies conduct routine blood and urine tests. Among
instrumental examination methods can be effective –
ECG, ultrasound of the heart, abdominal organs, daily monitoring
blood pressure. As a rule, this is enough for
выявления vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia

Drugs are not always used in the treatment of this disease.
But the most effective treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia
is a competent combination of drug therapy with
non-drug methods.

Non-medicinal methods
  • mode of work and rest
  • full sleep
  • walks in the open air
  • moderate exercise
  • proper nutrition
  • massage, acupuncture, water treatments,
Drug therapy
  • often use soothing herbal remedies
    происхождения, успокоительные средства  и антидепрессанты
  • Vitamin-mineral complexes are very effective at
    vegetative-vascular dystonia. Pill treatment is carried out under
    control of the attending doctor.
  • He himself must select the dose and determine the dosage regimen.
    drugs. Self-medication is not allowed!
  • one of the most effective methods

What should not be done to patients with vegetative-vascular

  • To create additional stress for the body – contrast
    shower, modern breathing practices
  • Practice meditation
  • Exhaust yourself with heavy physical exertion
  • Get involved in diets and fasting
  • Negatively look at what is happening in life
  • Trying to find a new manifestation of the disease
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Play amateurs in this matter (neighbors, girlfriends, acquaintances,
    relatives who do not have medical education), especially
    concerns the appointment of drugs!

Alternative point of view

Many doctors believe that such a diagnosis does not exist.
It is alarming that no one has yet decided on
nomenclature of the disease, everyone calls it differently, no one exactly
can not say how it manifests itself.

Any of the symptoms related to the symptoms of vegetative-vascular
dystonia, can be found in any person in any period of his life.
All people in the world cannot be sick with any disease.

Symptoms of vegetative-vascular dystonia are described very vaguely and
in different sources in different ways. Most patients who are
For years, such a diagnosis was made, it is difficult to explain that they do not have
such a disease, and indeed such a disease does not exist.
Otherwise, a completely logical question arises – from what did everyone cure him?
these months or years?

For many doctors, this diagnosis is a lifeboat.
or “trash bin” depends on which side
look. If the patient has a number of symptoms, but during the examination
no significant organic pathology can be detected
tell him that he is fine.

After all, he came with complaints, something is bothering him, something has led
him in the doctor’s office. He simply does not understand the doctor and decides that he does not
competent enough and will go to another doctor in the hope that
he will understand the problem. Therefore, the doctor uses
proven method, writes to the card the diagnosis of “vegetative-vascular

Then he prescribes the patient a harmless valerian, motherwort,
walks in the evenings under the moon, accompanied by reflections on
something positive. What do we have? And the wolves are fed and the sheep are whole. A patient
glad that the cause of his problems was found, fortunately, the reason
trivial, because vegetative-vascular dystonia is, and most
friends and relatives.

How really?

Compromise is achieved if you look into the international edition
classification of diseases of the last revision. There is neither:

  • vegetative dystonia
  • nor neurocirculatory dystonia
  • neither, especially, neurosis of the heart

And is there a somatoform dysfunction of the vegetative nervous
system. You can find this disease in the section of mental

Hence the conclusion – the disease exists, but not as often as it is.
sounds in the doctor’s office. It is based on no pathologies.
internal organs. It occurs when the disruption of the vegetative
the nervous system, it is provoked by frequent stresses and overwork. AT
In this case, as never before, the phrase is relevant – all diseases of the nerves.
If not all, then somatoform dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system
systems for sure!

Автор: Ревус Олеся Григорьевна neurologist

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