At what age can you give the child beets andbeet juice?

Beet and beet juice: when to enter the child’s diet?

Beets – a vegetable, very useful for the body. AT
baby food it must be present necessarily. But with what
age, how much to give beets, how to cook it for
baby and whether it is possible to squeeze juice from the root? The article will help
Understand all the important issues regarding the inclusion of beets in
kids menu.

The content of the article

  • 1 Beet and beet juice: when to enter the child’s diet?
    • 1.1 The benefits of beets for the body
    • 1.2 Does the root have harmful properties?
  • 2 From what age can you give a baby?
    • 2.1 Свекла и запоры: действительно ли она спасает от
    • 2.2 Can beets treat a runny nose? How to make a drop?
    • 2.3 Как вводить овощ в baby’s diet?
    • 2.4 How many beets can a child eat?
    • 2.5 Beet Puree
    • 2.6 How to make beetroot juice?
    • 2.7 More recipes
  • 3 How to choose a good vegetable?
    • 3.1 Allergy to beets – is it possible?
  • 4 From the forums
  • 5 ATывод
  • 6 Beets – Useful Properties (Living Healthy)


The benefits of beets for the body

Most nutritionists advise eating beets and meals regularly.
from her. This vegetable has a positive effect on digestion, and all –
thanks to the rich composition. The main benefits of the root
these are:

  1. Due to the extensive amount of vitamins in her beet pulp
    food consumption will well affect the development of the baby –
    both mental and physical. Also the product will help
    function normally to all internal organs and systems.
  2. AT корнеплоде присутствует достаточное количество минералов —
    йода и железа, а это профилактика анемии и йододефицита.
  3. In addition to these trace elements in the beet there are other minerals
    and salt minerals, so the product will positively affect
  4. Eat beets regularly, it will strengthen the walls
    vessels, contribute to the good work of the blood-forming organs,
    reduce nervous irritability.
  5. The child’s immune system after eating beets will
    work more smoothly, because the vegetable has immunomodulatory and
    antioxidant properties.
  6. If the child is given light beetroot or mashed potatoes, then
    there will be no problems with the intestines, the main one being in tender
    age – constipation.
  7. Beets are very good for the liver, it is natural.
    hepatoprotective, which is important for any person.

Does root have harmful properties?


  1. If the beets are not grown in an ecologically clean place without
    use of herbicides and soil improvers, i.e.
    the presence of harmful impurities in it. Vegetable has the ability to pick up from
    soil salt, nitrates, other substances that are not needed by the body
    baby Therefore, a large number of beets can adversely affect
    на работу почек.
  2. Beetroot can reduce blood pressure. If many adults
    с болезнями сосудов и сердца это свойство свеклы пойдет
    only for the benefit, then the kids can harm.
  3. If a child is prone to diarrhea, then eating beets is often him

The consumption of beets must necessarily be moderate, not
uncontrollable, otherwise you can get unpleasant

At what age can you give your baby?

Only after the child has already been on the menu other
vegetables (zucchini, pumpkin, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower,
carrots), begin to enter in his diet beets. If allergic
No reactions were noted, there is no propensity for allergies, then age
введения свеклы составляет 8-9 месяцев.
If a малыш является аллергиком, у него диагностирован диатез,
then you will have to forget about beets up to a year (at least).

If the child is not allergic and has problems with the stool, reduced
intestinal peristalsis, then it can be the basis for
введения корнеплода в меню уже после 6
months. It is strictly forbidden to make this vegetable first.
a dish of food – not accustomed to plant food body will
It is very difficult to digest a product with a lot of

AT целом, более раннее, чем в 8 месяцев, введение свеклы допустимо лишь для приведения в норму стула.

AT целом, более раннее, чем в 8 месяцев, введение свеклы
допустимо лишь для приведения в норму стула.

Свекла и запоры: действительно ли она спасает от

YES, it helps. AT овоще присутствует много клетчатки –
a type of carbohydrate that for the most part is not
digested in the intestines, but helps exercise normal
digestion. AT результате включения свеклы в меню происходит
increased intestinal motility, it pushes stagnant
fecal masses and eliminates constipation. Свекла ликвидирует запоры
and is their excellent prevention, so you need to eat it

Can beets treat runny nose? How to make a drop?

