At what age can you enter into the diet of the childpeaches

Когда можно включать peaches в меню ребёнка? What kind
Pros and cons of the introduction to the menu of baby peaches? How to choose a good
fruit? What to do if a child chokes on peach

The content of the article

  • 1 What doctors say: advantages and disadvantages of an introduction to
    feeding on peaches
  • 2 Когда можно дать ребёнку попробовать персик?
    • 2.1 How to give?
    • 2.2 Как выбрать хорошие peaches
    • 2.3 Что делать, если проявилась аллергия на peaches
    • 2.4 What to do if a baby swallows a bone


What doctors say: the advantages and disadvantages of an introduction to complementary foods

Fruit foods usually appear in the baby’s menu after
introduction of vegetables and cereals. Peach – exceptionally tasty and
pleasant smelling fruit, which, in addition to this, has a whole
basket of useful properties. The benefits of peach in
child’s diet include:

  • Peach – the source of the necessary human body (especially
    emerging baby) vitamins A and C, as well as vitamins of the group
  • Removes harmful substances (for example, slags and cholesterol) and
    heavy metals from the body;
  • It has a calming effect on the nervous system, reducing
    irritation from external pathogens (noise or weather changes
  • The content of iron in peaches helps strengthen the body.
    This property is especially useful for avitaminosis or recovery.
    after illness;
  • Potassium salts in peaches strengthen the heart and
    have a positive effect on his work;
  • Употребление peaches способствует улучшению памяти и
    health, increase brain activity;
  • Мякоть и сок peaches способны повысить низкий уровень
  • Helps to eliminate low acidity;
  • It has a mild diuretic effect and prevents

Peach – useful properties (Live well!):

Помимо очевидных достоинств, peaches обладают и рядом
cons that can lead to unpleasant and even
жизненно опасным последствиям

  • Некоторые дети имеют непереносимость peaches, что может
    manifest in severe allergies;
  • Чрезмерное употребление в пищу ребёнком peaches может привести
    intestinal dysfunction;
  • Peaches have a high amount of carbohydrates that contribute
    weight gain, which is why they are not recommended in the diet
    a child who is overweight or suffering from diabetes.

Когда можно дать ребёнку попробовать персик?

Although the opinions of experts differ, they all tend to
что вводить peaches в рацион ребёнка, находящегося на грудном
вскармливании, следует в возрасте
7-8 месяцев
. Doctors explain this by the fact that
once in this age, the baby’s body is more or less resistant to
external stimuli, the first lure in the form of apples and pears already
tested with a positive result, and it is time to move to
something new. As for children, whose diet consists of
artificial food mixtures, in this case doctors are allowed
включение peaches в меню с 6 месяцев.

In what form to give?


Начинать прикорм следует с пюре. In pharmacies and
grocery supermarkets you can purchase specialized
детское peachesое пюре. Do not fear for its quality:
baby food passes mandatory state
certification and verification before getting into the hands of buyers.
Если вы всё-таки не доверяете таким продуктам, peachesое пюре с
With ease you can do it yourself.

Делаем peachesое пюре сами:

  • Выбрать свежие peaches (магазинные или домашние — ваш выбор),
    wash them and put in boiling water for a minute;
  • Охладить peaches под холодной водой, снять с них кожицу,
    remove the stone and, chopped into pieces, chop to mushy
  • You can add in the resulting puree a little boiled water,
    to make it more liquid and pleasant to the consistency.

Начинать прикорм можно с половины чайной ложки на
. During the day, you should observe the reaction
body baby on a new product. If there is no
allergic reaction, in the following days you can increase
the amount of mashed potatoes doubled.

From ten months old, you can give a peach to a child in the form
small pieces. You can also add peach pieces to the curd
or homemade yogurt. С годовалого возраста давать ребёнку peaches
can be sliced ​​or whole fruit, do not forget to pre-clean

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Как выбрать хорошие peaches

It should be understood that the children’s body is a sensitive
a mechanism whose work can be disrupted by any reckless
intervention. For the proper functioning of all systems
organism, you need to choose only the best foods.

A good peach is primarily ripe.
. Its size should be medium, the smell should not
be very sharp or overly pronounced. On the skin should not be
stains or damage. You should also refuse to purchase
переспелых peaches, опознать которые можно по сморщенному виду или
too soft texture.

Выбираем качественные peaches:

Что делать, если проявилась аллергия на peaches

Signs of allergies in a child can be:

  • Rash;
  • Redness;
  • Cough;
  • Runny nose;
  • Sneezing;
  • Diarrhea.

If any of these symptoms occur after the introduction of complementary foods
peaches следует немедленно прекратить их употребление ребёнком и
consult a doctor. The specialist will be able to make the necessary
treatment program and write out suitable child preparations.
Попробовать снова ввести в рацион peaches можно через несколько
months, but then you should be at times more attentive to the reaction

What to do if a baby swallows a bone

Если ребёнок проглотил peachesую косточку, стоит начать
keep a close watch on your baby’s behavior and changes
the body. The most successful outcome – getting the bone in the stomach. it
usually not accompanied by any change in behavior or
baby’s well-being. In this case, the bone is likely to come out.
in a natural way along with the feces on the second-fourth
day after hit. It is not recommended to resort to
use of laxatives or enemas. The best way out is
Enter foods that contain fiber in the menu, such as fruit or

Но peachesая косточка довольно большая, поэтому возникает
the danger that it may be stuck in the larynx or esophagus. In that
случае следует немедленно consult a doctor. If there were
pain in the abdomen, nausea and vomiting, cough with shortness of breath and
bleeding in feces then you should also refer to
a specialist.

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choked or choked

Вводить в прикорм ребёнка peaches следует очень
carefully, following the body’s response to a new product. With
no allergic reaction, a large peach
amount of beneficial properties may have a beneficial effect
on the development and strengthening of the body of your baby.

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