At what age can you give a pear to a child?How to make pear puree?

Pear is a very useful fruit, so in the diet of kids
it is introduced one of the first. It is important to know how to properly enter
fruit to avoid unpleasant consequences that may
manifest in the form of allergies, cause heaviness in the stomach, and
cause colic.

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  • 1 From how many months to start entering into the diet?
    • 1.1 Use of fruit
    • 1.2 Cons
    • 1.3 What effect does the baby have on the chair?
  • 2 In what form to give?
    • 2.1 The recipe for pear for children
      power supply
    • 2.2 How to enter into the diet?
    • 2.3 Tips for choosing
    • 2.4 What to do with allergies?
    • 2.5 Можно ли есть грушу в период кормления грудью?


Until the age of six months, children eat only mother’s milk, and
then you will meet with new food. Kids who are
are on artificial nutrition, supplements are administered previously (4-5
months). Acquaintance to new food begins with vegetable and fruit
mashed potatoes. Good for these purposes are suitable fruits – apples and pears.
Каждая мама обязана знать в чем польза груши и в каком
form start to enter into the diet of the child.

How many months to start to enter into the diet?

Try a pear baby can after an apple. Kids
who are on HBs, get acquainted with the fruit in 7 months.

Artificialists can try a pear in 5-6

From the forums:

from 5 months grated pears and apples. ate with
pleasure. You can also give nibble, but make sure not to
otgryz large piece and not choked. Ie sit next to. Before 4
months – not worth it. Better closer to 6 months. GIT not yet

From about 5 months, a child can be given pear juice or
pear puree. Or as in the old days – they were wrapped in gauze small. slice
and instead of the nipples gave the child.

Fruit use

Pears are rich in useful and necessary for the body.

  • tannins;
  • fructose, sucrose and glucose;
  • carbohydrates;
  • organic acids;
  • pectins.

They contain a lot of vitamins, in particular vitamins of the group
B, A, C, PP. When using these juicy fruits of the human body
enriched with zinc, molybdenum, copper, fluorine.

Fruit is well absorbed and has on the body
next action:

  • improves mood;
  • raises a tone;
  • normalizes the heart;
  • relieves nervous tension.

Pear also has expectorant, antiseptic,
antipyretic and diuretic properties. Rarely causes
allergic reactions.


Possible and negative consequences of eating pears:

  • fresh fruit can cause stomach heaviness;
  • Can not be used with colitis and gastritis.

What effect does the baby have on the chair?

Pear attaches to the chair, so it is recommended for use when
diarrhea and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by the dilution of fecal
masses But overripe fruits can cause frustration.
желудка, и оказывают слабительное действие.

In what form to give?

The sensitive stomach of the crumbs is not ready for a fresh pear, which
may cause constipation or diarrhea. If the child has not eaten this fruit before,
необходимо приготовить mashed potatoes. It is prepared from cooked or
baked pear. Pear mashed potatoes for babies:


Пюре из baked pear. To prepare
fruit purée of baked pear, necessary from washed fruit
remove the core with a knife. Send a prepared pear of minutes to
15 in preheated oven. When the baked fruit is cool, spoon
remove the flesh and, before giving the baby, mash in
mashed potatoes.

When baking in pear significantly reduced the number of
substances that cause allergies, so this supplement can be included
even in the diet of a child who suffers from diathesis.

Boiled pear puree. For making mashed potatoes
You can also boil a pear. Грушу моем, очищаем от кожицы и
Seeds, chop the flesh into small cubes. We shift in
a small saucepan and pour water. It should be so much to
the pear was only covered with liquid. On a small fire bring to
boil and boil for about 7-10 minutes. After that, rub the pear through
sieve or grind with a blender. If you want to get
a softer texture, you can add a little decoction, in which
the fruit was boiling.

When making a pear puree, you can add other friends
toddler fruits, for example, apples.

Recipe for mashed pear with apple

Берем грушу и свежевыжатый яблочный сок (~20
ml) Pear peel and cut into cubes, shift to
pan, add fresh apple juice. Under the lid closed
stew for 7 minutes. After that, turn the resulting mass into a puree at
using a blender or mixer. Such a puree is good to give the baby in
heat form.

Если ребенок хорошо воспринял пюре с отварной груши, можно
Slowly introduce fresh fruit. For this pear is also good
wash, peel and core, and rub the flesh on the middle

Pears may be present in the babies ration and in another

  • fruit slices, pre-peeled (with 11-12
  • сок из груши (с 7-8 months);
  • компот, приготовленный из сушеных фруктов (с 6-7 months).

Recipe приготовления грушевого пюре для детского power supply

How to enter into the diet?

The first acquaintance with the fruit is carried out in the morning to
the ability to observe the reaction of the body. The first time a baby is given
всего 0,5 чайной ложки приготовленного mashed potatoes. During the day
must observe the reaction of the child. If there are no allergies and other
unpleasant consequences, give a pear in the fourth feeding.

Kids who are находятся на искусственном
, дают по 30 г грушевого пюре с 5 месяцев,
gradually increasing the portion. By the age of 6 months you can
increase to 60 g. After feeding with a pear, crumbs give the mixture.

Деткам на ГВ дают грушу с 6-7 месяцев, начиная
from 30 g and gradually bringing the portion up to 70 g to 8 months.

Artifers from 7 months offer juice (30 ml) in the third
feeding. For children who eat mother’s milk, juice is given from 8

Tips for choosing

If you plan to give a crumbs pear, carefully approach
fruit selection. Choose a ripe, but not overripe fruit, on which
no rot and damaged places. Determine that the pear is ripe,
will help the smell. Sweet pleasant aroma is best
proof of ripeness of the fruit.

What to do with allergies?

If you notice that the child’s body is unfavorable
reacted to a pear, the introduction of this fruit should be postponed to
пару months. If you try again to give a pear, again
allergies appeared, then you need to exclude fruit from the menu before
3 years of age or or longer, until the allergy persists.

Можно ли есть грушу в период кормления грудью?

Young mommies also often wonder if they can eat
pears during the breastfeeding period, will it harm the baby?
Experts recommend nursing mothers to refuse consumption
pears regardless of their variety. This fruit contains
huge amount of fiber. It is believed that this may serve
cause bloating and gas formation. However, in this issue all
individually. You can try to eat a small amount of this.
fruit, increasing the dose, if the baby did not respond to such
food mom.

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