It may seem strange, but the juice from the beetroot treats well.
rhinitis (runny nose). For this purpose, use raw juice or boiled
vegetable. Drops are prepared as follows:

  • Wash beets, grate;
  • From grated root squeeze juice using gauze;
  • Dilute juice with water (take water and juice equally 1 to 1)
  • Капать в носик малыша по 2 капли 4 раза в day.

This recipe is suitable for infectious rhinitis in children and adults.
Allergic rhinitis beet juice can not be treated!

Как вводить овощ в baby’s diet?

Allergenic properties and laxative effect of the root force
act on its introduction to the menu very carefully. It is better
just cook puree of vegetables already familiar to the child, and in him
add a little juice of boiled root (literally half
teaspoon). If the body’s reaction is normal, allergies will not
will arise, then next time you can add more juice.

When the “experiments” with the juice will start to go well, it is worth
try mashed beetroot and give the child ½ teaspoon
spoons. ATажно кормить ребенка продуктом утром, чтобы наверняка
note the portability of the product for the day.

How many beets can a child eat?

Starting to introduce beets into the diet of an 8-9 month old baby, this
root crop is given together with other vegetables in an amount of not more than 1/3
from the mass of the whole vegetable dish. By the year the number of beets, which
It is permissible to give the child in one day, is 50 grams. Wherein
It’s enough to offer this vegetable to your baby only once a week. After
up to 7 years old beets are given in an amount of up to 100 g per

Beet Puree

пюре из свеклы

Children under 12 months like boiled beets like mashed potatoes, and
plates elastic spring vegetable they simply do not chew. To
приготовить пюре возьмите, свеклу,  растительное масло,

The production procedure is as follows: the beets are washed very thoroughly,
remove the leaves, pour water, boil until boiling over high heat,
then on low heat for 10 minutes. Next, the water is drained to eliminate
harmful impurities, fill with fresh water and cooked similarly under
cover 1-1.5 hours. You can determine the readiness of beets using
kitchen knife – they pierce the beets until the middle of the root. If a
the knife goes smoothly – it means the beets are soft and ready.

Приготовленную свеклу опускают на несколько секунд в
холодную воду, чтобы легко снять кожуру. Peeled Vegetable
Tinder on a fine grater or chopped with a blender, add a little
растительного масла и разводят пюре кипяченой водой
(so that the puree is not too thick). This dish is perfect
для прикорма малышей возрастом до 12 months.

Beet Puree можно добавлять в рисовую или гречневую кашу,
apple, potato, squash or meat puree.

Reheating food worsens its food
qualities, so young children are mashed beetroot only on
один раз


How to make juice from beets?

After удачного начала прикорма из отварного овоща можно
пробовать давать ребенку свекольный сок из сырой beets. Worth
запомнить, что свекольный сок нужно разводить водой или
other juices. Juice can irritate the lining of the stomach and
intestines, besides, has not too pleasant taste. AT среднем,
introduction to the juice menu should be at the age of 11-12

The total amount of the offered beetroot crumbs should not
exceed 1/3 of the volume of the entire beverage. Especially useful baby
apple-beet juice, but it should also be diluted with water because
large amounts of acid in apples. Is forbidden
take beet juice with diabetes, diarrhea, pathologies
GIT, kidney.

If a ребенок плохо пьет сырок сок, то не стоит отчаиваться.
ATареный овощ дает больше пользы организму малыша, чем сырой.
Despite the destruction of some of the minerals and vitamins after
heat treatment, nitrates are also destroyed, and significant
the proportion of useful components is still preserved. ATареная свекла
children’s body is better absorbed, which, in the end, will be much
more useful.

It is strictly forbidden to drink raw juice if

  • Suffering from any disease of the stomach;
  • Has kidney problems;
  • Prone to diarrhea;
  • Suffering from diabetes.

More recipes

Beetroot salad for children over the year

С 1 года ребенку можно предлагать салаты со
beetroot, adding to the root, for example, prunes. Order
cooking salad is as follows:

  • Soak prunes in boiling water;
  • Boil one beet, peel it;
  • Grate beets on a fine grater;
  • Prune into thin slices;
  • Смешать компоненты;
  • Fill the dish with sour cream.

ATместо чернослива в салате можно использовать морковь
(сырая или вареная) или яблоко. Children after 1.5 years
it is possible to give salads with raw beets. In addition to salads, you can
include root vegetables in various soups, stews and other dishes;
Beet patties, pancakes.

Professional cook and young father Oleg Sheinker
shows how to make a delicious salad for a child

Beet cutlets

For a variety of children’s menu, you can cook delicious patties from
beets. Vegetable must be cooked until cooked, cleaned, twisted on
grinder, salt. Per 100 g of the mass, add 10 g of butter,
half a yolk, a spoon of semolina, mix well. Stirring
slightly boil the resulting mass until it thickens, after
then let it cool. From the mass of blind patties, roll in
bread crumbs, fry. Served with cutlets well
sour cream.

Stewed beets

The recipe for another dish of the root. Clear
и мелко нарезать на кубики 300 г свеклы и 30 г
моркови, залить небольшим объемом воды, добавьте ложку
растительного масла, затем дождитесь boiling water reduce
fire and close the saucepan with a lid. Stirring occasionally
beets with carrots, simmer in a closed container for about an hour. Further
add 2 tablespoons of sour cream, a little salt and sugar to vegetables,
Stir and continue to simmer for about ten minutes.

How to choose a good vegetable?

Beet roots on a old wooden table.

ATыращенная самостоятельно свекла – лучший выбор для изготовления
children’s meals. Unfortunately, most of us have to buy.
product in store, and there are a few purchase recommendations:

  1. AT крупной свекле всегда присутствует большее количество вредных
    compounds than shallow.
  2. Buy for baby food only beets, which
    pronounced burgundy shade.
  3. The form of high-quality table vegetables – oval, rounded. there is
    fodder beet which has the oblong form.
  4. If a на кожице овоща есть участки с гнилью, повреждениями,
    take such a product is impossible. ATся кожица должна быть крепкой,
  5. A soft, flabby vegetable is also not worth buying, it should be
    firm and smooth.

Allergy to beets – is it possible?

Unfortunately, this root vegetable sometimes causes food
intolerance and allergic reactions, which is why any
the child is given it, starting with the smallest portion (half a tea
mashed potatoes) to check the response of the body. Beet juice is injected into
menu literally drop by drop. If a нет признаков аллергии в течение 72
часов, можно повторить прием сока или пюре из beets.

From the forums

Months from 10 exactly possible. But my son had on her
allergy (or food intolerance, these are different things, but seemingly
one and the same), and my daughter I did not give it at all. Beet she
I tried in the form of borscht after a year.
about such a plan – up to six months – only mother’s milk or mixture,
then add kefir (from the dairy kitchen), then porridge or vegetables,
first unpainted. Somewhere parallel – an apple. After каши (или
vegetables) – vegetables (or porridge, depending on what was first).
Then the meat. Рыбу — не раньше 10 months. Somewhere on this plan personally
I was oriented.

Beet is a useful vegetable, there is a lot of iodine in iron and iron and
Beets are useful for anemia in children and for constipation. But I still
I would refrain to give the child beets up to 1 year, due to the fact that
beet causes diathesis. If a вы решились давать свеклу до 1 года,
then in small portions and just boiled and watch the baby,
usually on the beets are rashes face. If a ваш ребёнок уже кушает
dishes from potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin porridge,
boiled zucchini and only after these vegetables should one begin to give
beets, if your child has not yet tried these products, then in the diet
beets do not need to enter.
Beets are very rich in fiber and in
1 year old, the child will be better to digest beets.

If a ребенок аллергик, то к этому овощу надо подходить
Caution. Somehow they gave my ward beet salad and it was all
poured out, and the soup she did not have such a reaction. And we are in the Soviet
time mixed beet juice in carrot and apple. AT чистом
виде, конечно, не давали.AT 8 месяцев начинали давать. And glory
God, kids were healthy.


  1. Beet can bring and benefit, and harm.
  2. ATводить её в рацион надо очень Caution.
  3. According to the testimony, you can begin to lure vegetables with
    6 months.
  4. With the normal development of the child, his first acquaintance with
    Root crop occurs in closer to 9 months.
  5. Kids with obvious signs of diathesis can only eat beets.
    after a year.
  6. ATарёный овощ полезнее сырого. ATареная свекла, в отличие от
    many other vegetables, is able to maintain its main useful
  7. For the child it is necessary to carefully choose the roots.
  8. Beetroot is a remedy tested by the people for a cold and problems.
    with a chair.

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Beets – useful properties (Live healthy)

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